Chapter 1

New Start


I stared at the ceiling of my new room, lying on my back with my arms under my head. The sky outside my window had begun to lighten indicating that it would soon be time to get up. I had not looked at the clock on my bedside table since 2:36am and I hadn't slept since then either. I had gone to bed around 10pm, actually tired from the move and the unpacking, yet I had woken up only a few hours later and was unable to get back to sleep.

Though there were many contributing factors to my lack of sleep, the number one factor that had flashed to my mind as soon as I had opened my eyes was my mom. Unanswered questions filled my head, was she ok at this very moment? What was she doing? Who was she with? Was she angry at me? Was she happy? Was she hungry? I sighed and rolled over on my stomach resting my chin on my hands. I felt dampness on my pillow. Shit, I had cried at some point and I didn't even realise. I felt angry at myself, why the hell was I crying? I was seventeen years old not five, and besides, it wasn't like I was never allowed to see my mom again. I could go visit her anytime I wanted.

I pushed back thoughts of my mom and concentrated instead on my new home. I wasn't a stranger here, in fact, I had stayed over in this house many times, the only difference was that this room had been a guest room and I used to sleep in a camp bed in Jasper's room. I had fun when I slept over here. Jazz and I used to play video games, eat tons of junk and play pranks on Rose. Uncle Carlisle and aunt Esme were always great; they treated me more like a son than a nephew and I always felt welcome and comfortable here.

But of course, I wasn't their son and this wasn't my home.

My thoughts drifted back to my home, my old room, my mom. Shit. I wiped the tears roughly and punched the pillow.

I finally looked at the alarm clock, 6:18am. The alarm would be going off in twelve minutes. I would be starting my new school soon.


I'd had to move and leave all my friends behind in Seattle and start a new school in the middle of the semester.


And this was the tiny town of Forks, I bet everybody knew everybody in that miniature high school so there was no way I could just try to blend in and be ignored, everyone would notice that I was new. Not to mention the fact that Jazz and Rose were pretty popular, everyone would want to get a glimpse of their cousin. My alarm buzzed and I jumped and slammed my fist down on it. I slowly climbed out of bed and into my bathroom.

I showered quickly and didn't bother combing my wet hair, just raked my fingers through it a few times. I sprayed a tiny amount of my dad's cologne on my body. The bottle was huge but it was very concentrated so I only needed a small amount of it. It was very expensive too; my mom had told me when she had given it to me for my fifteenth birthday. My dad had been a pilot and he had gotten it from Dubai. I wore it every day since I got it yet it wasn't even a quarter of the way down. It was silly because I didn't even know the guy, I mean he died before I was born, but it made me feel kind of close to my dad. I stared in my wardrobe, wondering what to wear. What the fuck was I? A girl? Why the hell was I thinking about what to wear? I didn't usually care this much. Ignoring the butterflies that fluttered in my stomach, I picked out some dark jeans, a blue t shirt and a black zip up hoody. I put on my favourite heavy, black leather boots.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and was assaulted by the smell of eggs and bacon.

"Morning darling!" Esme called, "I've made you some breakfast."

She smiled at me and held out a plate of the offending eggs and bacon and I nearly gagged.

"Err, no thanks aunt Esme, I'm not really hungry this morning."

"But Edward honey, it's your first day; you're going to need energy." She said, staring at me with worried eyes, "are you ok hun? You look really tired."

"Yeah, I didn't really sleep much last night."

She placed the plate of eggs and bacon down on the table in front of me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Edward; your mom will be fine." She leaned forward and kissed my cheek.

I smiled a small smile at her and held my breath. I don't know what was wrong with me; normally I would be wolfing down the eggs and bacon as fast as Jasper was. But my stomach still had butterflies though I tried to ignore it and although Esme was a great cook and the eggs and bacon would have no doubt tasted great, I felt sick. I needed fresh air.

"I'll eat it." Jasper took the plate and emptied the contents onto his own plate and started devouring it as fast as he had eaten his own.

Rosalie sauntered into the kitchen, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"Ugh, mom did you really have to cook that this morning?" she held her nose and grabbed her coat.

"I'm out of here; I'm not waiting for you Jazz. You can ride with Edward." She picked up her keys from the counter and walked out the front door.

A few moments later we heard the purr of her BMW and she was gone.

"Not even a 'hello mom'" Esme muttered, shaking her head.

"You finished yet Jazz?" I asked impatiently, I really needed the fresh air and to get this first day of school out of the way.

"Yeah, let's go." He said and pulled on his jacket.

The drive to school was silent, as was normal when you were with Jasper, but he normally said at least a few words. I guess he sensed my nervousness. I didn't mind though, as I really didn't feel like talking. The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering furiously now as we neared the school. I found a parking space and parked. I sat in the car for a moment staring at the old grey building. It didn't look like a school at all. Jasper finally spoke,

"You coming in man?"


I slowly opened my door and stepped out onto the wet ground. I looked around the parking lot, and I could already feel eyes on me. Fuck.

I was surprised to see quite a few flash cars in the lot; in a town like Forks you wouldn't really expect it. There was a small, bright yellow Porsche; it looked pretty new and definitely belonged to a girl, the interior was white leather and white furry handcuffs hung from the rear view mirror. There was a huge black jeep stood parked in the middle of the parking lot, its tyres were massive with big shiny silver and black rims. And of course, there was Rosalie's red BMW M3 Convertible. There were also a few others that were less expensive but nice looking cars, like my Volvo. My silver Volvo S60R was my pride and joy. My mom had gotten it for me for my sixteenth birthday. It was still pretty new and I kept it looking good, it was always clean and shiny, the interior always fresh. I had customised it with new rims and had installed an expensive sound system in the boot. There were also a few really old and battered looking cars in the lot as well, and that included a big red truck, I wondered who the truck belonged to. One of the teachers' maybe. On that thought I took a deep breath and followed Jasper into Forks High for the start of my first day.