Yeah, another "Black Crayons" story. This one is different because it is longer. I broke it up into separate pieces and will end up with multiple chapters. Read the other "Black Crayons" stories for full effect, but you should be able to follow along anyway. If you check my profile, it lists the stories in their intended order because I wrote them out of order. Sorry. But this is the first one of my "Black Crayons" story that has chapters. Hope you like it. Happens after "When I Grow Up."

Party Time

There are many places where the arrival of a giant transforming robot will be greeted with shock and panic. Sam Witwicky's backyard is not one of them. Off for the summer and enjoying the freedom that entitled, that particular boy was spending time in his girlfriend's company as they gave his disguised car a "bath." All three were surprised as a black truck pulled in. The familiar form of Lennox got out, allowing the truck to convert to his more usual form.

"Hey Lennox. Ironhide," greeted the boy, wet sponge in hand. "What brings you to our fun in the sun?"

The man gained an evil grin. Ironhide seemed to be doing his best to ignore them all studying his array of weaponry. Both of these warriors' reactions gained the interest of the wet trio. Bumblebee transformed out of vehicle mode so he could watch the coming events more closely.

"I know you are out of school for the summer," Lennox smiled, the glint of mischief never leaving his eyes, "So Annabelle asked me to bring this."

What he handed the boy was a colorful birthday invitation for Annabelle's birthday. The time and date were listed clearly as well as directions. Apparently it was just a standard card for a standard party, though the time was earlier in the day than most of the parties Sam had gone to as a child. He still couldn't understand the two visitors' behavior.

"How nice of her," commented Mikaela, reading over her boyfriend's shoulder, "Of course we'll come."

"And I'm supposed to give you this as well," Lennox informed them as he handed over another card.

This one was just shocking from start to finish. This one was completely handwritten and was for another birthday later the same day. Only this one was for…

"Ironhide?" laughed Sam.

Lennox started laughing as well, "Annabelle thought it wasn't fair that he didn't have a birthday, so she picked one for him. And now she wants all his friends to come for his party."

"Thankfully, I was able to convince her not all the Autobots needed to come," Ironhide growled, his cannons still out. "Or else I would have to off-line those infernal twins permanently." Reminded of his general trigger-happy nature, the humans tried to stop laughing so hard. "However, she expects some to be present regardless. So, because you are invited to her party, I decided you can attend," he paused as if it hurt him to say it, "mine. With Bumblebee there, she will be satisfied that her intent is fulfilled."

He said the entire thing so seriously, as if he was planning a military strike, but the humans couldn't keep the goofy grins off their faces. The image of Ironhide at a birthday party was just too funny. On the other hand, the other image of him chasing down the twins and anyone else who laughed, using these poor victims as target practice, helped keep the grins from becoming laughter once more.

"We'd be happy to come," Mikaela smiled, thinking how sweet it was he was willing to risk this kind of humiliation just to keep Annabelle content. "I might even bring Wheelie."

Both Ironhide and Sam gave her a pained look. Neither were particular fond of her "mini guardian." Ironhide because he was an ex-Decepticon and Sam because the little bot was too attached to his girlfriend at times. But he was obedient to the "Warrior Goddess," and would mind his manners if Mikaela told him to.

"If you bring Wheelie, ask him to watch his language," requested Lennox. "I don't want her to pick up anymore curse words, human or Cybertronian."

"I didn't know she was there," the towering transformed truck defended, "And I only said it once."

Lennox pointed out, "Either way, I still had a hard time convincing her not to say 'slag' after that. If you end up teaching her an alien tongue, could you try to stick to G rated stuff until she starts elementary school."

"I said I was sorry," he grumbled.

Mikaela interrupted their argument, "I'll be sure to tell them. Anyone else that we should invite? Annabelle would love to meet more Autobots, I'm sure.

"Just avoid letting the twins know anything," advised Lennox, "Because there would be no controlling them. If Ironhide didn't kill them with his cannons for all the teasing they would be sure to do, I would because they would teach my daughter every curse known to man or machine."

"We'll use our best judgement," Sam agreed. "Well be sure to see you then."

As Ironhide transformed and drove himself and Lennox back towards home, Sam looked at his girlfriend and best friend with an evil grin.

"This is just too good," he snickered, "That little girl is brilliant. She deserves an award for this."

"Come on Sam. She's trying to be nice." Mikaela reasoned. "She doesn't think this will embarrass Ironhide."

Addressing Bumblebee, the boy asked, "So what do you think? Want to go?"

Out of his radio came the musical answer, "Let's get it started!"

Like I said multiple chapters for this one. Let me know which Autobots you want to go to the party. I have already decided that Bumblebee and Wheelie are going and the twins are not. Beyond that, I haven't decided. You can suggest some, but I make no promises of who will go. It may end up just being those two. Let me know what you think and I'll add chapter two later.