I wasn't sure how to end this piece for the longest time. But hopefully this is will satisfy all of you (over 100 reviews!). So sit back and enjoy the end of Ironhide's birthday party.

Eventually, the various conversations began to die down. Ratchet had already made a remark or two towards the weapon specialist about how he knew Ironhide had thrown the water balloon at him and it had been on purpose. Somehow, the transformed truck couldn't quite pull of the look of complete innocence convincingly. Lennox had been chuckling for over an hour with Mikaela about the water balloon battle. Sam, on the other hand, was begging Bumblebee to explain why his "guardian" had decided to turn against "his poor, defenseless human charge." Needless to say, the boy said this in as dramatic a way possible, but he just couldn't keep a straight face through his pathetic monologue. Wheelie spent most of the rest of his stay muttering darkly and sending angry glances at Ironhide and Annabelle when they weren't looking. Apparently, the little ex-Decepticon did not like getting drenched. The triplets mostly talked amongst themselves (an interesting activity to watch since they finished each other's sentences or even forgot to speak out loud at all) or sometimes with Ironhide. But even his attempts to speak to Chromia slowly stopped.

Almost by silent agreement, the Autobot and human guests had determined it was time to for them to return to the base or home. The various Cybertronians began to shift into their vehicle form. Ironhide could hear Sam stubbornly talking to Bumblebee. It was actually quite an interesting conversation.

"No, Bee. I refuse to throw you a birthday party. It's one thing for a little kid to do it, but when someone my age starts having parties for his car… No. I can't do it anyway."

Bumblebee, selecting an ideal song, asked, "Why not? Take a crazy chance. Why not? Do a crazy dance."

Sam fixed his Camaro with a deadly serious look. "Remember how ticked off my mom was after that mini killer robot invasion to the house? And all the damage caused by them and you? Not to mention the first time you guys were in my backyard where it ended up looking like a localized disaster. Face it. Large number of Cybertronians in my backyard always leads to trouble. So, again, no party Bumblebee."

Out of his speakers came sad violin music that left Sam groaning at the over-acting. Annabelle ran over the yellow hood, a concerned look on her face.

"Don't worry," she answered the Autobot, "You can have it here. Mommy, Daddy, and Ironhide won't mind."

The boy gave the expected groan and eye-roll. Ironhide could sympathize with him. Once that child made up her mind on something, there was no escape. Hence today's events.

Over the com-link, Sideswipe suddenly shouted warning, "Trouble. Twin trouble. Mudflap and Skids were wondering where everyone was. They're following your signals. Whatever you are doing, I'd get prepared for them. They found a new prank on the internet involving glue, bird feathers, a dozen eggs, and something called 'silly string.' I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. So don't blame me for whatever it is."

Chromia's hologram rolled her eyes, "Figures those two glitch-heads would try to crash the party. Even if they don't know about it."

Mikaela, who not being a robot obviously missed the transmitted message, still figure out the gist of the problem, "So, I take it the Duo of Disaster are coming. I suggest we prevent that level of mayhem before Ironhide has to kill them."

"That might actually be fun to watch," Wheelie commented.

"Unless, since he would already have his cannons out and firing, he decides to blast a certain ex-Decepticon too," pointed out Sam as he climbed into his vehicle.

Wheelie, an expression of terror and apprehension on him, jumped through Bumblebee's open window in a panic, "Shut up and drive!"

So that's the end of my first multi-chapter "Black Crayons" story. I hope you liked it. And my next one I have planned is very different in style. Let's just say, you'll get to see Ironhide less adorable side. (Decepticons… hehehe, they should not get near small children)

Oh, in case you don't remember the song Bumblebee played, it's "Why Not" from Hilary Duff (I can't believe that stupid thing is still floating around in my head, but the lyrics worked.) And no, I will not write out Bumblebee's party. You can if you like. By all means. But one robot party is enough for me. I'm done with that idea now. Moving on to the next "Black Crayons" idea.