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Chapter 1:An Orphan

It was a bright, sunny day at Central Park Zoo. In the Lemur habitat, Mort was watching the crowds, Maurice was eating a papaya, and King Julian was, of course, putting on a show.

"Hey peoples! Over here! Don't they just love me, Maurice."

"They sure do your Majesty."

"I love you too King Julian!"

"Mort, could you please shut up a little?"

Suddenly, King Julian heard a noise. It sounded like tires screeching, so Julian went to check it out.

"Hey Maurice, come over here quick!" said Julian as he ran towards the noise. When he got there, he saw two zoo keepers running with a cage.

"We have to get the Lemur to a doctor, please everyone, out of the way!" said one of the zoo keepers as he pushed through the croud.

"Looks like we're getting another roomie," said Maurice.

"Let's go see him!" said Julian as he started to run towards a wall. He jumped over it and ran right past the otter habitat and he heard Marlene the Otter shout at him.

"Hey Julian," she said, "Did you hear about the new lemur?" That stopped Julian. He ran back and said "You know something about the new lemur? Tell your king at once!"

"Apparently, the new lemur got sick after she gave birth to her daughter."

"The new lemur is a she?"

"Yes, but she got more sick while she was being transferred here. I hope she's okay." Just then, they heard panting. It was Maurice trying to keep up.

"Come Maurice," said Julian, "We must go and see the new lemur girl!"

"Your majesty, do you really think that's wise with all the humans around," asked Maurice.

"Fine Maurice," King Julian said annoyed, "We'll go after closing."


It was five minutes before closing time at the zoo. The penguins were just about to go into their home base when they heard the zookeepers, Alice and Jeff, talking.

"Poor little lemur baby. It's a shame her mom died."

"I hope the other lemurs are nice to her."

"The lemur's an orphan!" said Private, "How sad."

"Poor lemur," said Skipper, "not only will she have to deal with Ringtail, but she won't have a mom to tell him to shut up."

A few moments later, the penguins, Marlene, and the lemurs outside the infirmary. They all looked through the window. They saw a small baby lemur, that only looked a week old. It was light grey with brown strips on her tail and a brown spot on her head. She had a white face. She was also asleep.

"She's so cute," said Marlene smiling.

"She's so tiny," said Private.

"Ah! Ah!" said Rico.

Suddenly, the baby lemur opened her eyes. She looked around the room, then up at the window. She started to get tears in her eyes.

"What is she looking for?" asked Julian.

"She probably looking for her mom," said Marlene, "Poor thing. I hope she isn't too sad when she finds out."

Suddenly the baby lemur started to cry.

"Aw, don't cry baby lemur," said Julian, "I will make you happy again." He then started doing flips in the air and doing somersaults. The lemur looked up at the king and smiled. The lemur king then started doing dance moves like the robot and the mashed potato. The baby started to laugh and giggle at the silly king.

"I think she likes you, your majesty," said Maurice.

The baby lemur then yawned.

"Okay troops, enough gawking," said Skipper, "This little lady needs her rest."

"Yeah," said Marlene, "She's had a long day, and she's going to have a couple long days ahead."

The last one to leave was Julian, he was making silly faces at her, and she loved it! Finally, he waved goodbye, and she waved back.

As the little lemur fell back to sleep, she had only one thought in her head.

Where was her mother?

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