Tainted Ocean

Chapter 1 - Save Me
Roxas POV

I limped up the hill, my bones feeling like they were made of lead. There wasn't anywhere else to go but forward. Nothing to do but painfully place one foot in front of the other. I let my brain slowly close down, knowing I would never forget what had happened only a few hours ago. I glanced down at my battered arm, and memories painfully broke through my mental barrier.

I had never been in such a violent and scary fight. They had jumped me, knocking me to the ground within seconds. I was a good fighter; and managed to hold my own for as long as I did. But...I wasn't sure who did it...yet someone got close enough to swipe me with their knife. I could feel the opening on my side, stinging with pain. Luckily, sirens were soon heard in the distance; everyone scattered immediately. One guy had caught up to me, and hit the back of my head with something small, yet heavy. I had woken up who knows how much later, completely confused. I had fallen back behind a hedge, which was pretty lucky considering where else I could have fallen.

I had some sort of vague idea that I would stay with Axel - another member of the gang I was a part of - but if I could actually make it there was another story.

A wave of nausea crashed over my body, and I felt incredibly dizzy. There wasn't a house in sight, but I knew that cops could pass by any second, so I forced myself to continue. I felt sick rise to my throat, and I heaved uselessly as I stumbled to the side of the cement.

Panic rose in my chest as I noticed a figure walking towards me. I stilled, my mind telling me to run, but my feet couldn't move. The fear settled slightly in my heart as I realized it was just a young girl - she couldn't have been more then a year below me. I tried to stand, but my legs wouldn't do what I told them to. I was stuck to the ground, my body swaying slightly on it's own. It was like my strength was slowly giving up on me.

I fought to keep my eyes open as I collapsed to my knees, and my hand weakly sought out the sharp pain in my side where the knife had grazed me. I looked down and crimson red was seeping through my clothes quickly - the wound bigger then I imagined. My hand came back with the hot sticky blood clinging to it, and the sight brought my dizziness to it's maximum. The smell of blood mixed with grime was overwhelming, and I felt bile rising again.

My own breath was labored as I heard the girls' footsteps break into a run, and a second later her white shoes were in view. I could hear her talking - though in my state I couldn't tell what she was saying - and then I felt her hand wrap around my non-bloodied one.

"I'm going to call an ambulance." I finally made out what her rushed tone was saying, and I shook my head even though the action sent painful shocks down my spine.

"N-No...don't...they'll find me..." I managed to spit out, before vomiting again. I felt her small hand squeeze mine, and the action distracted me from the humiliation that burned through my body. Once the fluid had stopped spouting from my mouth, I let my eyes close. She would call the hospital, and I would be taken away. Instead, her arm slipped under my shoulders, and I tried my best to get my legs to cooperate with my mind as she struggled to get me onto my feet. I didn't know who this girl was, but I clung onto her strength as we slowly hobbled down a grassy path just around the corner.

We were nearing the trees, and I couldn't see what she did. She was walking forward as if she knew where she was going - and all I could do was follow after her. She guided the both of us around a large tree, reached ahead, and unlocked a latch, the gate completely obscured by the vines and leaves. It swung forward, and we stumbled through. As soon as the gate closed behind us, I heard a car go by a ways away, and I silently thanked this girl. It would do no good if I was taken to a hospital - once my history was revealed, they would take me straight to the police. No matter how close I was to death.

I could hear her talking under her breath as we slowly walked towards the small house situated behind the wall of trees. It looked a bit run down - but bright and opening. I felt awful for bringing my own dirty self here and ruining this picture of peace.

"You're bleeding a lot..." The girl said, and I don't think she saw my weak excuse for a nod. We stepped into her house, and I grimaced as a few drops of blood fell onto the tiles. The girl continued speaking.

"I need to clean you up."

We went into a very white bathroom, and then she was tugging off my shirt. I couldn't bring myself to react at all as she helped me out of my pants, leaving me in my boxers before turning on the tap, wetting several washcloths. She let me rinse my mouth out, to get rid of the taste of my own sick and sweat.

She gently rubbed the cloth over my back, just letting the water soak into my cuts. A puddle of dirty red water gathered at my feet, and I slowly let my eyes close, using my hands to support me against the wall. I had never felt such gentleness against my skin, her own fingers were light and tender on my damaged self. For the first time in a while, I let myself breathe, and relax with another person. She couldn't hurt me if she tried anyway.

I lost track of time, and I could feel my knees weakening. She obviously saw my muscles shaking, and dried me off the best she could with a towel. I could hear her sharp intake of breath as she examined the bruises covering my arms and torso - several large ones where people had kicked me. After she carefully wrapped, cleaned, and bandaged my open cuts and wrapped something around the gash on my forehead, she took my arm and guided me out of the room. This girl didn't seem to be bothered to have a half-naked stranger coming in bloody and beaten. She led me to a small bed, and she pulled back the covers. I tried not to worry about dirtying up the sheets as she helped me under the blankets.

I was so tired, but I stayed conscious long enough to whisper my thanks. My eyes closed just as I saw her coming into view. I wanted to see her - the person who helped me regain some of myself, but I was so tired. Too tired to keep my eyes open long enough to see her face.

"You're welcome." Her voice was as soft as her touch, and her fingers brushed over my forehead before she drew the blinds, letting the room slip into darkness.

I hadn't gotten a clear view of her face, but it felt like I had fallen in love.

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