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Ch. 1 DEFCON 1

It was Sam that had finally called her almost five months after they had said goodbye in Illinois. She didn't have a family and friends were something she wouldn't allow herself. Not after what had happened months ago. Cain had stopped hunting for the past months aware that she had to get as far away as possible from anything supernatural. So when her cell phone rang she practically jumped out of her chair and stared at the electronic device.

Sam's name flashed across the little screen and she backed away as if she was afraid he would know she wasn't answering on purpose.

Maybe it'll stop ringing.

Not that she didn't miss him. Of course she did. It was Sam for Christ sake. He had been like a brother to her.

The phone stopped ringing and Cain let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. Today was the fifth month after the Lilith incident. She had decided not to go visit his grave. She couldn't do it anymore. It was too painful.

She grabbed the book she was reading and went to sit outside on the porch. She had bought this little house in Burwell, Nebraska 2 months after she had left Sam and Bobby and she was now starting to feel normal again. There were no neighbours for kilometres and she watched the sun set over the giant field across the street from the little house.

Cain heard something coming from the house and recognized the sound of her cell phone again. Pretending not to hear anything she turned back to her book.

It was two o'clock in the morning when her cell phone rang again. This time it was on her bedside table and she reached over and flipped it opened before she realised what she was doing.

''Hello.'' She said still half asleep.

Then a single word. ''Cain?''

She sat up straight in her bed her mouth opened in a big O not knowing what to say. Why had she answered her phone? She had been asleep and it had been a reflex.

It was Sam. ''Cain? Are you there?''

She had no choice. ''Yes.''

''I'm so glad I finally reached you. It's been a long time.''

Talking to Sam was bringing back a bunch of memories she had tried so hard to forget and now all she wanted to do was hang up but she couldn't do it. ''I know.''

Sam cleared his throat. ''Listen, hum… I need to talk to you.''

'' If you need my help, I can't do anything Sam. I don't hunt anymore.''

He hesitated. ''Yeah. I heard. But that's not it.''

''What is it then?''

'' Well…'' he hesitated again. ''Do you think you could come over?''

She sighed. This was everything she had been dreading. '' Why Sam? It's been five months. ''

'' Yeah. '' There was something in his voice. Something that made a red flag go up in Cain's mind. '' We need to see you.''


'' Bobby and me.''

Of course Bobby and him… what was I thinking?

''Sam. I don't think this is a good idea.'' She didn't want to go through this conversation again.

Cain heard Sam sigh. ''For old times sake Cain. Please.''

She could see him in her mind right now. With those big puppy-dog eyes, begging her to go see them. Why did he have to be so damn adorable.

She made up her mind. '' Why did you have to put it that way.''

Cain thought she could actually hear him smile. ''We're in Pontiac, Illinois.''

After he gave her the address of the motel they were staying at, Cain grabbed the duffel bag she hadn't used in months, packed her stuff, got into her blue 1970 Barracuda that she had won 3 months earlier in a game of poker and hit the road.

It seemed to take forever to get to Pontiac because Cain wasn't used to travel that much anymore and she stopped to sleep and to eat a couple of times but when she finally got there, Cain had the urge to turn around and leave. Fear overtook her and when she looked down, she realised she had goosebumps all over her body.

Now that can't be good.

Cain told herself to calm down and she drove carefully in the streets trying to find the little motel. When she saw the neon sign from the corner of the street, Cain's reflex was to press really hard on the brake and the car screeched and came to a stop in the middle of the street.

It's just Sam and Bobby for Christ's sake! Get a grip.

She released the brake gradually and the car moved forward very slowly. In the minute and a half it took to get to the parking lot a million ideas went through her head including driving away from this place a fast as possible, going in that room and telling them how much she had missed them or maybe she'd just stay in the car and wait for them to find her. Finally, she decided that one way or another, she would have to face them someday… might has well be today.

She felt a pinch in her heart when she parked next to the Impala. More memories she did not needed to remember right now. Cain got out of the car and entered the motel. The man at the front desk looked up at her.

''Can I help you miss?''

''Yeah. Room 207 ?''

''To the left at the end of the hallway.''

''Thank you.'' Cain dragged her feet and came to a halt in front of the door.

I was a little like a dream. She couldn't control what she was doing but she knew she was raising her hand and she felt the wood under her knuckle when she knocked on the door. Cain took a step back and listened. She could hear people moving around inside and when Cain saw the doorknob turn she stopped breathing. What was she supposed to tell Sam and Bobby about her 5 months absence?

The door opened to reveal a very happy Sam. He was smiling sweetly at her.

''Good to have you back Cain.'' Sam took a step towards Cain but he suddenly stopped and backed up.

He blinked and opened his mouth. It took about 15 seconds for the words to come out. ''Oh my God!''

Cain rolled her eyes. ''Hello Sammy.''

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