I am really sorry for the wait. I know you guys have been waiting for this and I apologize. Been working 7 days a week at my job for a while so I didn't really have time to write. And then I left for 2 weeks for vacation in Cuba and I didn't bring my computer… So here it is. Chapter 2.

Ch. 2 I Saw Her Standing There

Cain was still in the hallway with Sam standing in front of her. It now had been at least 30 seconds since he had said anything and she realised that if he didn't do anything soon, she was going to go crazy. Then he did something that worried her. Sam frowned and glanced back inside the room behind him. When he turned back to face Cain she frowned too.

''What is it?'' she asked him.

Then he seemed almost guilty and cast another worried look inside the room. Cain looked past him but couldn't see anything except an empty living-room.

Sam seemed frozen on the spot but Cain grabbed his shoulder and shook him slightly. ''Sammy. Are you okay?''

''I… You… You have to understand something before you come inside.'' He looked down at her again and finally hugged her for the first time in more than 5 months. She threw her arms around him at once and hugged him back. God she missed that feeling so much. She missed the warmth, the love, the closeness of being around Sam.

''Sammy, you're scaring me.'' She whispered in his ear. ''What is it?''

When he finally let go of her, he stepped back and sighed. ''He doesn't know I called you.''

''Bobby? You didn't tell him I was coming? Why?'' This was getting weirder by the second and Cain could feel in her gut that something was wrong.

''Hummm… Bobby's not here.''

''Then what is it? Who else is here?'' She looked inside again but didn't see anyone. Cain took a step towards the door but Sam stopped her.

''Maybe you should wait.''

She glared at him. ''Why? Sam let me go.'' She pushed his hand away and went inside the room.

Something was wrong. That smell… Cain knew that smell. It smelled fresh and like leather, she also recognized the smell of that aftershave. She turned around and froze at the sight of the leather coat that was on the sofa. When she finally tore her eyes away from it and looked up, she met Sam's eyes and didn't know what to say or what to do. This had to be a dream, it wasn't possible. Cain opened her mouth but nothing came out.

This is just a very realistic horrible dream… Please let me wake up.

Sam put a reassuring hand on her shoulder and whispered. ''Cain…Look at me.''

She pushed him away at once and whispered back, ''Is this some kind of sick joke?'' But on the inside she knew Sam would never do anything like that.

''I…'' but he was cut by a voice coming from the kitchen.

''Sammy, where are y…''

Cain spun around at the sound of the voice and froze. Her knees started shaking and her vision was getting blurry. ''Dean….''

Her legs buckled under her and then Sam was behind her, catching her before she hit the floor. ''Dean! Come on man. Help me.''

But Dean couldn't move. He could only stare. The book he had been holding when he came in the room fell to the floor and he stood still, taking in the scene. The first thing he had seen when he had walked in was her hair, her long dark brown hair falling in waves around her shoulders and down her back. He had been shocked, but so happy at the same time. He saw the look she gave him. A look of relief, of fear, of love.

But he was brought back to reality by the small cry that came from Cain and now he could really see her. Sam trying to help her up. Her body limp in his arm… and the fact that – there was no mistaking about this- the fact that she was very much pregnant. There was no other explication for Cain's very round belly.

''Please!'' It was Sam. Pleading him to snap out of it.

He blinked a couple of times a made his way to them slowly. Dean was definitely not in control of his body anymore because when he came back to his senses, Cain was sitting down on the couch with Sam next to her and he was standing in front of them.

Cain's eyes were barely opened when she whispered his name again. ''Dean…''

Her voice was so soft that Dean couldn't help but sit down next to her and put his arms around her slowly. It was as if he was afraid to break her, or to hurt her. Dean had never seen her looking so defenceless and he pulled her as close to him as possible.

''Cain.'' Was all he could say. He felt her tears on his t-shirt and couldn't stop the ones that started rolling down his cheeks. ''I'm sorry…so sorry.''

Cain was holding on to him like a lifeline and she felt Sam's weight shift beside her. ''I'll be outside.'' He said before leaving them.

For a while no one said anything. Cain and Dean sat in silence, holding eachother. Her face was buried in his chest and his was in her hair. Each breath they took was pure pleasure. Dean couldn't even remember the last time he had been that confused and happy at the same time.

Cain finally pulled back a little, her hands still clutching his shirt. ''You're back.''

He put his forehead against hers. ''I am.'' His hand made its way to the amulet around her neck and he caressed it softly.

Cain reached behind her neck to untie it when he stopped her. ''No. Keep it. It will probably bring you more luck than it did me.''

Dean leaned on the couch, went to his back pocket and unfolded her lucky scarf before putting it around her neck. ''Thanks for this by the way. It really is a lucky scarf.''

''Than keep it. That way I have something of yours and you have something of mine.'' She put it back around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Dean than put his hand on each side of her face and smiled before kissing her softly.

Cain's heart started racing and she was pretty sure that the room had gotten a thousand degrees hotter in two seconds. When the kiss ended and she had regained enough of her senses to be able to construct full sentences in her head she took his hand and kissed it before looking him in the eyes. ''I tried to tell you… but I couldn't.''

''You mean… about this?'' and he put his hand gently on Cain's stomach.

She looked down and placed her hand on top of his. ''Yes.''

Dean had never been a big-commitment kind of guy. The only time he ever came close to something like this was when he had visited Lisa and Ben a while back. Something inside him had lit up at the thought of it. The thought of family. The thought of finally settling down. No more hunting, no more danger, white picket fence with the 2.4 kids.

Of course, in this situation none of this applied. Cain was pregnant and God did he love her!!! But there was still a lot of danger ahead and just thinking about it made him sick. How was he supposed to take care of a baby in the middle of all this. He had just been brought back from hell, with no idea how it happened or why and now there was a baby.

All this time, Dean had been staring at Cain's belly and when he looked up, he saw terror in her eyes. He knew she was thinking the same thing. She was terrified too. And at that exact second, Dean realised that nothing in his life was ever going to be the same. His priorities had changed and he knew it wasn't for the worse.

Dean promised himself that nothing was EVER going to happen to this baby or Cain. He would do anything to keep them safe… even if it meant giving his life away.

Thank you guys! Sorry again for the long wait. Please tell me what you think about this chapter. It took me such a long time to write it because I wanted it to convey all the right emotions, and it was really hard to write Dean too. He's such a complicated character and writing something like this about him… well it's not easy!

Hope you loved it! More to come!