Chapter 1: Introducing Hayley

"Ok Alexx! What have you got?" Ryan Wolfe bent down to look at the body. It was very early in the morning, the sun had just gone up and they were already at a crime scene, looking at the dead body of a young man who looked to be between 20 and 25 years old.

"I haven't started yet, Ryan. Just give Hayley a minute to get here." She answered.

Ryan sighed, annoyed. "Who's Hayley? You usually don't need anyone with you to do this Alexx."

"Well, Ryan, the work load is getting heavier and I decided that I do need some help. I just need to make sure that Hayley gets a good start at this."

Ryan grimaced and scratched his left eyebrow. "Well I think the first thing this Hayley should learn is to be on time."

"Thanks. I'll make sure to remember." A voice behind him answered. Startled, Ryan stood up, turned around and came face to face with said Hayley. At first, he thought she couldn't be an medical examiner, since she looked so young. She was short, about the same height has Calleigh was, and had fiery red hair that reached past her shoulders. She was wearing a bright purple short-sleeved shirt and dark jeans.

She lifted an eyebrow at him, waiting to see if he had another bright remark to tell her. When he didn't say anything else, she nodded and walked up to where Alexx was crouched down. She bent down to her level, handing her her kit.

"Getting to the lab and back took longer than I thought Alexx, I'm sorry if I kept you waiting." She opened her own kit and some gloves on, ignoring the man who bent down on the other side of the body.

"There's no problem baby, you're nice to have gone in the first place." Alexx smiled and pointed at Ryan. "The very charming man right here is CSI Ryan Wolfe. You'll be working with him quite a lot in the future."

Ryan frowned at the black woman, who smiled and continued, "This young lady is Hayley Carter, my new assistant. She was nice enough to go get my kit at the lab for me since I had forgotten it."

Hayley set her dark brown eyes on him and shook his hand awkwardly and before Ryan could say anything else, she was staring back down at the body. "Well I don't want to be rude or anything, but shouldn't we be looking at this poor guy right here?"

Alexx nodded. "Hayley, I'll let you start and I'll tell you if I think you're missing something."

"Alright, well at first look, I'd day he's definitely been through hell. Bruises cover the whole body, broken right arm and wrist." She frowned and turned the vic's head to the side. "He seems to have suffered a major trauma to the head, which was probably the cause of death."

As Ryan listened carefully to Hayley's description of the body, he couldn't keep from stealing short glances at her face. She looked like an eighteen year old girl trying to sound like a geek. The thought made him grin, which he quickly hid as a grimace when Hayley looked up at him. "The autopsy will be able to tell us more. We'll keep you posted."

Alexx pulled her latex gloves off and put her hand on the girl's shoulder, "Well Hayley baby, you did it almost better than I would have." She gave it a squeeze and started towards her vehicle.

Hayley's face lit up as she pulled her own latex gloves off. "Thanks Alexx." The bright smile disappeared as soon as she looked back at Ryan. "We'll take the body back to the lab. I'll let you know as soon as something else comes up." And she was gone.

"Right. Thanks. It's going to be a pleasure working with you too." He muttered under his breath. Who could have known such a cute little thing could be so cold. He sighed, scratched his eyebrow again and started working on finding evidence.


Back at the lab, Ryan was walking through the halls when he spotted Eric and Calleigh in the break room. He was still waiting for his results, so he decided that he could take a short break too. He walked in the room and waved at the couple.

Eric waved back at him and pointed at the fresh coffee pot behind him. "Hey man, we heard that your day started very early this morning. Grab a cup of coffee before you fall asleep on us." Ryan smiled at the last comment. Cup in hand, he leant back against the counter and took a sip from it. "Have you guys met the new ME who started working with Alexx?"

"Yeah, Hayley, right? I thought she seemed really nice. I think I'll enjoy working with her." Calleigh answered. She always had something nice to say about everyone.

Eric grinned and winked at him. "Yeah I met her. She's awfully cute for a geek, don't you think? I'll really enjoy "working" with her too." Calleigh just rolled her eyes and slapped his arm. Ryan snorted and took another sip.

"Well I don't think we had a good start. She was at the crime scene with Alexx this morning. I could almost see knives coming out of her eyes when she was looking at me."

Eric laughed. "And you're always SO nice to everybody, right?" Ryan picked up a plastic spoon from the counter and threw it at his friend.

"Aw come on Ryan, give her a chance." Calleigh said as she and Eric both stood and started walking to the door. "You'll have to work with her one way or another! Might as well make it enjoyable!"

Ryan grinned and nodded…

The rest of the day went pretty fast. Ryan, with the help of the evidence he had found at the crime scene, was able to close the case and put a criminal behind bars. At the end of the day, he went back to his apartment, not even thinking once about Hayley Carter.