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Chapter 26: Introducing Zack Wolfe

Hayley opened the front door and let out a long heavy sigh. "HOME! FINALLY!!!" She waited for Ryan to walk in before shutting the door and following him through the house. "I hope you realize you drove like a grandmother, Ry."

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief as he carefully put the baby carrier on the table. "No I didn't. I was just really careful."

Hayley rolled her eyes and wrapped one arm around his waist. She put her head against his arm as they both looked down at Zack, who was sleeping soundly in his seat. She reached for his small head and pulled his hat off, uncovering his soft dark brown hair. "We should put him in his crib. He's going to be sleeping for some time."

Ryan nodded and started unbuckling him. His movements were slow and careful, stopping every time the baby whimpered or moved. Hayley grinned and wrinkled her nose. At this speed, they would still be there in two hours. "You know, you won't break him, Ryan."

He looked at her and shook his head. "I know. Just… let me get used to this, alright. He's so small… I'm still a little nervous." He picked him up slowly and cradled him into his arms.

Hayley smirked at him and extended her arms. "Give him to me then."

Ryan shook his head and turned away from her, holding his son closer to his chest. "No way! You had him all for yourself for nine months! Now it's my turn."

She laughed, shaking her head as she followed him towards the nursery. She took her time, still feeling a little sore from the delivery. The only scar Hayley would keep from giving birth would probably be the memory of the excruciating pain she had felt. Everybody says you forget all about the pain when you finally see your baby's face… but they're all lying. Still, it was totally worth it. Seeing her baby for the first time had made number one in the top five of the best moments of her life.

She could also tell Ryan felt the same way. The moment he had taken his son into his arms for the first time, she had seen pride shining in his eyes and his smile still hadn't left his lips. She could say, without a doubt, that she had never seen him this happy.

Grinning, Hayley walked in the nursery and stood beside him as he carefully set their son in his crib. The baby whimpered and made a few sucking sounds before settling down again, deep in sleep.

They both stayed quiet for a few minutes, enjoying just looking at him as he slept. "Isn't he the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

She chuckled softly and nodded, reaching with her hand to caress her son's soft brown hair. "He is."

Ryan wrapped his arm around her waist, bringing her tightly against his side. He would've never thought he could ever be this happy. Right now, he felt completely content with his life. He had a girlfriend he loved more than anything, and who loved him back. And he had a beautiful perfectly healthy baby boy.

He turned towards Hayley and put his hands on her cheeks, bringing her face up to his. He heard her sigh as he kissed her lips softly. He pulled back after a few seconds and smiled before walking out of the room, leaving her by the crib. He waited for her in the hallway and took her hand when she finally walked out. "Are you hungry?"

The redhead shook her head, following him back in the kitchen. "Not really. But we should eat before everyone gets here. I know they all visited when we were at the hospital, but something tells me they're going to show up some time today."

Ryan chuckled quietly. Their friends had all been very excited and eager to see the first CSI baby. They had spent a lot of time at the hospital with them, and had left reluctantly when the nurse had kicked them out of the room. Especially Calleigh and Eric, the proud godparents, who couldn't seem to get enough of that baby.

Ryan went for the fridge but stopped, looking uncertain. "I need to… go to the bathroom first. I'll be right back."

Hayley lifted her eyebrows at him and smirked. She knew he was going to check on Zack, but didn't say anything. She couldn't blame him. The moment she had walked out of the nursery, she had fought the urge to walk back in. Shaking her head, she went to the fridge and peeked inside. She grimaced and called out to him. "Hey, Ry? Is it okay with you if we order something? I really don't feel like cooking anything."

She waited for his answer and frowned when it never came. "Ry?"

She turned around and saw him standing in the doorway, holding something fuzzy in his hands. Realizing what it was, she gave him an innocent look, trying to keep herself from laughing. "What?"

Ryan chuckled and threw the stuffed animal at her. "My son will NOT sleep with a thong-wearing gorilla in his crib."



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