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"Isadora Bella Malfoy! I said no. You are not going out dressed like that! Go get changed." Draco scowled at his daughter, who was currently dressed in a short skirt and tube top.

"No. I like this outfit. You can't make me change!" Isadora scowled right back adn crossed ehr arms. Draco whipped out his wand and her skirt was longer and her tube top grew straps and covered her mid-drift.

"Yes, I can." He shuckled as she stomped towards the stairs. "Oh I wouldn't try and change. I charmed them to stay on for at least eight hours. Have fun at that party, hunny!" Draco out right laughed at her shout of frustration. Evangaline walked in from the living room holding his year old son Micheal.

"What did you do this time?" She smiled at her husband who glared at her.

'What did I do? She's the one running around in barely decent clothing! She wants to got to a party dressed like a.. a... streetwalker!" Draco glared at up the stairs. Evangaline laughed and shifted Micheal to her other hip.

"Draco, she's eighteen years old. She's old enough to make ehr own decisions. Besides you still have Emily to be your little girl, and then you have Samson, and Beth. I'm sure oyu can let her go by now." Evangaline touched his shoulder gently and Draco sighed. then turned around to kiss her forhead.

"I guess you are right. I still ahve two other little girls to hang on too." He ruffled Micheal's hair and Isadora stomped down the stairs angrily. Evangaline raised and eyebrow.

"You used to do that when you were three years old, Izzy. Please don't do that now, you're eighteen years old, for merlin's sake." Evanglaine smiled softly as Isadora looked at the ground embarassed.

"I'm sorry, mum." She shuffled her feet on the ground and Evangaline chuckled.

"Go have fun at your party. Just remember that the Grandparents are comign over in the morning. So don't come home too late." Evangaline passed Micheal off to Draco who smiled at his youngest child.

"Thanks mum!" isadora smiled at her mother and hugged her tightly. Evangaline sighed slightly.

"You're all grown up. My baby girl is all grown. Soon your will be having children of your own." Evangaline let go and smiled. "But hopefully not for a few years yet. Now go and have fun." Evangaline watched as her daughter raced for the door, a green and silver pendant at her neck. Draco wrapped his free arm around her shoulders before kissing her temple.

"She is beautiful. I'm sure that she has every single one of those Slytherin boys wrapped around her finger." He chuckeld and Evangaline smiled slightly.

"Yes, but I highly doubt that any one will touch her without her permission. If not they will get a rather nasty shock." Evangaline smirked. "I trust my daughter I just don't trust those teenage boys." Draco burst out laughing and both walked towards the door to watch their daughter apperate. She twirled gracefully, the emerald serpant pendant sparkling under the moon. For a second the pendant seemed to spark with electricity.

"No. I don't trust those boys at all." Evangaline smirked once more. After all she was a Slytherin, and a Slytherin protects the ones they love.

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