None so Blind by BrianBach5
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Spoilers: None, this takes place after the end of the series.
Summary: This is a missing scene that would have occurred after Clint and Nancy left in his truck at the end of the final episode. It occurs while they are flying overseas to their new location and they have time to think back over the past few years.
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None so Blind…part 2

Nancy lay back in her seat and thought about what Clint had said. Had they really not seen the bond that had built up between them over the last five years? Or had they simply not been ready to admit what it had become?......

She thought back to the first time she met Clint, the day he was in Donnas office in his jeans and cowboy hat. She blushed as she remembered her first words, about how she had a dream about someone like him (tight jeans, boots…). She had meant it semi-jokingly but knew it was also partially true. But when she found out he was a doctor and working at the clinic she thought it could never work. She had always promised she wouldn't fall for a doctor, not after all the abuse she had taken over the years from Crane and his ilk. But she hadn't counted on meeting a doctor like Clint Cassidy.

His "country charm" caught everyone's attention, especially the New York ladies. But she (and most of the office) had been sure a few weeks in the Big City would change his ways and make him just as jaded as the next guy. He proved them wrong. While he did become a little more streetwise nothing seemed to change his way of seeing the best in people. He also treated everyone with a respect and courtesy (even Dr. Crane) that was uncommon in the Big Apple. When he mentioned that the first time he met Jellybean and Junior had been when they tried to mug him it made everyone think he was just crazy. But everyone saw how those two guys had proven him right many times over the years. His "snake-catching" skills the first time he rode with the EMTs and his quick thinking when the robbers hijacked the ambulance with her and Clint inside showed everyone that this country boy could handle anything the 'concrete jungle' threw at him. For a 'simple country doctor' Clint proved that he could handle the unexpected even better than most big city folk.

What had amazed her the most was his passion to help his patients, no matter what it took. That was what made people take notice of him. Once word got around about his willingness to fight the system for his patients people began coming to the clinic in droves. She realized now that this was what made her drop her guard and let him become such a close friend; she knew she could trust him.

He had been there so many times for her over the years; when her mother came back into her life, when her mother remarried and especially when her mother passed away. She'd never had a guy friend be that nice without an "agenda".

So how had she not seen that he was interested in her as more than a friend? Did she assume he wouldn't be interested in 'just a nurse' when he had his choice of so many female doctors? Did she just not want to mess up one of the closest friendships she had ever had? She had been willing to let him go back home to be with Sarah if it made him happy but she had known even then that she loved him as more than a friend. She felt bad about lying to him when she said that 'she knew their time had passed' but she hadn't wanted to stand in the way of him being happy, even it wasn't with her. In hindsight it might have saved them both a lot of grief if she had let Clint speak first that day in the park.

Looking over at him as he dozed she sent a quick prayer of thanks to the man upstairs for letting Clint realize what he wanted and not letting things lay where she had left them in the park. Glancing down at the engagement ring on her left hand she couldn't believe how beautiful it was and the thrill it gave her to belong to this man.

As she thought back to the past few years she realized that none of the other men she had dated had ever been such a close friend before they dated. Maybe that was the key to what made them both 'click' so well. He had seen her at her best and at her worst and had stood by her faithfully through it all. She had seen his pain and sadness when he couldn't help a patient and his joy at succeeding with cases that any other doctor would had written off. With that foundation she felt that they could face anything the world threw at them.

Looking over at Clint again she thought to herself "we may have been blind but now we see"! Suddenly she was fighting back a yawn and decided it was a good time to rest up before they started their new life together. Leaning against Clint's shoulder she sighed and thought 'A girl could get used to this' and let herself drift off to sleep.

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