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It is said that the weather can tell a story of its own: when the sky is gloomy, hardship is around the corner, but when the sky shines and everything seems almost perfect you know it's a sign of hope—today was one of those days. Today was the day that I, Yuri Shibuya, graduated from high school; closing one chapter of my life and opening a new one.

After the graduation ceremony had finished, my teammates and I gathered around congratulating and enjoying each other's company one last time; we all wore our blue gowns, a reminder of what we had accomplished and what we wanted to seek in the future.

"So captain, any idea as to what you'll be doing?" Carl asked me.

I gave him one of my stupid smiles as I scratched the back of my head. "Well, I'm in that process right now. With all that has happened to me recently, I haven't been able to think about it," I explained to him.

Carl looked sympathetic towards me and nodded in understanding. After all, I had recently received my cast, and believe me… that thing was heavy!

"So captain, how are you adjusting to just one crutch?" another teammate asked me.

I sighed. "I finally got the hang of it but if I can avoid it, the better," I said as I stuck out my tongue. My friends laughed.

I finally came to terms with faith and accepted this. It wasn't easy and my teammates came to visit the day after the whole ordeal. They had even brought the trophy and my mother took a picture of us—a high school memory.

A precious memory.

We continued to chat for a few minutes more before heading our way; to our families. I was slowly walking, searching for my mother when I heard someone calling my name, making me stop. I turned around to see Murata running towards me.

"I… can't believe… you… make… me run… so much!" he said in between breaths.

I chuckled. "I'm sorry Murata," I started, "but I couldn't wait. I had to meet my team."

Murata waved his hand in understanding. "Yeah, whatever, but at least I found you," he responded.

I smiled apologetically. "You could have just called," I reminded him.

Murata rolled his eyes. "Not the point, but let's go. I saw them by the shade not far from here," he said as he pulled me away.

I pouted. "Fine, fine," I said as I started walking towards that direction.

On our way we bumped into a few classmates that had decided to talk, hug, exchange phone numbers, and e-mails with us. They said it was to keep in touch, but if that were true why hadn't they asked for it before graduation?

"How much longer?" I whined.

"Not that far from here Shibuya," Murata replied.

Murata and I walked slowly next to each other, enjoying each other's company. Suddenly a thought struck me and I was curious. "What college are you going to?" I asked as I turned to face him.

Murata kept looking ahead as he answered, "Royal University."

I raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "Royal University," I repeated.

Murata nodded. "Uh-huh. I really fell in love with sign language and would love to continue my studies there. Hopefully even become a teacher one day," he told me as he glanced at me and smiled.

I 'o'-ed in return.

He chuckled as he looked ahead. "You should consider it," Murata said.

My eyes widened in surprise. "Me? I-I don't know. I mean… I'm not great at it like you…" I answered back.

Murata stopped and faced me once more, his arms crossed as he shook his head disapprovingly. "You don't know that," he said. "Besides don't you think you should give it a try? All that practice you have been doing, on your own, for the past few months just so you could have a better communication with Wolfram, it has to come in handy. It's like you said before, 'it happens for a reason,' and you know it's true; you of all people."

I was baffled. He was right. All this time I have been trying to learn sign language, but was it only for my vixen? Or was there more? Maybe… deep down… I really enjoyed it?

Could it be?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I looked towards the owner of it, I found Murata grinning back at me. "Think about it," he said and I nodded as we started strolling to where they were waiting for us. We didn't say much after that; it was a welcomed silence.

"There they are!" Murata said as he pointed to some direction. My eyes followed and sure enough: mother, dad, Shori, Conrad, Wolf, and even Gwendal were there, waiting for us.I wanted to sprint towards them and hug my blond angel but that wasn't possible; I could tell Wolf wanted the same, but Gwendal gave him a stern look. I pouted but started to walk faster. I wanted to be near him… and with family too of course.

"Yu-chan, I'm so proud of you," my mother said as she embraced me, making me flush.

"Yes, we are," my dad added, a smile gracing his face.

"To think little Yuri is all grown up and done with high school. I'm so proud of you," Shori added as he ruffled my hair.

"Shori!" I said as my mother let go and I began to comb my hair with my hand. "Don't do that! I'm not a kid anymore."

Shori shrugged. "You will always be a kid to me Yuri," he said but smiled as he added, "you are my little brother after all."

"He's right Shibuya," Murata said, adding to the embarrassing moment.

My cheeks turned pink and I turned away—it was just too embarrassing—but I soon felt a warm hand clasping mine. I looked back to where my family was to find Wolfram smiling at me.

He let go of my hand. 'I'm proud Yuri,' he signed and I once again blushed. My mother giggled, making Wolf and I become aware of our surroundings. He looked cute being flustered and I wanted to kiss him, but I knew I couldn't. Not here.

"Yuri," Conrad interrupted.


"I spoke to your family and they said it was a good idea for a special dinner at the institute later today, if that's okay."

"Really?" I questioned. I was happy. I was going to have a family dinner with Wolf's family too. It couldn't have been any better. "That would be great!"

But… does that mean that his family has accepted me? That there's a chance that Wolf and I later might…

"Yu-chan, why are you blushing?" Mother asked, tilting her head in curiosity.

I was brought back to reality. "Huh?"

My dad stepped in. I don't think he wanted me to feel more embarrassed than I was, at least not for today. "Dear, I think we should get going," he said as he started pulling my mother with him.

Shori and Murata followed, leaving Wolf and his brothers. I looked at Wolf and smiled, making me want to embrace him, and believe me, I wanted to. This didn't go unnoticed by his brothers.

"Well, Gwendal and I are going to head off with your parents so we'll wait for you guys in the car," Conrad said. I turned to face them and saw Conrad smiling and Gwendal frowning. He seemed as if he wanted to say something else but instead turned around and went ahead of Conrad.

Conrad chuckled at his brother's antics. "Just don't take too long," he said as he winked at the end.

Both Wolf and I blushed in embarrassment. What a day!

Now alone, I took a hold of Wolf's hand and pulled him with me as I started walking to the tree: it was an oak tree that gave enough shade for a small group.

Most of the students had started to head to their after-parties and whatnots, making the school less crowded. Now we were somewhat alone. I reclined on the tree, placing my crutch at a side and pulling Wolf towards me.

Wolf was startled at my action. 'Yuri,' he mouthed.

I embraced him, my head now on the crook of his neck. "Shhh…" I whispered. "Let me just hold you."

Wolf nodded as he tightened his embrace on me.

Wolf and I hugged each other for a few minutes. No words came out and there was no kissing. It was affection. The more he and I behaved as a couple, the more just having him around me made me feel complete. The more I became frightened of leaving him here… while I went off to college. Somewhere…

"Wolf," I whispered. "Promise me that when I go to college you won't look at anyone else."

My boyfriend pulled away from me, confused by my statement. 'Yuri,' he mouthed again.

"Just promise me," I answered.

He nodded and as I got a hold of my crutch (knowing that if we stayed here any longer Gwendal was probably going to come and pull him away from me) we began heading to the car, our hands laced together.

It's true. I've had so much on my mind recently, but it would always come back to the fact that Wolf was younger, still in high school, and here I was, ready to embark on a new path, a new school and the worst part; I didn't know where that would be.

What if we grew apart?



The ride to the institute was a quiet one. I had to ride with my family and Murata; Wolf had to go with his family. There were only three in his car, why not let me go with them? I pouted in disappointment.

Once we had arrived, Murata and I removed and left our blue gowns in the car (who wants to wear a gown in the heat?), and headed to who-knows-where for now. The dinner was going to be around seven; a celebration for Murata and myself.

I sighed as Murata and I started walking. "So what do we do till seven?"

Murata raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "You serious?" he said and I nodded.

Murata laughed. "If I were you I would have liked to spend some time alone with my beautiful blonde," he told me and I rolled my eyes.

"Ha, ha, very funny," I replied.

He looked around, searching for someone. "Say, where is your boyfriend anyways?" he questioned.

"He said he needed to do something, so he went ahead of us."



"Shibuya, do you mind if we talk?" Murata asked as he glanced around.

It took me by surprise. He had never asked before. "S-sure," I answered.

We sat on a bench near the entrance of the Royal Institute. The institute was beautiful during the summer: the fountain seemed welcoming with the rosebuds entwined around it. The many trees surrounding the courtyard offered a soft breeze, and then there was the smell of flowers all around. The institute felt like an oasis.

I faced Murata, curiosity killing me. "So what is it that you want to talk about?" I asked him.

"School," Murata replied bluntly.

"What about it?"

"Shibuya, I wasn't kidding earlier about you considering Royal University."

I sighed. "I know… it's just th—"

"That with everything that has happened recently you have no idea what to do or where to go. Yes, we have all heard the same story over and over again, but we both know that's not true. So tell me, as your best friend, what is really bothering you?"

I furrowed my nose as I looked down at the floor. "I guess I'm just a little frightened," I told him.

"How so?"

I began fidgeting with my hands as I replied, "I never really thought about anything else but soccer for so many years. Even though I've had good grades, it didn't seem too important; all that mattered was going pro." I exhaled. "But everything changed in a blink of an eye. I got myself a boyfriend and a fractured ankle. That doesn't happen often."

Murata scratched the back of his neck. "So you have thought about it," he said.

I nodded. "I have…" Of course I didn't want to mention how I also thought about Wolf and leaving him here—being away from each other for who-knows-how-long.

Murata reached for his bag and pulled out a manila envelope, handing it to me. "Here," he told me.

I got a hold of it, intrigued by what was inside. "What's this?" I asked him.

He shrugged. "Open it and see," he told me and that's what I did. I opened the envelope to find an application and a brochure.

I gasped. "Murata this is…"

"Yup! The application Shibuya. I know talent when I see it and you my friend have it," he said as he smiled at me.

I was flattered and speechless. "I-I… don't know what to say…"

Murata waved his hand. "Don't mention it. Just go over it and apply. Besides, your boyfriend didn't want me to say anything but… he was the one who asked me to try and convince you."

My eyes widened. "He did? B-but why didn't he tell me anything?"

"I think he didn't want to look as if he was forcing you, even though we both know that wouldn't have been true," he told me as he stood up from the bench and dusted his pants, adding, "You sure have someone that loves you Shibuya. Don't let him slip from your hand."

I blushed as I nodded. He was right on the mark. Murata excused himself and left me alone. I glanced at the brochure: Royal University was around five hours from here, and unless you lived a few miles from the school all students had to live in the dorms—


All students lived in the dorm if they didn't live near the school? My house wasn't close enough to the school… I would have to room. Is this—is this what Murata meant about having someone that loves me? Wolf is willing to let me go? I placed the brochure back in the envelope and glanced at the application. I was practically in.

"Oh," I said aloud, remembering that I had to keep track of time and pulled out my phone: 6:00. I still had time to kill and that's when I knew what I had to do.

I texted Wolf:

'Meet me on our hill. '

It had become our hill. Wolfram still (when he had time of course) gave me sign language lessons and when we wanted to be alone that's where we went. It was our spot.

I decided to take the envelope to the car, giving Wolf enough time to get to our place.

No more than ten minutes had passed and I saw Wolf sitting on the grass, his chin resting on his knees—waiting patiently for me.

I slowly made my way. A little tired but I wasn't going to let him see it.

"Wolf," I spoke out and he looked up at me.

'Yuri,' he mouthed and I smiled.

My Wolf.

My Joy.

My Love.


I wasn't going to be able to sit down; Wolf quickly stood up, dusting all imaginary dirt off. We were now a few inches apart. I removed a few of his beautiful blond locks and tucked them behind his ear—his eyes on me.

I smiled as I gently began to caress his cheek. "Wolf," I whispered, making him blush. My hand moved to the beautiful rosy lips that I began to trace; how I longed for them. Wolf's breathing had become louder as those beautiful emeralds had closed.

I removed my hand from his lips and locked it with his. Those beautiful greens opened up, probably wondering why I had stopped, and I started to walk him to our tree. The grass made it a little complicated for me to move around with just one crutch but I dismissed it. It wasn't important.

My boyfriend was now leaning against the bark of the tree and I placed my crutch on one side. I placed my hands on his waist (in a possessive manner) and his cheeks turned rosy as he looked away.

He looked adorable and I smiled, feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

'What's wrong,' he signed.

"Nothing," I said. "I just wanted to hold the person most dear to me."

Wolfram blushed further at my answer.

"Murata gave me an application to Royal University," I told him.

He looked surprised yet nervous. 'Really?'

I nodded. "Yeah and he said that I was lucky to have someone that loved me," I added.

Wolfram's mouth made an 'o' as he tried to look anywhere but me.

I placed all my weight on my good foot and with both hands grabbed his cheeks, making him face me; those gorgeous orbs looking only at me.

I smiled tenderly as I said, "And he couldn't be any more right. I do have someone that loves me; someone that has been there for me through this incident of mine. I have a beautiful person that stood by me when I was an ass not so long ago."

'Yuri,' he began.

"Wolf, no matter what I do. No matter where I go. I promise, you will be with me," I said. "Do you know why?"

He shook his head.

"Because Wolfram von Bielefeld," I leaned forward, my face now by his ear as I whispered, "I love you."

I pulled away to find those beautiful eyes widened in disbelief. A smiled graced my face once more as I let go of his waist and signed the three words that I've been dying to tell him. The three words (even though are easy to sign) that had sealed my future.

'Wolf, I love you,' I signed and Wolfram's eyes began to water.

'Love you,' I repeated.

'I love you,' I signed one more time.

My vixen's tears began to stroll down his cheeks. 'Yuri,' he mouthed and he leaned towards me, closing the gap we had.

It had become clear to me then. Those were the words my blonde had been yearning for.

Our kiss was soft and tender; I soon began to kiss his chin, trailing down to my Wolf's neck. Wolfram shivered in pleasure, making my moves bolder. How I wanted him.

I needed him.

I pressed a kiss against his mouth and nipped his lower lip. He moaned. I then turned to suck harder around my soon to be lover's ear and nape. The more I was becoming acquainted with tidbits of his body, the more I knew this was right.

I tightened my hold on him and began to caress his thigh (creamy and soft… like before). Wolfram hands were tangled in my black hair. We were both lost in our pleasure, but I knew… if we didn't pull apart, more could had happened.

But I had promised him and his brothers that I wouldn't do anything.

Not yet.

I slowly pulled away from him—emeralds looking back at me with lust.

"We… need.. to stop," I panted.

My boyfriend's cheeks were pink and he nodded as he smiled. He hid his face near my collarbone and I felt him placing butterfly kisses. I closed my eyes in pleasure and didn't want him to stop.

"Wolf," I whispered as I tried to push him off me. Wolfram looked up at me, mischief written all over his face.

I smiled. "…You're bad," I told him and he smirked.

'Wimp,' he mouthed.

We were about to start another round when my phone went off. I wanted to ignore it but something told me not to. I pulled it from my pocket and answered:


"Shibuya where are you?"

"With Wolf, why?"

He laughed. "Figured as much; anyways, I think you should come to eat."

I felt nervous when I asked, "What do you mean?"

"It's seven Shibuya. You are missing your own party and Gwendal is ready to kill."

I gulped. "Th-thanks."

"Hurry it up Romeo if you still want to be with your Juliet."


"Yeah, yeah."

We hung up and I put my phone away.

"Wolf we need to head back," I told my boyfriend.

'Why? It's still early,' he signed.

I shook my head. "No, it's not."

He quickly pulled his phone out and sure enough: 7:05.

He placed one of his hands on his face. We were so into our own thing that we had lost track of time.

I scratched the back of my head. "Y-yeah."

Wolfram grabbed my crutch and handed it to me; with our hands now linked we began to make our way down.

Dinner was somewhat awkward: Gwendal was throwing daggers at me, Wolf had sunk down on his chair, mother was giggling, Murata's glasses were glistening, dad and Shori were blushing, and Conrad, well I couldn't tell but I knew it wasn't good.

I started to play with my food. It was just so humiliating!

I had left a mark on Wolf (we were both oblivious to it!) and Murata had to ask oh-so-innocently what was that red spot on Wolfram's neck.

"My, oh my," Murata said, breaking the silence, "I bet this was the type of environment that formed when Gwendal and Conrad barged in at your previous make out session1."

"Murata!" I yelled.

Wolfram glared at him and I heard something snap. I didn't want to know what or who it was.

"Or so I heard," Murata then mentioned.

I slouched down on my seat. This was going to be a very long night.



Mother had sent me to the market. She was going to make her famous curry for dinner but as luck would have it, she was missing a few ingredients, and now that I didn't have much to do and since I'm okay to limp on my way I was sent to the store. 'It's good exercise Yu-chan,' mother told me. I couldn't say no to her. She was my mother.

I was waiting for my turned to pay when my mind started to wander off to school. I've been thinking about Royal U, but I was still hesitant. Of course I have requested information from a few other schools, but they haven't caught my attention yet.

I never knew choosing a school would have been this difficult. I sighed as I looked in front of me to see why the line wasn't moving.

"I'm sorry, can you please tell me where you found this so we can have a price check," the cashier informed the customer. The customer looked as if she was in her sixties, but something was different. She was signing.

'I'm deaf,' the lady responded.

The cashier looked towards the line and apologized for the wait. A few of the customers mumbled between their breaths and soon there was a lot less people ahead of me.

People are ignorant at times.

I left my spot and headed to the front of the line. I wasn't cutting. I wanted to help…

"I'm sorry," I said. "I was wondering if I can help."

"I'm sorry for the wait sir, but I was trying to find out where she had found this. The scanner doesn't find it and well I can't really do much…" she replied, disappointed at herself, no less.

I placed my grocery basket on the floor and I looked at the lady as I smiled, 'She wants know aisle where found this,' I signed as I pointed to the respected item.

The lady seemed thankful to have someone to communicate with. 'Aisle six at end,' she signed.

"She said it was in aisle six almost at the back," I let the cashier know.

She smiled gratefully at me. "Thank you so much young man," she said as she sent another of the workers to get a different item. I decided to go back to the end of the line, since I had lost my spot, but I was stopped by the lady in front of me.

The lady smiled as she told me, 'Here, you can go before me.'

'N-no, that's fine,' I said.

'It's okay, please,' she responded, pointing in front of her.

I blushed. "T-thanks," I said.

I finished paying and was heading out when I saw the same lady waiting outside. She walked towards me and smiled kindly.

'Thank you for help,' she signed.

My cheeks turned pink as I signed in return, 'Welcome.'

She exhaled. Was she disappointed? and soon signed, 'Unfortunate not many learn sign; not disability but gift. I hope meet others like you.' She excused herself and headed her way.

I was blown away by her answer. It wasn't expected.

As I went back home, I gave my mom the groceries and she started to talk about something, but I still was replaying what the lady had told me.

"—so what do you think Yu-chan?"


Mother pouted as she told me, "You didn't listen to a word I've just said."

I scratched the back of my head. "I'm sorry mother," I told her as I smiled.

"Its mamma Yu-chan," she reminded and I nodded.

"Yes, yes," I told her and excused myself.

Once in my room I headed to sit on my desk. I'd been filling the application form that Wolf and Murata had given me (almost finished it too), but there was an essay that I had to turn in stating: Why do you want to enroll in Royal University? Why should we choose you?

I… I still haven't come up with the right answers yet…

I glanced at the wall in front of me to come across a picture of Wolf and me hugging. I think this was taken a few days after I confessed my love to him. Just at the thought, I felt my cheeks burning.

I started to trace a finger on the picture and soon fisted my hands together on my desk, resting my chin on them as I closed my eyes. I wouldn't have been in this scenario if it hadn't been for him. When we first met, it wasn't in the best of terms:

"I guess you understand what I'm saying," I remember telling him. Wolfram glared at me and I had tried to back away.

"H-hey," I told him with my hands in front of me. I had tried to protect myself from his furry fury. Little demon.

Wolfram had, 'hmph'ed and turned away from me and that's when we realized we were both hungry—him more than me.

I had offered him the candy as I told him, "I'm not really hungry." He had blushed but took it, yet I knew… he kept his guard.

But still…

We have come a long way from there haven't we? I opened my eyes once more as the lady's word began to resonate in my mind, 'not disability but gift.'

I turned on my PC—maybe she was the last push I needed.

I looked at my screen to find a blank word page and smiled. I now knew what I had to do:

It all started when I first volunteered at the Royal Institute…


°°Royal University is a separate branch of Royal Institute.

1. This is from the one scene that did not make it from chapter 14. I might actually upload the scene in my LJ so if you follow me there, you will see it soon ).

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