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Rogue thumbed through Kitty's scrapbook, she had no idea what had possessed her to take out the pink covered book, but something had and now her heart was being torn out as she looked at each glossy photo.

There were ones of her and her mom, her and her dad, just her mom, just her dad, her parents together, her grandparents, her with her grandparents, and about a million other relatives.

Then there were the ones of her with the other X Men; her and Ororo, her and Evan, her and Scott and Jean, her and Kurt (both Fuzzy and non), somehow there were even a few of the two of them together, but what really got to Rogue were the family portraits.

She didn't have that. She didn't have loving parents, sure she had Irene, but that was just her foster mom, not her real mom. Even Kurt's adoptive parents were more of parents than Irene was a mom to her. His parents had seen his first steps, heard his first word, been there when he first started climbing the wall, everything.

She'd been given to Irene when she was five, talking, walking and everything already done. She had no memories of her birth parents, or whoever had her before Irene, of course knowing that she'd been with Mystique for a little while, maybe that was a good thing.

With another sigh she flipped the page and froze. Staring up at her was a picture she'd never seen and had had no idea existed.

Her, asleep but a small smile on her lips was the center of attention curled up loosely on the couch, along with an equally asleep Kurt who was so close to falling off the back of the couch she wondered if he had. A thin blanket was pulled up to her waist but had partially fallen off the couch. Kurt's tail rested on her lower back, as if reminding her she wasn't alone. They were in such similar positions, and they looked like they were actually...siblings. It was so weird to see ehrself like this, like Kurt was watching over her, being the annoying yet loving little brother he was striving to be for her.

She remembered this now; it was some time after she got out of the Med. Wing after her freak out with all the people in her head. She remembered watching a movie and Kurt joining her, being strangely silent, but that was all she could remember having fallen asleep soon after.

She stroked her picture versions face with one gloved finger, and then did the same with Kurt, her hand drifting over his tail that came to lie on her. Even after she had come so close to killing a few of them, even after she had acted like a total stone cold bitch to him, he had still stayed.

~He's better at the sibling stuff than me. ~

She surprised herself with the thought, but then smiled. Yeah, he was better at the sibling stuff, but she could learn.

After all, she had a little blue brother to care about now.

~I'm so keeping this photo. ~


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