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A Terrible Beauty: Chapter 1: Summers End

Flay Allster would never forget those five painful words.

"You're breaking-up with me? Why?"

Five simple words. She should have been able to deny them, to laugh at them, scoff them away, and throw them back at Kira Yamato's sober face. They should have been ridiculous, but somehow they weren't. Those five simple words hit her hard; it had hurt, molding a deep throbbing ache in the pit of her stomach, a slow, twisting twinge in the heart.

"It's because I like Lacus." Kira explained honestly. "Both of us knew what was coming… we fight regularly over petty little things… we scarcely have anything in common and…" he paused, telling her the worst. "I can't keep up with you... You know you're high maintenance."

The wind never felt so cold; and Flay could only cry as she felt the shiver.

Shaking, she balled her hand into a fist. "I know we have problems, but we always manage to figure things out together eventually." She was trying to keep her voice down, but she felt like screaming. "Kira please don't do this… I like you. Don't you like me?"

Kira looked away, unable to meet her teary angelite gaze any longer. Honestly, does he still have feelings for her?

Kira's expressions ranged from confusion…to null; whatever was on his mind troubled him. "Flay, I'm sorry, but I just can't take this anymore." Kira shook his head and turned around. "It's over." He told her.

And so it was….


Upon waking up from what she considered to be a nightmare, the first thing Flay did was placed an arm over her eyes to shield and wipe off whatever was left of the tears she cried while she had been asleep.

Tell me Kira… how is Lacus Clyne any better?

Flay wondered to herself; her lips curled into a frown.

She and Kira had been successfully dating over a year. There had to be something there for them to have stayed on the relationship that long. So what did Lacus have that made him want to end what they had?

Had she not been a perfect loyal girlfriend? Had she not always look good for him?

Even though it had been over a month since their initial break-up… Flay couldn't help but feel something collapsed inside of her, an unsolicited type of pain. How could she smile?

Flay hugged her pillow, feeling the drench of it, before forcing herself out of her king-sized silk covered bed.

It was a Thursday; she has class in a few hours. Despite the fact she didn't feel like going, she had to or her father would worry… and her father worrying over her was the last thing she wanted.

Flay slipped on her slippers; pulled her bedroom curtains open, baring a few leaves on the huge maple tree near the end of the driveway that were already starting to red, contrasting sharply with crisp blue sky.

After traveling across the room, Flay plopped down in front of her cosmetic mirror ready to start her morning routine when… Oh, God. Flay felt like crying all over; never had she seen herself looked so awful.


"Kira, you have sauce on your cheek." The pink-haired, blue eyed beauty named Lacus Clyne said, and then smiled gently, brushing a clean tissue against her boyfriend's cheek during school lunch hour.

And of course, sharing the lunch table with the lovely couple was none other than the prominent Cagalli Yula Athha, who was apparently commenting about the way Lacus was unfavorably pampering Kira while Athrun Zala, Kira's childhood friend and long time best friend, who was sitting next to the feisty blonde, simply smiled.

Two lunch tables away.

Flay Allster just couldn't help but frown after noticing Kira blush at Lacus' simple gesture of affection.

Flay placed her fork down, suddenly losing her appetite to finish her meal.

Apparently, after the brunet's initial break-up with her, Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne have been officially going out for approximately a week and a half now. And according to many, the two looked like a match made in heaven, as Lacus was like an angel.

Seriously… Lacus… an angel….?

Flay wanted to gag at what some people manage to come up with. Rumors were irritating while the simple fact of catching the two lovebirds together never fails to make her blood boil.

Flay pushed her tray away. "Argh… Look at her acting all lovey-dovey with Kira. It's sickening!" She announced to her friends: Meer Campbell, Lunamaria Hawke, Stellar Loussier, and Miriallia Haw, who happened to be sharing the same table as her, with a hint of obvious jealousy in her words.

All four girls exchanged commiserative glances.

To be honest, according to them: Lacus was not really a bad person….

Knowing Flay, they knew the girl have not completely gotten over her feelings for Kira Yamato just yet. Thus, they simply decided to let the nasty comment slide. They were her friends after all. And they were all aware how Flay wasn't always this spiteful.

Pity. She was simply one of those girls, who had her heart broken while still in love.

"Say Milly, weren't you just telling us about this really great boutique a few days ago?" Meer said trying to change the subject. After all, talking about heartbreaks was unhealthy, and listening to people bad mouth about Lacus was not exactly her cup of tea.

"Boutique?" Miriallia blinked confusedly at first. She does not recall mentioning anything about a boutique… until she caught on. "Ohh, that boutique…." Miriallia continued. But before the brunette could actually keep up with the lie, Flay disrupted her.

"I bet Lacus Clyne plans to steal everyone else's boyfriend…"

"Uhh… Flay, don't you think you're a little over reacting." Lunamaria began, but was completely ignored by the girl who continued muttering.

"I bet she's even cheating on Kira with that Athrun." She continued, this time causing Meer to shake head.

"Flay… I don't think Lacus is the type of person who would do such a thing….."

Flay frowned. "Why do keep trying to protect her, Meer?" She demanded before shaking her own head, taking it all back. "Wait. Never mind. Please, don't answer that…" Actually, she already knew the reason. It was no secret after all that Meer was one of those who admired Lacus Clyne for her gifted voice.

Actually, if information mattered, it was only recently that Lacus Clyne and Athrun Zala transferred to G.S High.

Lacus Clyne was beautiful, charming, and talented, which had caught the admiration of many. And because of her enchanting voice, the girl became the instant pride of the music club.

Athrun Zala on the other hand, was smart, handsome, athletic, an overall nice guy and a great add to the school soccer team. Apparently, he was one of those types, who have a flock of girls swooning over him at a glance.

Both of them were easy to get along with.

With that said, it was hard not to like either of them. As a result, the two fitted in easily and both made friends rather quickly.

Flay, unfortunately, was not one of those who had been easily won over by their charm…. Because ever since Lacus Clyne and Athrun Zala transferred over, she had instantly lost two things to little miss perfect. One would be a gentle boyfriend; that would be Kira. And two was a precious best friend, Cagalli Yula Athha. Yes. Apparently, Cagalli was her closest friend before Lacus Clyne came into the picture, so it's not the least surprising that Flay did not like the girl.

Having enough of Kira, Lacus, Athrun or Cagalli all together, Flay stood up from their table, catching the attention of all four girls.

"I'm going to the washroom." Flay excused herself in a great need to get away.

Glancing towards where Flay was heading, "hey, do you think she'll be okay?" Lunamaria whispered, worried.

Easing her own thoughts, "Stellar will go with Flay." The hazy eyed blonde told the rest before pacing in quick pursuit after the pretty redhead.


"Flay?" Stellar called upon following Flay into the restroom, only to find the room deserted of people, but she knew better.

Quietly, Stellar stepped in and locked the door behind her, and started off by gently knocking on each cubicle, checking them one after the other.

First one. Empty.

Second one. Empty.

"Flay?" Stellar called lightly. Gently, she pushed open the third door. Empty again. "Flay, are you all right?" She worried.

Flay must have gave in, this time around, because before Stellar could go ahead and check the rest of the stalls, she heard Flay sob, opening up.

"...I hate her!"

Stellar could only look down at the beige floor tiles and listen as Flay continued to cry her heart out.

"... I hate her so much..."


Meanwhile, back at the Cafeteria, Meer, Lunamaria and Miriallia simply decided to continue with their lunches when tall, dark, blond, handsome, and confident Dearka Elsman decided to venture towards the girls' table, disrupting them.

"Good afternoon Ladies, and hey there beautiful, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me this Saturday." The male asked Miriallia Haw with a wink and a smirk as he did day after day.

And like every single day, the one being asked out rolled her eyes. "No." She said flatly.

"Oh, come on, Milly. You know you want to…." The blond grinned playfully and whined a little. Gently, he touched her arm as he talked, giving her Goosebumps.

Neither of those worked though.

"Geez… I said no, okay? I don't want to go out with you." Miriallia stood up aggravated, and then shooed the male away, to a degree by force, for disrupting the girls' lunch hour, which was to Meer and Lunamaria's amazement.

Dearka, of course, was very much used to this treatment by now.

With lover boy gone, Miriallia sat back down with her friends and sighed with relief. "Gosh, he is so annoying." She announced, taking a rough bite of her lunch then nearly choked on her burger after catching a glimpse of her wristwatch. "I have to go!" she said in between bites.

Lunamaria sighed. "Why don't you just give the guy a chance? He has been trying to ask you out for who knows how many times."

"Who? Dearka? Why should I." Miriallia snapped back, sounding a bit offended as she stood up, getting ready to leave.

"Ohh… I don't know…" Lunamaria leaned on her elbow and rolled her eyes, pointing out the obvious while Meer, beside her, was nodding actively with agreement. "His gorgeous, his fun, his rich, and his crazy about you…."

Miriallia rolled her eyes having heard that over a thousand times. "You're forgetting he's also a player. I don't trust his kind. I rather date a pet rock." Miriallia added, picking up her bag before heading off to her next class.


Hours later, after class, Flay found herself wondering towards the soccer field to watch the boys' team practice as she did almost every weekday.

Routinely, she would take the same path, pass the same tree, and walkover the same grass. But as she walked down alone that Thursday afternoon, she couldn't help but notice how the breeze got a little colder, the sunlight was starting to slant a little more, and how the leaves started to drove.

And when she saw Lacus sitting at the bleacher, watching the play for the first time, Flay couldn't help but stop on her tracks a little bit surprised, feeling like she had been unwantedly replaced.

That's when she finally realized just how unexpectedly fast that moments can come and go.

Her summer was now officially over.

"All right everyone," came the shout from one of the players at the field. "Let's work on our compact formation. We still have Forty-five more minutes! Let's do our best!"

"Shut up, Athrun! I'm the Captain of this team so stop giving orders!"

Flay spun around, ready to leave, suddenly wondering why she even came here in the first place.

"Flay!" Sai Argyle called out suddenly after spotting the girl on the sidelines causing her to stop; then he jogged over momentarily leaving the practice. "You will be coming over for dinner, right? You know how mom loves it when you come over."

Flay tilted her head at Sai and nodded. "Yes, of course." Her loving father, unfortunately, had to go away on another business trip, leaving her home alone again.

The Argyle, of course, being a close family-friend, who happens to live next door to them, offered to look after George Allster's little princess when the man of the house was away. Her father couldn't be more grateful.

"That's great! I'm sure mom would be really happy."

"Kira, Sai, get your butts back into position!" Yzak Joule aka hot tempered Captain of the soccer team roared from the farther back after noticing both members missing, which lead Sai no choice but to cut their conversation short.

"Well, I have to go… Captain calls…." Sai said ready to head back when he paused, suddenly, remembering something. "Ah, Flay?..." He added before she could actually leave as well.

"Yes?" Flay blinked, wondering what was it that he wanted.

Sai twitched nervously and scratched his head in an awkward manner, trying to say what he wanted to say. He looked away, eyes shifting from left ground to right to left again, uneasily. "If you're not busy… I mean, if you want… Err… If it's all right with you... would you like to walk home together?"

Was that all? Flay didn't even need to ponder.

Meer has vocal practice after school. Stellar had extra cooking classes. Miriallia had her Photography club. Lunamaria had karate. And she would rather die than reconcile with Cagalli. Unfortunately for her, everyone else seemed to have their own thing.

Usually, she would stay after school only to watch the soccer team, Kira, practice until he was done and free to walk her home; that was until they broke up of course. Now that Lacus took her place and she was single again… Even after a month and a half, she still had not found anything better to do on her free time.

Flay made a quick glance to where Lacus Clyne sat on the bleacher talking to Kira, who stopped over to apologize to his girlfriend for making her wait through wired fence.

Watching the two, Flay couldn't help but glare.

She should be the one who Kira was excited to see... She was the one Kira was suppose to be apologizing to. She was the one Kira should be walking home with. She was the one whom Kira should like. Not Lacus!

Irked at the sight of Lacus with Kira, Flay turned her attention back to her good friend Sai again, then forced a smile. "Sure. I'll wait for you until practice is over."

In hearing this, Sai beamed up automatically.

"Kira! Sai!" Yzak yelled again, looking like he would march right over and drag both the brunet and the blond with glasses back if they don't return within the minute.

"I really need to get back. I promise not to let you wait too long." Sai said a little panicked.

Flay gave a nod. "All right. Work hard." She told him, waving as she watched the blond run back to practice in a much cheerful mood.

A few seconds later, Kira also went back running.

With Sai back in practice…

Alone again, Flay clamped her hand on her bag and held down the pleated skirt of her uniform against the cold breeze as she walked two levels up the old bleacher looking for a place to sit.

Her staying after school only to watch the guys practice soccer… It felt like old times… As if she and Kira had never broken up.

All seemed to be turning out fine, that was until Lacus saw her on the steps.

"Oh, Flay… did you come to watch the guys practice too? Would you like to seat with me?" Lacus offered with a smile as if tension never existed between the two of them.

After what had happened, was this Lacus' way of trying to be nice?

Flay did not answer nor did she move. She had nothing to say to the girl who stole her boyfriend anyway.

"I have noticed you have not smiled the whole week. You are so pretty so you should smile more." Lacus added nonchalantly. And in that short instance, Flay felt something inside of her snap.

That was it. All the anger, all the frustration, all the pent-up fury swelled up inside her, ready to burst. She wanted to scream, to curse, and to tell her in the most obscene way possible to get lost….

Don't act all innocent and noble!

Flay's eyes smoldered. She'd never felt so hurt and angry in her life.

Flay's grip tightened on her bag. "You know, I don't think it ever occurred to you to actually say something sincere or worthwhile to anyone in your whole life. Your pristine act sickens me. Honestly, you're laughing inside, right? I'm not attractive enough, right? I'm not serene enough for Kira. He chose you over me. Just go ahead and tell me!" Her voice was quavering. Flay knew her words had stung as sharply as if she had thrown a slap at Lacus, but Lacus refused to show any kind of reaction.

And as Flay raced away from the scene, down the large steep of metals that makes up the seats, she felt everything screw up inside; and she could think of nothing more than wanting to hurt Lacus back.

Why was she the only one who has to suffer this painful heartbreak? If willing to do whatever it takes to win her ex-boyfriend back means it would brand her as the bitch that was trying to break-up this acclaimed couple-in-love then so be it!

After all, Kira was hers to begin with!