A/N: Written initially for the 100 Themes Challenge I did, consisting of 100 anime/manga drabbles.

This one has the theme 'I Create Things', featuring Arashi and Miwako from Paradise Kiss.

The Creator

Arashi has created many things.

He has created poems turned to songs and more more music. He has helped that bastard George create dresses and gowns and cloth - heck, for a guy, he sews and embroiders quite well and has seen beads that could haunt an average male's lifetime. He has created artworks, designs and templates - been the epitome of an artist.

He has created friendships, Yukari and heck, Isabella are important to him, even. Ignoring the gender factor. He has created bonds, sibling-like although Tsutomu and Mikako have contrasting impressions of him. He has created charitable links - Alice is like his own little sister. He has created love. Miwako was everything to him.

He has created rivalry. Sparked it even though it was long due from coming. He got Miwako as soon as he could manage. He kicked Hiro off the scene, ignoring the fact that they were best friends. He had seen it coming. He knows how Hiro feels for Miwako. And while he knows that Hiro was a far better man for Miwa-chan, he still claims her as his.

He has created boundaries. Miwako was his. Hiro was not allowed. That was it.

Because Hiro was a far better man for Miwako. And if he did not set those boundaries, Miwako would not be his. She might fall for Hiro instead.

In the end, he gave her a choice. It was so selfish. He was a damned bastard. He made her choose between two of her best friends.

Miwako chose him. Arashi was glad for that. So he shoves Hiro off, never ever ever letting him near them again. He wouldn't risk losing Miwako. She was, is, will always be his world.

He has created many things.

Among those many things was this messed up scenario. Because Miwako is now seeing how better a man Hiro is more than Arashi, and is now seeing how selfish Arashi is.

Yet he wouldn't regret. He wouldn't. Because a creator is supposed to love his creation. And he would never ever ever regret. No matter how damned their ending might be. He'll just have to work on making this hellish stage a masterpiece.


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