Before you start reading I just want to know

Am I the only guy who writes Radarr and/or Suzy Lu stories?

Just askin

This story makes me think of that one movie "INKHEART" it's a really good movie

It was a regular day in terra Blizzaris. Snow everywhere frozen pies being eaten, blizzarian all over the place. Yep it was a great day

Oh t so happens oh this great day Suzy Lu and the rest of the Absolute Zeros were just riding there skimmers around

Just then they noticed a little vn driving up to the village made of ice homes.

The van stopped and out came a fat kid dressed up like a blizzarian

"Oh my gosh it's you! It's you!" the kid said "My name's Noob and I'm your number one fan

"NO YOU'RE NOT!" I yelled in a booming voice as I used my "author powers" to place myself into this story

"Hey who are you?" Noob said getting a toy ice staff ready to battle

"Noob no one loves Suzy Lu more than I do," I said "I'm practicaly the only one who writes fanfics for her on fanfiction net

"What exacly's goin on here eh?" Suzy Lu whispered to Billy

"A fan fight I guess eh," Billy said

"Takes more than fanfic's to so you love someone," Noob said "I know more about them then you ever...

"SILENCE!" I yelled you have no idea the power I posses

"And what power is that?" Noob said

Just then I began to write in the snow.

And then Suzy Lu grew 50 feet tall

Suzy began to grow

"Ah! Whats happeing to me eh?!" Suzy said as her clothes ripped

I wrote more, trying not to get distracted by a giant, sexy, nude Suzy Lu

And Suzy then grabbed Noob and ate him alive

"No!" Noob said as he got a one way ticket to Suzy belly

Then I wrote

And then Suzy shrunk back to normal and all the blizzarians forgot what happened.

"Hey wait a minute" I said as I wrote some more

Suzy Lu hugged The Blizzarian of DArk love who then became a black furry blizzarian and kissed him on the lips

It was the closet thing to beging truly with her. Yet sadly all stroies have to end.

And I was thrown back into the real world typing this up for you all to read

But at least I hd proven I am the ultimate Suzy Lu fan, plus I got to touch her. Can't get more fanatical than that

The end