A Blood Romance

Chapter 1. The Bloody Prince

My elbow snapped back for one last punch and I gave it all my power and force as I hit the moron sitting in the chair my men had set down. Once my fist hit his jaw, a skin crawling crunch filled the silent air and his breath started to become more rapid. The mans face was tattered and worn by now so I decided to speak my mind now.

"I swear to you, if you ever mess with me again, I will kill you next time!" I yelled at the man bleeding from every inch of his face. I don't remember what he had done to our group but apparently it was something so bad I had to put on the rings when I beat the crap out of him. He had been a nice looking guy before I got to him, but now he would probably look like pounded meat.

"You got that pretty boy?" I said softly in his ear as I gripped his shirt collar tightly. He moaned and nodded softly as he spit out a flow of blood from his mouth. I sighed and pulled away as I held out my hands to Emmet, my best friend. He pulled off the bloody rigs from my now soar and red fingers and shoved them into his pocket.

"Bleach those, alright. I don't want this meat face trying to pin his newly found scars on us." I said to my friend and he nodded as I stared down at the guy with the bleeding face.

I looked up at the rest of my men in their black suits just like mine and nodded my head in signal for us to leave. We had tracked this flee bag of a guy to a parking garage so as we walked out into the sunlight I looked over my new Gucci suit to make sure I had no blood on it and smile when I didn't even find one spot of blood.

"Your dad is gonna be happy with your results Edward." Jasper, another one of my best friends, said with a grim smile on his face as we reached our cars. Me, Jasper and Emmet would take my Volvo and the other guys would take their individual cars.

"Quite frankly Jazz, I don't give a crap what that old bastard thinks of me. I just came to beat the crap out of that guy and then collect my money." I said opening the door to my car.

"Why do you hate him so much Eddie?" Emmet asked as I slid into the drivers' seat and started the car. Jasper sat up front with me and Emmet was sprawled out in the back seat. "I mean he left you his legacy and a TON of dough to spend however you like! I mean we could fly to Cuba for all he cares!" Emmet said laughing lightly and slugged Jasper in the shoulder lightly. Jasper rolled his eyes and rubbed his arm lightly.

"I don't want this life Emmet! I don't want to have to take a life just so I can make a living every day! It's not fair to me and it certainly isn't fair to the people I have killed or will kill." I snapped back at Emmet as the speed my car was going increased.

"You know what Eddie? All those people we kill, they are scum. They beat their wives, steel from the ones they love and sleaze around to get what they want. I don't think the people we kill even have the right to be defended or have rights." Emmet said kicking the back of my seat.

I glared at him through the rear view mirror and sighed in defeat as what he said sunk into my thoughts quickly.

"He's right Edward; the people we kill deserve to die, even if we are the ones bearing the heavy burden of death." Jasper said as I sped through town until we finally reached the street in which my house resided.

Once I slowed down enough to stop at the front gate I pulled out my driver's license and scanned it through the I.D scanner. The light on the scanner turned green and the gate to my father's house opened wildly.

"I know he is, but I don't want to do this. Even if the people we kill deserve it." I said softly as I drove up the driveway and parked in front of the house.

"Who cares? We just scored our selves ten grand each tonight!" Emmet said happily sliding out of my car and walking over to the front door.

"He's right again. We did just score a ton of money tonight." Jasper said quietly smiling at me and then gracefully slid out of his seat and ran into the house behind Emmet.

I was happy about the money because with this money maybe I could get into a good collage and maybe even study medicine to become a doctor. I mean sure I had a ton of money to spend even after tuition for college but I was saving it up for when I got married, had a family and wanted to get a house-even though after that I would still have a boat load of money left over.

I smiled at the thought of getting married and having a family but before I could get too deep into my lovely thoughts I heard my cell phone start

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