Chapter 28. Letting In Some Light

Bella Swan

"Under the sea, darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me, up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away, while we devotin', full time to floatin', under the sea." my mother's beautiful singing voice floated through my mind as another memory of her flew threw my darkened little space here in my body. It had felt like forever that I had been trapped in my own body, not able to wake up into the light.

I was watching The Little Mermaid, my mother and my own favorite movie. Mom had blared the volume as she scrambled some eggs for me in the kitchen and danced her little awkward shake here and there as she scrambled around the kitchen with little skips and stumbles. I just giggled as she danced, though. It was always a good day when my mom was happy like this.

I tried to break out of the memory because after all of these videos of my mother running back through this hell I was stuck in, it began to break my heart into a million pieces. It made me think of her more than I had since the day she died. It made me miss her more than it had since she died…

I finally was rewarded with darkness again, clinging to it as if it were my own personal solitude. I didn't want to wake up right now. It wouldn't be too great to wake up crying for my mother. The Cullen's would think I'm crazier than I already am.

"Is she alright?" Alice's familiar voice called form somewhere outside in the light. I was in darkness right now, while they were in the light I was so desperately seeking.

I had been hearing their voices, movements, footsteps…everything they did I heard. Every breath they took I was aware of. It was really interesting but also really terrifying. If they did something to my body I couldn't fight back. If they gave me something to keep me in this darkness…I wouldn't know. It was all I could do; staying here in this darkness. Once I was back in the light, though, I would raise some serious Hell.

"The swelling in her face has gone down and the bruises are minimal, you can hardly see them. The fracture in her collar bone and sprains in her wrists are healed. So are her ribs. I say she's almost perfect." Carlisle's breathless tone spoke gently.

"Then why isn't she waking up, yet?" another, strained and broken voice begged from beside me. I could still feel what was going on with my body, even though I couldn't connect my subconscious to my limbs. I was lying on something very soft…a bed maybe? But I could feel my body leaning slightly, as if something or someone were lying or sitting next to me.

"Edward," It was Edward? Please, let me wake up God! I just need to feel him. Just once! "It's her choice when she is to wake up. It depends on her mind. Maybe her mind needs more time than her body does to recover." Carlisle spoke in a grave tone. It was almost as if he regretted saying it as well.

There was movement in the room after a long silence, but the dent in the bed never changed…never moved.

"Please," I felt Edward's breath at my ear as a soft, warm touch glided over the skin of what I expected was my exposed arm. I thanked god for that one touch, even though I knew there would be more to come.

"Please, Bella…baby, you gotta wake up." he continued to plead with me.

I'm here! I wanted to answer. I love you! Just…don't worry about me.

"You got to wake up." he whispered against my overly sensitive skin. I was on high alert for everything and I wouldn't forget this little favor God had blessed me with so far. I'd have to thank her sometime.

Was he lying down with me? I felt his warm, dry fingers intertwine with my own as something soft touched my forehead. His lips, maybe?

With every touch I could feel myself becoming more and more attached to myself.

"One time when I was a kid," Edward cleared his throat as he began to speak, his touch moving around the center of my palm. "I think I was about seven. Anyways, I went to the movies. They were playing The Breakfast Club, Godzilla and The Blue Lagoon." he chuckled in disgust, but continued.

"Naturally, Rosalie being the older than me by six years, forced me into seeing the one I most definitely did NOT want to see; The Blue Lagoon." Edward Cullen? Notorious killer…watched The Blue Lagoon? I give Rosalie props for dragging his ass into that theatre, that's for sure.

"Let's just say…I was emotionally scarred for life." his voice was deadpan. Serious, even. I wanted to laugh at that, maybe even smile…but I just couldn't. I could still feel it, though…my body reconnecting with me now. I couldn't even twitch my finger yet, but I knew I would be able to soon.

"But as I watched the movie, Brooke Shields has nothing on you by the way," I could feel my self blush internally. That's right…Brooke Shields shows up buck naked in that movie. Just great. I had to compete with THAT?

"As I watched the movie, though, I guess I saw my very first glance at love. I mean I had seen it between my mother and father but never in kids close to my age. It was mushy and my parent's almost killed Rosalie for letting me watch it…but I think I learned more about loving and…being mushy like girls want, I guess, than I ever would have learned form my parents." he took in a deep breath as if he was going to say something harder than life. I felt my fingers that weren't intertwined with his twitch beside my leg. I could finally feel myself coming back.

"Bella, you made me learn about myself…about love…about everything more than any stupid, old movie could ever teach me. I love you so much, baby." I felt his fingers twist my hand up to place a warm kiss against my palm.

"That's why you have to wake up." my eye lids were heavy but I forced them to finally flutter open.

The light above me was overwhelming, to say the least, causing my vision to go white for a split second, but as I finally let my eyes adjust…I finally started to recognize my surroundings. The gold sheets of Edward's bed and the thick duvet that matched covered me from the waist down as a grey light swept through the beautiful room. There was rain pounding on the glass wall to my right along with Edward gazing down at me in awe. Edward looked like a mess, his hair greasy and disheveled, his shirt wrinkled with food stains here and there and his jeans looked tattered and worn as well.

"B-Bella?" Edward stuttered out gently. It looked as if he were about to cry…but he didn't let it. He held it back and I gazed back up at him.

"I woke up." I rasped out through a small voice. My throat was sore and horse. Edward let out a small chuckle at my words and leaned down to place a kiss on my lips. Oh my God! His breath reeked! I pulled away instinctively as let out a breathy laugh.

"How long has it been since you last preformed any form of dental or personal hygienic?" I whispered, still bearing through my hoarse voice. That's when I spotted his eyes…the purple bags that hung low under those green orbs made his already pale skin seem practically chalk white now. "Or slept?" my question was sobering to him as he looked down at me. He took a deep breath in as he cradled my head with his massive hand, using his other arm to prop himself up on his elbow.

"Not since the day we…" he began. "Brought you home from everything." his gaze was purposefully averted from mine, as if he were ashamed to look at me.

"How long have I been asleep, then?" I asked as I lifted a heavy hand to trace the bruises under his eyes. His gaze finally came back to mine. Where it belonged.

"About a week…" he sighed out with a hint of a strangled sobs coming from his chest. I flattened my hand out onto his roughened cheek, thanks to the five o' clock shadow he was sporting at the moment. It was quite sexy to say the least. I was too stunned at the amount of time I had been passed out, though to even realize how beautiful he actually was.

"I can't believe you're finally awake…" Edward gasped through tear brimmed eyes and bringing up to hold me against his chest. For now I could forget about all my questions and just allow myself a moment of love and peace here in Edward's arms. I let one hand rest on his chest and pressed my lips against the hollow base of his neck. "I've missed you so much…I thought…" he broke off into choked sobs into my hair.

"Shh…I'm here. I'm here…" I soothed. I wanted to tell him I wouldn't leave…I would never hurt him again but I couldn't make promises that I would be unable to keep. If they admitted that they killed my mother maybe I would just leave but if they denied it…I wouldn't leave. I would do everything I could in my power to find out what had happened to my mom.

"I love you…" he cried as he clung to me tighter, now.

"I love you, more." it wasn't a lie. It would never be a lie. I loved Edward more than anything in this world and nothing could change that…but I would have to leave him if he or anyone in his family was apart of my mother's murder.

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