It was another regular, and nice day in Acmetropolis

Especially for the Loonatics since no emergency's or jobs from Zadovia came up.

Now it so happens that Duck had decided to order a pizza and of course Slam just wanted to eat the whole thing.

This in turn caused a huge fight between the two and Duck ended up throwing a bunch of his egg blast things around the room and sadly one of them hit another of the Loonatics.

"Oh my gosh I kil... Oh phew," Duck said seeing that he just hit Tech E. Coyote who simply regenerated after the blast

This got Rev thinking though. And he said freaky fast

"Y'knowTechYouShouldBeTheLeade. SinceInThEndYou'llBeTheOnlyOneOfUsLeft. PlusYou'reSupersmart," Rev said

"Come on Rev what are the chances some horrid disaster will wipe u all out?" Ace said

Then, as if on que a giant asteroid destroyed the Loonatics base and killed everyone. Except Tech who regenerated again

"Curse this immortality!" Tech yelled out. "And curse the fact that now I'll never be able to eat Rev like my great grandfather (Wile E.) wanted. Or marry Lex!"

So now Tech protected Acmetroplis for the rest of his endless life. And to his own surprise he did much better solo. Seeing as their was no way to destroy him, criminals just gave up

"I only tried fighting you loonatics because the others you could actually win against," one crook said

The End