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ch 2

5 am not enough time to sleep, thought Sky, I'll do it in class then. As he passed he kitchen to go to his room he recognized the 2 figures looming in the dark. "Shit!" he cursed loudly under his breath.

"Where have you been all night mister" his mom gave him a stern stare.

"the quarry I think, kind of just woke up there hehe..."Thank god I'm a habitual sleep walker.

"This is the first time you ever left the house that way how do we know your not lying"

Shrugging off the his mother's question "you can't, cause you don't have to witness to my ahhhh ...sleep walking." As saying this Sky realized he had to find a way to tell his parents he knocked up a girl...So to say.

"This is getting no where" his mom walk towards the kitchen steadilty so she wont trip over the long robe. "Since it's already morning, I'll just make breakfast."

Continuing her steady strut towards the refrigerator for eggs, Sky's started stuttering "UMMM'... UMMM ummm" "mom dad ... what you say if if I had a girlfriend..." A mix look of annoyance and Happiness spread upon her face as the word came out. The joy did not come from him taking an interest in other girls, she hated the fact that her baby is growing up; the joy came from him taking interest in other girl beside his cousin Kristen.

"Who is it dear?"

"Ohhhh...no one you know, wh-what will you say though?"

"We'll be happy for you of course:

"And hypothetically speaking if i got her ummmmmmmm... pre-pre-pregnant." SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT his mom dropped the whole case of eggs on the floor. Luckily his dad dove and saved a few.

"Did you you get this girl pregnant for real or hypothetical" His dad said as lifting himself from the floor. Sky looked down feeling more shame in the lie said "yes"

"You'll have to take responsibility"

"He's just a baby!" His mom squealed.

"No, he's a man now... he been making adult decisions for a long time now" His dad stood there stiffly without emotions on his face or in his voice. "Now it is time fro him to pay for his actions. So what are you planning to do son?"

"Marry her"

Seeing an opening to object, she took it "Do you even love her?"

" We didn't go that far in our relationship but I can grow to love her." Its true we don't know much about each other than what family we 're from and trying to kill one another.

"That not the point you can just walk away if you like"

" no... dad's right"

"When is this SO CALLED MARRIAGE AND WHERE" trying to make light of the situation but failing to hold back her frustrations of losing her son again.

"Hehehehehe" Sky laughed then followed up with using Jacqueline'sphrase "Here's the kicker... 2 weeks in Corisa."