Saving Baby Halliwell

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Cries echoed through the normally quiet Manor. One of the newest occupants was awake and something was wrong. Piper woke up from a deep sleep as she heard the cries through the baby monitor. She got out of bed and walked across the hall and into the nursery. What she found unnerved her. A bright blue force field surrounded the crib. She went over, peering down to find Sammy and Kate crying.

"Shh babies, it's ok. Put the force field down," she cooed. The force field fell but the little half angels continued to cry. Piper picked her daughters up and rocked them slightly. Finally, the little girls fell back asleep. Piper placed them back into the crib. She walked out of the room, leaving the door cracked behind her. On her way back, she decided to check on little Jessie. She knew that Phoebe had been exhausted for the past few weeks. She opened the door and gasped, letting out a startled cry. A man in a brown hooded robe was holding Jessica tightly. The little girl was red in the face and crying, but no sound came out.

"What in the hell!" Piper screamed, raising her hands to blast at his leg. It bounced off an invisible shield. He looked at her and she could imagine the dark smile under his face. He waggled his finger at her, like a father would scold a child for being bad. He pulled an athamae from his robes and threw it at her, hitting her squarely in the stomach. He vanished silently. Piper stood, shocked.

"PHOEBE! PAIGE! PRUE! ANDY! LEO!! ANYONE!!" she cried, falling to the floor. She heard footsteps rushing to her as she fell unconscious.

A few moments before, Paige had been deep in sleep. It had been a long week with projects and tests and papers. As soon as she heard the pain-filled scream, the young witchlighter shot out of bed and orbed to Piper. She found her older sister on the ground and unconscious with a wound to her abdomen area.

"LEO! GET YOUR WHITELIGHTER BEHIND OVER HERE PRONTO!" she screamed, holding her glowing hands over the wound, trying to heal it. She heard orbs beside her. They deposited Leo, now wide awake and with worried eyes. His glowing hands joined Paige's. It didn't take long to heal her when the two of them were working. By the time that they had finished, Andy, Prue, and Phoebe had arrived. Phoebe, half asleep still, was starring stupidly into the room with the empty crib. Piper suddenly sat up.

"Jessica!" she cried, trying to get up and go in the room. Leo and Andy held her down, knowing that there was no use now.

"Piper, calm down sweetie," Prue said. It took a while, but she calmed down enough to tell the rest of her family about what had happened in Jessica's bedroom.

"I heard Sammy crying in the nursery. I went in and her shield was up. Nothing was wrong, so I figured that she just needed some attention. After I calmed her down, I went to check in on Jessie. There was a demon in a hooded brown robe holding her. I could tell she was crying, but no sound was coming out. I tried to blow him up, but he managed to stop it. He threw an athamae at me and just vanished. It wasn't shimmering or blinking. I don't know what it was…. I'm so sorry Phoebe!" she cried. Phoebe looked shocked. She knelt down beside her older sister.

"It's not your fault Piper. You did all you could do. All that's left to do now is find the sucker and vanquish him," she told her, holding her softly. Piper calmed down over a period of ten minutes.

Twenty minutes later, everyone was in the living room. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Daryl was there, wanting to help out on the mortal end of the scale. Leo had called in Nate who had brought his little daughter Sky with him. Alex and Olivia turned up with Eryn, although Olivia was a little upset because she had been on a date. Piper was sitting on the couch with Sammy in her lap. Phoebe was holding Kate, looking at her sleeping niece and wanting to kill the evil piece of scum that had hurt her baby.

"So, tell me again what happened," Olivia said, nursing coffee and a headache.

"I heard Sammy crying through the monitor and got up. I walked into the room and both of them were crying, and their shields were up. Nothing was going on, so I put them back in the crib. I wanted to check on Jessie because I know that Phoebe has been very tired. I went in and some demon in a brown robe had her in his arms. I yelled and he threw his athamae t me. He then just disappeared. I screamed and passed out when Paige got to me," Piper replied. Paige looked up when she heard her name.

"I called for Leo and started healing Piper. Afterwards, I tried calling for her, but it didn't work. She must be in the underworld in a protected cave of some sort," she said. Leo and Andy nodded their agreement. Phoebe suddenly got a weird look on her face while staring at her little niece.

"You said that Sammy and Kate were crying but nothing was wrong?" she asked. Piper nodded. Phoebe gestured for her to hand her the other baby. Alex suddenly spoke.

"Now that you mention it, Eryn was crying around then as well," she added, brushing a lock of blond hair out of her eyes. Nate's eyes lit up.

"So did Sky. It was weird because she hardly ever cries anymore," he concluded. Andy and Leo turned to each other, talking in whitelighter speak. Nate joined in. The three nodded and they all orbed off. The girls shot each other weird looks before jumping into the book to try and find the demon who took the baby.

Several hours later, the sun rose in the sky, making it turn orange and pink. Phoebe stood motionlessly over the book, trying to come up with something to do. Paige was holding Sammy, and Piper was changing Kate. All of a sudden, the men orbed back in, looking very grave.

"What's with the look Leo?" Piper asked in her 'tell-me-now-or-be-mauled' voice. Leo turned to Phoebe.

"We found out who has Jessica and why they took her," he said. Phoebe shot out of her motionless state.

"Who has her? And why is there a why??" she demanded, brushing her dark hair out of her eyes. Andy stepped up to her, looking tired, pissed, and a little scared.

"The thing is… he's not exactly a demon," he started out, running a hand through his hair. The girls stared at him blankly.

"Then what in the hell is this thing?" Prue demanded to know.

"No one knows. All they know is the prophecy about the girls," Nate said. They all stared at him and he took a deep breath.

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