Feeling So True

Walking in the splintering sun was no need of exhaustion for Paul. He's been though a lot over the pass three days. The graveled road was filled with cracks and water mirages. The soft pit pat of steps come from the survivor of his horrible story. Interestingly started with curiosity and lust. Unfortunately all he got was the essence of evil incarnated. The whole damn town was a slaughterhouse for those who lives with their souls still intact. The heartless demons are still in pursuit of him. The power of that came from him was gone. Swept away as his love died also. Taken by the incubus related being called Barlow. The slick back hair and hoarse etiquette words that came from his mouth was un-natural and his beloved's moan as her soul was taken. Speculations have it that its all but a ghost town, but only those survivors know how it all ended. With supposedly innocent welcome of two demons: one a servant and the other a vampire.