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A/N: These are all Seddie centric one shots inspired by one word prompts. I get my prompts by flipping through books and blindly pointing at a word. Great system I know. Also, I only write at like 3am or later so it these are awful I apologize.

#1 Stapler

Status: Age 17

"Your…mom…right next door," Sam Puckett managed to say in between kisses. Without Carly there to keep things on track, the brainstorm session for next week's show had gone off track [but now in its fifth successful year, they figured one skipped brainstorm session wouldn't kill iCarly]. And now Sam found herself making out with her boyfriend Freddie Benson in his den with his overprotective mother one room over. Not that she was complaining.

"I know," Freddie replied, a devilish grin on his face. He picked up Sam and as she giggled [Damn that Fredward. As a general rule, Sam never giggled. She wasn't her sister Melanie for Christ's sake.] and playfully squirmed, carried her to the desk and sat her on the empty end of it. He pushed the idea cards strewn about off the desk sending a rainbow of color coded index cards sailing to the ground. Sam couldn't help but laugh at the little tech-dork when after realizing his laptop was on the desk as well, he carefully cradled it like a small child and placed it on chair.

He returned to Sam and began placing slopping kisses on her cheeks and laughed. She may publically claim she hates things like that but he knew better. He knew that there was difference between His Sam and the Sam the world saw and the fact that she was comfortable enough to strip down the walls she built to protect herself from the world for him made him love her even more. Sam pulled him closer and met her lips with his. As Freddie deepened the kiss she leaned back pulling him with her until he was on top of her.

"Wait. Stop," she commanded out of nowhere.

"Too fast?" he asked, concerned.

"No, it's not that. There's a stapler in my back."