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#13 Giggled

Status: Current time

She watched from the door, bowl of chili in hand. She watched as he tested his new camera. She watched him lovingly wipe the lens with a soft cloth, caressing the camera as if it were a child while doing do.

None of that interested her though.

What she cares about is the pear pod. The pear pod currently piping music into his ears. The pear pod currently piping horribly embarrassing music into his ears. She knew this because he was singing along. Quite passionately. After putting his camera down he adds in the dance moves. It is only then does it click in her mind that he listening to music from Prep School Musical, the horrible corny TV movie musical that Carly is in love with.

That's it for Sam. She's a goner. She shoves as much chili into her mouth as possible to help contain her giggles.