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Chapter 1: A Letter

Bella Cullen, an eternal eighteen year old, raced her husband as they came back from hunting. He won, of course. As usual. It had been two years since their fiasco with the Volturi and, much to Bella's pleasure, Renesmee was spending more time than ever with her best friend Jacob. As she and Edward entered into their cottage, she noticed something rather . . . unusual. There was a letter on the floor . . . and it was addressed to her.

Edward picked up the letter before Bella could even reach for it. "Bella? Who's Claire Danvers?" he asked with a small frown.

Bella's eyes widened and she took the letter away from Edward as gently as she could so as not to rip it, nor to hurt Edward's feelings . . . "She's my cousin." The brunette vampire answered as she opened the envelope. "I haven't seen her in years . . . not since I was six." She said before looking at the letter and reading it quickly.

Dear Isabella,

Hey coz! It's your little cousin Claire! Guess what? I'm already a Junior in college even though I'm only eighteen (finally). Anyways, I didn't see you at last year's family reunion down here in Texas. Your mom said that you'd gotten married so tell your hubbie hi for me okay Bells? I'm also in a relationship, but I kinda want you to meet Shane, my boyfriend, in person. I feel bad for asking you to come all the way from Forks to Morganville, but hey, I miss you. Also, I want to meet this Edward. See if he's the right guy for my favorite cousin. I have to go now. Oh! Shane, Eve, and Michael (boyfriend, friend, and landlord (also a friend)) all say hi! Hope to see you sometime!


Claire Danvers.

Bella frowned as Edward came to her side instantly, reading the letter for himself.

"Bella, do you want to see your cousin again?" he asked and then chuckled. "I'm a bit eager to see what your cousin thinks of me." He said before kissing her cheek.

Bella smiled, never tiring of any act of affection from Edward. "I want to . . . but it's really sunny down in Texas . . ." she said with a small sigh.

Edward smiled. "Well , we'll just have to stay out of the sun . . ." he said, eager to please.

Bella's answer didn't need to be said out loud because she turned right then and there and started a passionate make-out session with her husband.

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