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Chapter 3: Housemates

When Claire came back downstairs, she held the letter from Bella in her hands. This was something that Shane remarkably noticed while he was playing his video game.

"Who's that from?" he asked without looking away from the screen where he was blasting zombies left and right.

Claire looked down at the white, opened envelope in her hands. "My cousin . . . up in Forks. I told you about her remember? Bella Swan?" she said and then in an afterthought amended, "Well, I guess she's Bella Cullen now . . . she's married . . ." she said with a small frown. Bella was only two years onlder than she was . . . and she was married! Claire wondered about the type of guy her cousin had found and if he really was good for her.

"Didja read it yet?" Shane asked before swearing as he nearly got killed by a zombie.

Claire shook her head. "Not yet." She said, turning over the envelope over in her hands.

"Then how do you know it's from her?" Shane asked as he paused his game and looked over at Claire with a grin that sent the blood rushing to Claire's head and caused her stomach to do a few flip-flops.

"It's called a 'return address' dumbass." Eve said with a roll of her eyes as she walked into the room. She smiled at Claire as she slung her arm over the younger girl's shoulder. "So are we gonna read CB's cousin's letter altogether?" she asked, looking at Claire expectantly.

Claire smiled back. "I guess so." She said before ducking out from under Eve's arm. "But first I should probably make dinner." She said with a small chuckle.

Eve's smiled and then went over to the couch, plopping down next to Shane.

Claire caught something about a controller and Eve kicking Shane's butt before she went into the kitchen and found Michael doing the dishes. He seemed to sense her question as he sighed.

"Eve made me . . . since you're making dinner . . ." he explained before smiling a little. "She tried to make Shane do it, but he just wouldn't listen to her." He said, causing Claire to laugh a little.

"That sounds like Shane." She said with a smile on her face. She looked in the fridge and freezer to see what she could put together from what was inside.

She sighed at what she found. She'd have to go shopping again soon. "How does spaghetti and meatballs with gar-" she stopped herself as she remembered that Michael was a vampire and therefore didn't like garlic, or garlic bread as she'd just been about to suggest. It was so easy to forget since he acted so . . . normal.

"Garlic bread?" Michael asked, apparently knowing what she was going to say.

Claire nodded slowly, feeling bad.

Michael sighed. "It sounds good Claire. Just be sure not to give me any of the garlic bread." He said as he smiled reassuringly at her.

Claire smiled back, relieved. She was glad that Michael was so considerate and understanding. Truly, he had to be an angel. Only he was a vampire . . .

She got out a pot and set the letter aside while she put water into it to boil the noodles. That's when Michael saw it. "That's the letter from your cousin then?" he asked, having heard the conversation thanks to his vampiric hearing.

Claire nodded. "Yeah. I haven't read it yet though." She said as she shut off the tap and moved the pot to the stove.


Dear Claire,

Congrats on being the genius of the family. I'm very happy for you! I'm glad you have such close friends that you'd mention them in your letter. In other news, Edward and I have decided to take a trip down to visit you and your friends for a month. However there is a slight complication. During my honeymoon with Edward in the tropics, I got very sick. I'm better now, but I'm afraid that I can't go into the sunlight. I'm allergic to it now I'm afraid. So I hope you won't be too disappointed if I don't go out during the day. Edward also won't be going out because he says that if I can't go into the sun, then he won't either. Anyways, I'll see you soon!


Bella Cullen

P.S. I don't like being called Isabella.

It's just Bella.

Claire looked up from the letter that she'd just finished reading out loud. Dinner was over and the four friends were sitting at the dining table. Claire sighed as she set the letter down on the hard wood surface.

Shane frowned. "I hope your cousin and her husband know how to ward off vampires . . ." he muttered, breaking the silence that had fallen after Claire had finished reading.

"Shane!" Claire exclaimed, frowning at her currently tactless boyfriend.

Before Shane could open his mouth to defend himself, Michael spoke up with a nod, looking utterly serious. "Shane's right Claire . . . if your cousin is running on a nocturnal schedule . . . then we're in for a lot of trouble . . ."

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