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Perhaps I shall use those for different ones if I make more shassie fics ;3

Chapter One

"Heeey there, Lassifrass!"

Carlton felt his eye give a little twitch at the sound of that ooooh so familiar voice. He doubted he went more than one, maybe two days, without seeing the supposed 'psychic'. He stopped what he was doing completely, setting down the case files and looking up.

"Spencer. What a surprise." He frowned, lifting his baby blue eyes to the younger man.

"Aww, c'mon. I haven't been in allll day." Shawn faked a pout. "You can't pretend you didn't miss me, Lassie."

"No pretending necessary. I didn't miss you." He stated bluntly, standing up and rubbing a hand over his face.

"Don't need to lie about it. I'm getting vibrations from you." Shawn put his fingers to his temples and closed his eyes, staying like that for a moment before reaching out to put his left hand on Lassiter's head. "I'm getting it straight from your brain. You missed me... and want to buy me a pineapple smoothie to prove it." Shawn said, then paused. "Wait.. there's something else.... A case... something you can't solve without my help…." Shawn made a face and Lassiter knocked his hand away.

"It's out of your league, Spencer. Leave this to the professionals, would you?" He stated, grabbing up the files as he noticed Vicks getting up from her lounged position and catching his eye, motioning for him to come into her office. Likely about the case. he started towards her door, when Shawn spasmed.


Near everyone in the station stopped, looking over. Lassiter stopped, turning slowly, near grinding his teeth.

"Spencer, I swear, if you try and pull-"

"I'm seeing it!" The phony psychic's body spasmed slightly and he clutched his head wiht one hand, the other, pointing off in the distance. "There's a game... baseball... someone... injured... dying... in the... hospital." Shawn continued his theatrics for a moment before continuing. "The name... Abe... Av... Aving, Averly, ... no... Avington! It was the coach! The coach killed him!" Shawn panted, opening his eyes to give Lassiter that oh so smug look.

"Send out someone to question the coach." A feminine voice came from beside Carlton, almost startling him. He looked to Vicks, his brow furrowing.

"Chief, we just opened this case not over an hour ago. You're not seriously going to-"
Vicks shot him a looks. "Lassiter, we've just started to question people. Do you have a better place to start? And if Spencer is right, then we have no more looking we have to do."

"You're just going to take his word for it?" Lassiter couldn't help but feel spiteful… and maybe a little jealous. The damned nuisance always seemed to be popping up, showing off his 'talents' and making the hired police seem like idiots.

"Carlton, Spencer has an amazing record of being right. If he says that's how did it, then I'm thinking it's at least a start."

They stared each other down a minute and the chief crossed her arms over her chest.

"May I ask what you're waiting for?" Her tone was sharp, making him sigh and move away.

He walked over to his desk, his shoulders slumped, and grabbed his coat, pushing his arms into the sleeves before starting towards the door.

"Lassie! Wait up!"

Carlton ignored the request, shaking his head and marching out to his car. He dug the keys out of his trouser pocket and clicked the 'unlock' button on the small black piece of plastic. He opened the door and glanced up just in time to see Spencer catching up. He hurriedly got in and slammed the door, pressing the lock button, just a little too late. Spencer had gotten the door open after the button had been mashed, and he slid into the passenger seat.

"So, we're headed to see the Coach, right?" He said, sliding his seat belt into place and looking up at Lassiter. It briefly reminded the Irishman of a dog just being told they were going for a ride. All big eyed, bushy tailed excitement.

"We aren't headed anywhere. You are going to get out of my car, and I am going to go do my job, and then, if I'm lucky, I won't see you for the rest of the day, maybe, even a week or more."

Shawn gave him a pout.

"I'm hurt, Lassie."

"Get out, Spencer."

"B-But, I wanted to spend the day with you! You know, be your wing man! Get your back if we get into any shoot outs!" He said, making a gun with one hand and holding that wrist with the other, making shooting motions and going 'pew pew'.


Shawn didn't budge only sat there, staring at him as if he hadn't heard what he'd just said.

"Damn it…" Carlton muttered, starting up the car and putting it in drive.

Chapter End

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