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Chapter Three

Lassiter jerked awake at the sound of his cell phone ringing, He frowned and ran a hand through his hair, glancing to the clock. It was three in the morning.

"Hell…" He muttered, reaching out to his nightstand and flipping it open. "Lassiter."

"Heeey, Lassie… I know it's late but… Er.. Well, I kinda need some help." Shawn's voice came over the small speaker, making Lassiter lay back against his pillows, hoping he wasn't woken from his sleep for nothing.

"Well, why the hell are you calling ME?" He growled out, unable to keep his voice from sounding irritable.

"Gus isn't answering his phone. And besides… he'd never let me live this down." Shawn answered, almost sounding whiney.

"Well, what? What could possibly have you calling me at this hour, Spencer?" Carlton asked, feeling his usually annoyance start to appear.

"Um… well… I need you to come over… "

They both went quiet, Carlton waiting for the other man to continue his explanation but getting nothing and Shawn obviously hoping he wouldn't have to say anymore about whatever he needed. The 'psychic' finally spoke up.

"So, uh… you coming?"

"No." Lassiter hung up, slipping the phone back onto the nightstand and rolling over. He closed his eyes, relaxing against the mattress.

And the phone rang again. He could have sworn he felt his eye twitch. He rolled back over and grabbed the phone.


"Lassie, it's really importannnnt. If you don't come over I'm just going to keep calling."

"I'll turn off my phone." Carlton frowned.

"Then I'll just call your house phone."

They both fell silent again and Carlton rubbed his temples, muttering to himself.

"Fine… I'll be there in a bit."

"Great! When you come, bring the keys to your handcuffs, kay?"

The phone went dead before Lassiter could ask why. He got out of bed and grudgingly started to dress.


Carlton arrived at Shawn's place in what seemed like no time and knocked on the door only to receive no response. He knocked again, louder this time. There was the muffled sound of someone talking but it was too far off to hear what was said.

"Spencer?" Lassiter called out, trying the doorknob. Unlocked. He pushed the door open and stepped inside, calling out again for Shawn. He heard Shawn yelling from the back and started in the direction of the other man's voice. He stopped as he reached a bedroom and then peered inside, seeing another doorway to his right. Light was spilling out from under the closed door and he could hear the sound of movement in there.

"Spencer?" He repeated, moving into the room and to the door, pushing it open to be confronted by the sight of Shawn naked and hand cuffed to a towel rack close to the shower. He had a bit of blood on his forehead and there was a slip of paper resting on the floor just under the towel rack.

"Oh, great! You're finally here!" Shawn grinned and shifted his hands in the cuffs.

If Lassiter were a lesser man, he would have had to leave to room to regain his composure. He had absolutely no idea how to react to the current situation. So he stood there, not making a move to step into the room, but not leaving either.


Carlton cleared his throat and dug the keys he'd brought out of his pocket, moving over to Shawn to unlock the cuffs.

"Get dressed, Spencer and we'll talk about this in your kitchen." Carlton said, proud that his voice had sound level as it usually was. With that he left the bathroom, letting out a long breath and making his way to the kitchen. God only knew what the hell Shawn had done to get caught in such an awkward situation.

Chapter End

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