Chapter 1


I had been driving all night. I am so tired, trying to keep my eyes open on the road. I have been driving all day and now all night. I could have taken the plane but I just couldn't afford it. I can barley afford our new house plus gas and insurance on my truck. I am 22 and still driving this truck my dad gave me five years ago. I have had this truck longer than I have had Ashley. Turning around and looking at my beautiful daughter sleeping in the seat next to me. I was jealous of her. Ashley is four years old; I had her when I was eighteen. Her father Jacob left me when I was still pregnant with her. How could some one do that? He convinced me to keep her (I am glad I did) but then he left me my own to take care of her; he came back when she was six months old and proposed to me. Stupidly I accepted his offer and we moved in to his family house. By now both of my parents had seemed to disown me, no contact with me or Ashley. After a few months of living together and girl Renesmee who was a year younger than us moved in next door with her family. I got on great with her and she even baby sat for us. But I came back one day after picking up Ashley; I caught Jacob and 'Nessie' as she likes to be called in bed together. Immediately I left Jacob and moved out the next day to stay with my father Charlie. As soon as I told him he said "Told you it would never work" just what I need. Jacob is still seeing Nessie and I am still single, only ever sleeping with one other person for one time two years back. Mike, I shudder at the thought. Wasn't exactly the best I have had; but saying that Jacob wasn't that great in bed either. I stayed with Charlie, having little jobs to afford clothes for myself and Ashley. But I saw an ad in the paper and took it. Didn't think about the fact I had to move to a completely different state.

I pulled into the drive of our new house and I took one long look at it. This is my home and I hope it can last. I got out of the car and left Ashley in whilst I took all our belongings into the house. Once they were all in I put clean sheets on the floor and placed 10 big pillows on the floor for me and Ashley. Our larger objects were arriving tomorrow; beds, wardrobe, furniture, freezer, TVs – everything that doesn't fit into a suitcase. The pillows were ready and I went outside and picked up Ashley who lay asleep in my arms. I locked my truck and took her inside our house. I changed her into her pyjamas and lay her on the pillows. I went and fetch my self a drink, not bothering to take a look at the rest of the house; I changed in my night clothes and lay next to Ashley. I pulled a couple of blankets over us and hugged Ashley; for warmth and for comfort. She was all I really had and all I really needed.

I stirred when I felt some one nudge me, please be a very sexy man wanting to make love to me; please? I slowly opened my eyes and found myself looking up at Ashley who was leaning over me.

"Mummy, Your up!" she said.

"Morning darling, how are you?" I asked her still half asleep.

"Is this our new house mummy? Because I like it" I nodded and sat up.

"Mummy, why is there a truck and men in our garden?" Ashley asked me. What was she on about? OH the truck with our stuff. I quickly stood up and ran to the door. I opened to find four men looking very pissed towards me.

"We have been here for over half an hour" the one man said.

"Sorry I have been travelling all night… I slept in, sorry"

"Well… lets get your stuff in, tell us where you would like it" another said a lot nicer.

"Of course"

After THREE, yes THREE hours of strange men bringing furniture in our house, they were finally done. I was a bit embarrassed with me still being in my night clothes. I thanked them and they left. I took Ashley around and showed her our new house. It was a lot bigger than I remember. We took a tour of the downstairs house. The lounge and dining room were one. The kitchen was off the hallway and the stairs were straight ahead of the front door. We went upstairs and I showed Ashley her new room. I told her when I was finished unpacking we would start to decorate it. I looked at my room, it was big but not to big. We only had one bathroom to share; it was two girls, no problems there.

It took me the rest of the day for me to unpack our suitcases. I hooked up the TV to the satellite and that occupied Ashley. I put all my clothes in the drawers, made my bed. I did exactly the same in Ashley's room and placed all her dolls and teddy's in their new homes. Everything had a place and now everything was in it. I looked at the clock - half seven. I need to make Ashley and mines tea.

"Ashley? Would you like some beans on toast?" I asked her.

"Mmm, yes please mummy" she replied.

Ashley and I sat in silence watching sponge bob square pants. Both of are plates were empty. "Ashley? You're going to start kinder garten tomorrow, you excited" I asked her.

"I want to make new friends"

Thinking about tomorrow made me feel sad. I had to start my new job at the bank in town. The job did pay well but it was only filing and sorting out the money intake. Fun! But the job was worth it. I was glad Ashley was happy and excited about her new class. Wish I felt the same.

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm. I switch it off and took a shower. After waking Ashley up I made her breakfast and got her ready. For once both of us were on time. I was always late for school. I locked the house and drove Ashley to kinder garten. She was happy as she skipped into the line with her teacher. I watched her go in then drove to my work. I arrived and parked my truck. I walked into the entrance and looked around. Where do I go?

"Isabella? Isabella Swan?" a women asked walking towards me. She was beautiful, long blonde hair and a stunning figure. "Bella" I replied.

"Bella, my name is Rosalie. I also have the same job as you so I have been asked to show you around. Follow me and don't worry you will be fine here. Everyone is really nice" she said linking my arm and pulling me to the elevator.

We arrived on our floor and she led me over to my office. "We share… I hope that's okay?" she asked.

"Oh that's fine"

"Great! That's your desk and there's mine. The boss Jasper Hale will be is at a minute but when he is back he would like you to meet him. I have put out some basic work for you to file please. Very simple, it goes name then name and number. In them categories it is alphabetical again" she said showing me.

"Thank you… I will get started" I said picking up the files. Rosalie was great company; we joked and talked about previous jobs. There was a knock at our door. "Come in" Rosalie said sipping her coffee.

"Letter for Rosalie Hale?" the women asked.

"Thank you" Rosalie said receiving the letter. Rosalie Hale? Same last name as the boss.

"Rosalie, can I ask you something?" I asked her.

"Shoot Bella"

"Are you married to our boss, it's just your last names are the same" I said. Rosalie laughed.

"No, no, no, Jasper our boss is my older brother. This is our family company and he took the boss title from our father. He is married to a close friend of mine; Alice" she told me.

"Oh sorry" I replied embarrassed.
"You're not the only one to ask me. But fortunately I have a boy friend of seven months… Emmett Cullen. My Emmett" she said holding up a photo of them both. He was very muscular and scary looking. "He's actually Jasper's wife Alice's brother. That's how we met"

"Cool" I smiled.

"Bella Jasper will see you now" Rosalie said. I nodded and headed to his office a little scared. I knocked the door. "Come in" so did. I opened to door and saw Jasper sitting at his desk. He was pale and had blonde curly hair.

"Isabella Swan, pleasure to have you joins the company" he said getting up and shaking my hand.

"Call me Bella" I replied.

"Bella, you have met Rosalie. Follow what she tells you, it's the only thing she knows what to do" he laughed and I nodded shyly.

"Take a seat please" he said, so I did and faced him across his desk.

"I see you have a four year old daughter… if you need a day off because she is sick let us know. It won't be a problem"

"Thank you. Ashley doesn't get sick that often so it won't be a regular thing" I told him.

"Ashley? That's a pretty name. My wife is obsessed with children, so you if you need a baby sitter for a work meal or you have to work late. Let me know and Alice will be happy to help" he said. I smiled "Thank you again"

I walked back to our office. Rosalie was getting ready to leave. I sat at my desk and carried on with my work.

"Did it go okay?" she asked me.

"Yeah great, He's really nice"

"I know, I hate it" and we both laughed. "Bella, I have to leave. Emmett's brother Edward has had a promotion at his work; were going out to celebrate so I have to leave early. You won't mind will you?" she asked me.

"No I am nearly done anyway so go have a good time" I replied.

"Great! I will see you tomorrow. Goodbye" she said and blew me a kiss and left the room.

I sat thinking at my desk, thinking about my new life. This might be a good change for me. I actually feel that I might get somewhere. Ashley should have a great time at kinder garden and make new friends. I was so happy my angel was happy. Ashley is everything I want in a child. She has my brunette locks and is very much like me in most ways. I love her and she doesn't need Jacob or any body else. But do I?

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