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"Push Bella, push" The nurse said urging me on.

"I'm fucking pushing" I screamed back and another contraction hit.

"It's okay Bella, come on" Edward said squeezing my hand.

"You bloody do it then" he laughed and kissed my forehead.

"A couple more pushes"

Why don't women do this? It hurt with Ashley, it hurt with Lily and now it feels even worse, shouldn't it get easier?

I pushed again, dripping in sweat.

"I can see the head Bella! One more push and that's it" Edward said. I nodded.

"Come on Bella" The nurse said.

After one final, painful push I heard the baby's sweet cry. I relaxed back into the bed, catching my breath.

"Congratulations, you have a healthy little boy" the nurse said wrapping him up and handing him over to me.

I looked at the gooey covered face of my little boy and held his little hand.

"He's beautiful" Edward said kissing his forehead.

"He's ours" I replied and kissed the same place Edward just kissed.

"Have you thought of a name?" the nurse asked us. I looked at Edward and smiled.

"Michael" Edward said smiling back.

"Michael Edward Cullen" I said handing Michael back to the nurse to get him all cleaned up. Edward handed me a glass of water and sat down next to me.

"Why Edward for the middle name?" he asked me.

"Well you decided Isabella for Lilly's middle name so I thought our little boy should have yours"

"Poor kid" he muttered. I laughed and closed my eyes. "Rest Bella"

I woke up surrounded by flowers and balloons. I could see Michael lying next to me in his little plastic cot. I smiled and sat up.

"Congratulations Bella" Alice said hugging me tightly.

"Thanks" I said hugging her back.

"Oh my god, he so beautiful" Rose said hugging me next.

"I have a beautiful grandson, thank you Bella" Esme said then hugged me.

"Err mum, what about Leo? He's just a beautiful" Emmett said picking up his son.

"Another beautiful grandson Emmett" Carlisle said walking over to me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek the stroked Michaels face.

"Where's Lily and Ashley?" I asked searching for my two daughters.

"There with their father getting some food, along with Jasper, Finley and Nancy" Esme said sitting at the end of the bed.

"How has Finley been?" I asked Alice. Finley is their adopted six year old son. He's been in the family for six months now and hasn't seemed to settle into his new life.

"He's getting there; he called me mummy yesterday and referred to Michael as his cousin for the first time. But Jasper and I are taking it day by day" she said.

"I'm glad, he's so adorable"

"Right Bella, we best be going, us old people need a nice cup of tea and a rest" Carlisle said, causing us all to laugh.

"I am not old Carlisle Cullen" Esme said crossing her arms. "I'm a young grandma"

"If you say so" Emmett muttered.

"I heard that boy. Goodbye Bella, and rest well" Esme came over and kissed my forehead.

"Bye Bella"

"Bye, drive safe" I said and watched them leave the room.

"When Nancy comes back, we'll be going to Emmett. They both need feeding and a nap" Rose said. Leo just laughed from Emmett's lap.

"My boy needs a rest if he's going to be running around all day tomorrow" Emmett said throwing Leo in the air and then catching him, causing him to laugh even more.

"Emmett, he's one, he can barely walk let alone run" Rose said taking him from his arms. Three years after I had Lily, Rose and Emmett had twins; Nancy and Leo. Nancy the spitting image of Rosalie with the blonde hair on top and beautiful looks. Leo with his dark hair and muscular build.

"Mummy!" Lily squealed as she came through the door.

"Hey sweetie" I said picking her up onto the bed.

"How are you?" she asked me.

"Better. Hey cutie" I said hugging Ashley as she sat down next to me.

"He's so cute mum" she said resting her head on my shoulder. I smiled when I saw Edward walk through the door carrying food.

"Hey beautiful, you feeling better?" he asked, I nodded. He placed the food on the table next to me and leaned in to give me a kiss.

"Hey Finley" I said when I saw him come in holding Jaspers hand.

"Hi Aunt Bella" he replied. Aunt Bella. I looked over at Alice who had a huge grin on her face.

"Day by day" Jasper said. We all nodded.

Jasper handed Nancy to Emmett and then picked up Finley.

"Right we best be off, come on you two" Rosalie said to Emmett and Nancy.

I kissed both their cheeks and the twins.

"Say goodbye Nancy" Emmett said, but she just stared at me. "Dumb baby, she gets that from Rose"

"I'm not even going to reply to that Emmett" Rose said.

"You just did"

"Bye Bella, Edward, Ashley, Lily and baby Michael" and then they left.

Shortly after, Alice, Jasper and Finley left, leaving me alone with my family. We all sat on the bed, with Edward holding Michael.

"When will you come home mum?" Ashley asked.

"Tomorrow" I answered.

"Dad number one called me before I came to the hospital; he wishes you all the best and that"

"That's nice of him" she nodded. Dad number one was of course Jacob. Dad number two is Edward; she doesn't call Edward that to him but it helps her remember. She always considers Edward as her father. Driving her to school and picking her up from friends. She's his princess. Jake moved to Canada just after Lily was born and comes back to visit Ashley now and then. He and Nessie have a little boy now who's just a little older than Michael.

Ashley my nine year old daughter who acts like she's fifteen. The stunner of the town. She's growing up to be a beautiful girl, a girl who will be the heart breaker. With her dark hair and pale skin.

Lily, she's just like me to. Dark hair and pale skin. Her attitude, well she's just like Edward.

Can't really say for Michael yet.

Two weeks later…


I placed Michael in his crib and took his bottle down stairs. I placed it next to the sink and headed to the living room. Things were still in their boxes. Just after we found out about Michael, we decided we needed a bigger house. So we found a nice five bedroom cottage on the edge of Folks. I opened one of the boxes which had all of our photos in. I took them out and placed them around the house. Putting the photos of Bella and I, when we met, our wedding and honeymoon in our room. The kids covered the house downstairs.
The wedding. What a day. Bella was so beautiful, so elegant. A year after we had Lily, we finally married in small ceremony outside of Forks.

I finished emptying the box of photos and went back down stairs to the lounge. Bella was busy talking on the phone to someone in the kitchen.

"Ashley!" Lily cried.

"What' going on?" I asked.

"Daddy, Ashley stole the remote of me"

"This is what you guys are fighting over? The remote?" I asked shaking my head. "Come on Ashley; give her the remote, before the tears come"

"Too late" Ashley replied. I looked over at Lily, who was on the floor crying.

"Lily, come on stop crying" I picked her up. "Ashley give it her back"



"You heard me dad"

"Watch the attitude young lady"

"It's her fault, she broke my necklace, the one Alice made me" she said showing me it split ion half. "I have every right to be annoyed and take the remote from her"

"Both say sorry"

"What?" they both replied in unison.

"Say sorry or telly goes off"

"Sorry" they both mumbled. I placed Lily down, who went back to sit on the couch.

"You should be thankful to me any way Lily, I named you after all. I could have named you something stupid and silly like-"

"Ashley, stop" she nodded and started flicking through the channels.

"Daddy, can I have a drink?" Lily asked.

"Squash?" she nodded. "Ashley?" she nodded as well.

I walked into the kitchen and got out two glasses.

"I have to think" I heard Bella say on the phone. I finished making the drinks and took them through.

Then I headed back to the kitchen. Bella was standing talking on the phone facing the sink. She seemed to be arranging dates. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She leaned back into my body as I rested my head on her shoulder. She wasn't talking, but just listening to the phone. I started kissing her up her neck, behind her ear. I turned her round and carried on kissing her jaw, cheeks and lips. She smiled as she tried to push me away. But I pressed her into the workspace and ran my hands down her body.

'Stop' she mouthed. I shook my head and carried on kissing her neck and face.

"What you'd say? Sorry I missed it" she said into the phone, causing me to laugh. "Oh okay, yeah, sure, erm that'll be good I guess?" I pressed my growing erection into her, making her gasp. "Fine, I'll see you next week then dad" I pulled away. Dad? I looked at her as she put the phone down.


"Yeah he called and wants to meet up with us all, my mums coming too"

"These are the parents you hate right?"

"Edward, stop. They want to make amends; they want to have lunch with us all. Meet you and the kids. Please?" she placed her hands on my chest.

"I hate the guy Bella, what he put you through, I wanna punch him and that bitch of a mum"



"If it all goes wrong then you can punch them okay? Just not in front of the kids"

I nodded. "It should be fun"

A week later…

"Ashley, you've changed twice now, pick a top please" I complained on the other side of the locked door.

"I'm nearly done dad, chill" I rolled my eyes and went to check on Lily. I tapped on her door.

"Hey princess, you ready?" she nodded and picked up her dolls and ran down stairs. I ruffled my hair and walked back into my room and collapsed on the bed.

In less than 20 minutes, Bella's parents will arrive for lunch. It would be the first time Bella seen her parents in five years and I doubt they know she's married but not that she has two other kids.

Bella walked into the room carrying a sleeping Michael in her arms. She put him in his crib next to our bed.

"How do I look?" she asked me.

"Beautiful" she smiled.

"You sure? I mean, it's not to you know-"

"Bella, you beautiful. Stop worrying. Now I see where Ashley gets it from" I said getting up and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Oh I know, god she's growing up fast" I kissed her fore head.

"You still remember that you owe me for today" she laughed.

"What you expecting, my dear husband?" I grinned and started to kiss down her jaw then neck. "Any more clues? Besides the kissing?"

I nodded and pushed my growing erection into her thigh.

"You need to get rid of that before they arrive"

"Nah, I'll let it stay as long as it wants"

"Will you now?" she asked grabbing my erection.


I waited in the kitchen, feeding Michael whilst Edward watched TV with Ashley and Lily. My parents are to arrive any moment now. I couldn't be any more nervous. I finished feeding Michael and placed him in his crib downstairs.

The door bell went.

I kissed Michaels fore head and went to open the door. Edward closely followed behind me. With Edwards hand on my shoulder, reassuring me. I opened the door.

I stared at the older man and women before me. Grey hairs were starting to show on my fathers beard and hair, my mothers face getting paler and wrinkly.

"Bella!" she said pulling me into a hug. "Oh my baby girl… you look so well"

"Hi" I mumbled pulling away from her. "Hi" I said to my father.

"Darling, a beautiful young woman" I smiled.

"Erm… this is Edward, my husband" Edward stepped to the side of me, with one arm still around my waist and the other extended.

"Nice to meet you" he said shaking my fathers hand.

"You too Edward"

"Renee" he smiled at her.

"Bella, what a handsome man you have" I laughed and smiled up at Edward.

"Come in please" I said moving out of the door way.

"So how have you been Bella?" my mother asked.

"Great, everything's great mum"

"I'm so glad. I've missed you so much Bella-"

"Not my fault" I said bitterly.

"We know Bella" I looked at my father and nodded.

Time to introduce the children; this should be fun.

"Ashley, Lily come you come here please" I called out.

"I'll go get Michael" I nodded.

"Yeah mum?" Ashley asked appearing behind me. We all turned to face her.

"Sweetie, this is Granny Renee and Granddad Charlie"

"Hello" she said, coming up and taking my hand.

"Do you remember us?" Ashley shook her head.

"Momma" Lily shouted running towards me and jumping on my arms.

"Lily, baby, this is Granny Renee and Granddad Charlie"

"But I don't have a Granny Renee and Granddad Charlie" I kissed her head.

"You do now" my father said, patting Lily's back.

"Come on through" I said leading them the way to the lounge.

We all sat down whilst Edward changed Michaels diaper. Lily was talking to Renee and Ashley was holding on tightly to my arm.

"Just nipping to the loo" Charlie said getting up. I watched him leave the room and Ashley relaxed.

"What's wrong" I asked her.

"I don't like him" she whispered.

"Why? Sweetie, you've just met him" I whispered.

"Mum, I don't like him"


"No mum, can I go over to Tracey's house?"

"Absolutely not! Ashley this is hard for me and I need your support, you especially. We've bin through everything together, please baby?" I said kissing her hair.

"For you mum… just don't make me sit next to him, let me be next to you" I nodded and stood up.

"Come and be a good girl and earn some money" she took my hand and we walked to the kitchen.

With an awkward silence, we all sat around the table picking at the food. My cooking's still crap. I looked up at Edward who shrugged at me.

"So, Bella. Where you working nowadays?" Renee asked me.

"Err… I still work at the bank. But I took a few courses and moved up in management" I told her.

"And you Edward?" she asked.

"I work in the A&E, so I'm on call pretty often"

"Interesting job you have there" Edward smiled and looked at back at his food.

"Bella, am I right in saying that Lily and Michael are Edwards children? You haven't got three different children by three different men. Because we raised you better than that" you didn't raise me at all.

"Jacob was just a bump in the road… but you've got yourself sorted!" Renee chipped in.

"Actually, that bump in the road gave me Ashley and Edward is the father to all my children. Blood doesn't matter" I told them.

"Don't let them make the same mistakes you made Bella"

"What mistakes would that be?" I asked annoyed.

"Doesn't matter" Renee said taking her eyes of me.

"No come on"

"Bella not now"

"You started it, finish it" I nearly shouted.

"Your acting like a child" my mother replied.

"Well I'm glad you finally mad something of yourself Bella" Charlie said sarcastically. I looked at my dad.

"Excuses me?"

"I said im glad-" I slammed my knife and fork down and cut him.

"I heard you! What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

"When you left home to come here, you didn't have any ambitions did you? All you had was a bastard child and no real job"

"A bastard child?" Edward shouted. "How fucking dare you!"

"Edward watch your mouth!" Renee shouted at him.

"Don't tell me what to do in my own house. You both come in here, thinking the worst of Bella. Judging her. She's a fantastic mum, a beautiful wife, she fucking great at her job. You don't know anything about her or us for that matter" I smiled at Edward.

"Wow Bella you know how to pick 'em" Charlie muttered.

"I love him dad, were married, I have three kids with him. That's more then you both had. You're divorced, a child that hates you and a granddaughter who doesn't like you"

"Hate? Over dramatic as ever Bella" Renee laughed.

"Mums right Renee, she hates you, we all hate you both… get out of our house NOW!!" We all looked over at Ashley.

"You heard her" Edward said standing up.

"Bella, you let your daughter talk to us like that? What mother are you? If I was you I would clip her one"

"Clip her one? You fucking touch her; I'll beat the shit out of you!" Edward shouted.

"Then I'll get you arrested" Charlie said. "How do you think, I got her to stop screaming Bella, when you were so stressed? Didn't do you any harm"

I just stared at him. He hit my daughter, he hit me.

"You bastard!" I screamed.

Edward raised his fist and smacked Charlie on the nose. Blood poured out of his nose and on Edwards knuckles.

"I'll get you done for that" Charlie shouted.

"How could you Edward?" Renee cried going over to Charlie.

"Get out of our house now and don't bother coming back" I said to them both. I picked up Lily and kissed her forehead.

"I raised you better than this Bella" Renee said walking past me.

"You were hardly there Renee, you never cared, and you still don't. This was a pity visit and I don't want you pity" I said to her.

"Let's go Renee" Charlie said covering his nose.

Edward followed them out and I heard the slam of the door.

He walked back into the room and looked at us all. I smiled at him and put Lily down. I took his bloody hand and kissed it.

"Thank you" I whispered. "I'm sorry"

"What do you have to be sorry about Bella? What kind of parents are they?" He held my face between his hands.

"I love you Edward"

"I love you too" I kissed him softly.

"Please tell me we never have to see them again" Ashley said hugging me.

"We never have to see them again" I told her.

"Good" Lily said as Edward picked her up.

"Coz I like it better with only Granny Esme and Granddad Carlisle" Ashley said.

"Me too… there nicer"

"Ashley go pick a film, Lily you help me with the sweets and Bella get the drinks and lets have a lazy afternoon" Edward said. We all nodded.

This was the perfect way to spend my time. Eating sweets, watching a comedy with my two beautiful children. Michael sleeping peacefully next to us and snuggled up to my sexy, adorable husband. After all the crap I went through, I finally got what I wanted. A family.

It's over...

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