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"Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love,

a gift to that person,

a beautiful thing"

-Mother Teresa

- - -

"Kenny McKormic", I look up from my desk when I hear my name coming from the intercom, "Please report to the principle's office. Kenny McKormic to the principle."

All eyes land on me and I shift uncomfortably in my seat. I hear a lot of people whisper that I'm in trouble for sexual harassment again, which can't be true. I haven't flipped a skirt or grabbed an ass for at least a week...and it's killing me.

I look at the teacher for the okay to go and he makes the 'shoo' sign. I get the picture and leave.

As I walk down the halls I think about mu birthday that is coming up. For my sixteenth birthday...

I'm being emancipated.

I imagine that in my mind and get a twisted chuckle out of it. "Happy birthday Kenny!" I imagine my mom say "Now get the hell out!" What a lovely birthday it will be.

I reach the office and knock lightly before I walk in. I see my high school principle, . The name still makes me laugh even after a year.

"", he says firmly, "Please, sit"

I casually sit down and study him. He doesn't look angry, so I couldn't have done anything wrong. The only question left is...why am I here?

"As you should now",He starts, pulling some papers out, "You are being emancipated at the coming of your sixteenth birthday, so...I need you to sign some papers."

I laugh out loud about the irony in this situation and looks at me with anger. "Is something funny, ?"

"Nah", I say, acting cool, "hand me those papers. I'll fill 'em out."

He nods and hands me two or three sheets of paper and pen. "I'll give you some space. I'm just going to get some coffee, If I'm not back when you finish...just be patient."

He closes the door and a laugh escapes my throat. Coffee my perfect ass. He's going to go get a quicky in with the school officer . I ponder this for a split second, I mean hey, isn't that bad looking, and neither is .

I laugh again at the reality that really does suck cocks. Not that I mind. I mean hell, I'll fuck anyone as long as their not fat as hell. Gender doesn't bother me. If I'm feeling I want muscle I'll fuck a guy. If I'm feeling I want tits, I'll fuck a girl. Being picky is just something I was never taught.

I finish and hasn't come back yet, so I set the papers and pen on his desk and walk out.

The halls are empty, which is no surprise. I walk pass the classrooms; the student in the front are all paying attention, fucking nerds.

Then, and out of nowhere I might add, someone crashes into me and I fall on my ass.

I wince in pain then see no other that Leopold "Butters" Stoch starting to lean over me with his eyes closed, place his hand on the tile next to my hip, turn his head, and start to rub his ass practically moaning 'ah' over and over again.

My mouth goes dry and I smack my lips. I can feel my pulse quicken; my pants getting tighter. I haven't gotten any in a while, so this is really turning me on.

Too bad he notices me...I was waiting for the 'oo's to start. Instead he stays on top of me and smiles. "Well, hey there Kenny!"

"Hey Butters", I say, my voice sounding a little lustful even though I try not to sound or seem aroused, "ditching?"

"Gosh no!" He tells me getting off my chest, and again, too bad. I wanted him to rub his tight little tush against poor little deprived Kenny Jr. "I was just ah...going t-ta the bathroom."

"But school is over in like...," I stopped to think what time it was when I left office, "half-a-hour."

He blushes. "W-well you see, I can't go t-to the b-bathroom while...other people are there"

"Ah." I get up and hold my hand out to Butters. "Need some help?"

He grabs my hand and I help him up, "Thanks Kenny"

I nod and hide the blush on my face that came from his bright smile under my parka.

I follow him into the bathroom next to a classroom with freshman in it and blushes when he realizes I followed him into the bathroom.

Butters is too innocent for his own good. It just makes you want to corrupt him; make him scream, take that innocent gaze in his eyes and know that it's that wrong?

Butters looks at me. "Kenny?" I nod as my answer. "Do you have ta use the bathroom too?"

He wishes. I just want to see if he'll whip it out in front of me, so I lie. "Yeah, I think I do"

"Oh." he says, his face still flustered. His whole body trembles as he walks to the urinal.-I stand in front of the one right next to his.- His hands shake as he reaches for the button on his pants.

For a split second I pay attention to my own goods and take it out, good thing too 'cause it was getting a little uncomfortable down there.

He takes his out after me, and I take the opportunity to check him out. I tell him I can't go and he doesn't even bother to say anything. When I put it back in my pants it wanted right back out when I looked more at him holding himself, blushing like crazy.

I wash my hands and finally he says "I can't do this with you here."

"It's not like I'm watching you, Butters." 'anymore' "If you don't get to class soon you'll get in trouble"

This must have stuck a cord with him because he starts peeing as soon as I finish my sentence.

He finishes and washes his hands then gives my a big hug "bye Kenny!"

He walks out of the bathroom and I lock the door, I like my privacy, thank you.

- - -

The bell rings soon after I finish and I head home. The first thing I see is my mother pacing in and out of my room; she's crying...

I should feel bad, but I don't. I don't even quite understand why she's crying, so I walk to my room and ask, "Mom, are you okay?"

"Oh son!" She yells grabbing me by the arm and pulls me into a tight hug. "I'm gonna miss you sooo much!"

She's sobbing into my chest and the only thing I can think of is the fact that she's getting my parka wet. I should feel sympathy, maybe cry a little myself, but how can I? This person is going to kick me out of my home and make me suffer in the real world. Not that I don't already know what the real world is like.

I pat my mother on the back and tell her everything is okay; her sobbing gets worse and she starts blubbering about how she 'loves' me so damn much and she doesn't want me to leave. If she didn't want me to leave she would let me stay. Not that I like this shit-hole anyway.

- - -

At about nine a-clock my dad comes busting through the door yelling; he's drunk. He starts yelling at my mom and she starts yelling back and I hate it.

I sneak out my window and head out. I need some release.

I meet a girl with big tits and an annoying voice near the park. He name is Selena and she and her father are on a cross-country road trip. South Park just happened to be their pit stop for tonight.

We talk for a while and I learn she's sixteen and wants to be a nurse when she grows up. I steer the conversation to sex and I start touching on her body; she lets me. I end up fucking her in the tube slide. Funny, I remember avoiding going down that slide when I was younger for exactly that reason.

I finish up and she puts her clothes back on blabering about something I don't care about. She pulls a pen out of her pocket and tells me to call her before she leaves. She wishes.

I linger around the park for a while after she leaves. I leave after I get bored and go to the first familiar house ugh...Cartman.

I climb up the side of his house and to the window. I knock gently and I see him come to the window, thank god he isn't asleep. He opens the window and scowls at me. "What do you want poor boy?"

I ignore the name calling and ask, "Let me use your shower."

"Fuck another whore?"

I wink at him. "Nah. Your mom already had company."

"Aye! You better watcher your damn mouth before I close this fucking window!"

"Alright, Alright. Let me in." He moves out of the way and I enter his room. "I'm gonna take a shower, alright?"

He waves his hand at me "Yeah yeah, Just don't get your poor germs all over my bathroom."

I smile and tell him I'll try before exiting the room walking down the hall.

His moms not home, I can tell. The TV's not on and there's no sobbing coming from her room. God Cartman is such an awful child. His mother's never looked at him the same since she discovered all the bad shit he did. Poor woman, but it is kind of her fault for raising that terrible child. I'm not exactly sure where the racism came from, but I'm pretty sure it's because his mother never taught his tolerance. At least my mom raised me on the idea that like it or not their there and there's nothing you can say or do to change it.

I reach the bathroom and the close and lock the door. As I take my shower I start thinking about where I'm going to spend the night; I can't stay here because well...honestly because I don't want to. I don't see who would want to spend the night with Eric Cartman (Except maybe Butters but he's so blindly innocent it's almost creepy) I don't care how fit Cartman is since his mom made his lose weight, Cartman will always still be that fatass, spoiled rotten brat in my eyes. No exceptions.

I get out of the shower and open the door to clear the steam. I notice a small pile of neatly folded clothes on the floor with a note on top. I pick it up and it reads:

Here are your clothes from last time you showered here.

Don't leave your shit here anymore


I smile and set the note on the sink; grabbing the clothes and they consist of: a wife beater, and a pair of beat up jeans.

I get dressed and head back to Cartman's room slipping my dirty clothes into Cartmans' mom's laundry bin.

Cartman is sitting at his computer desk playing WoW when I walk in. "Having fun?" I tell him and he must have not noticed me because he jumps three stories when I speak.

"Jesus Christ Kenny!" He yells at me. "You scared the crap out of me you poor piece of shit!"

I roll my eyes at him. "Yeah yeah." I open the window and as I climb out I tell him, "Thanks for letting me use your shower dude."

When I climb down I start thinking again about where I'm going to spend the night. Stan and Kyle are out of the picture because their probably screwing like bunnies right now. I think I'm the only one that knows about them right now. Their pretty good at hiding it but nothing eludes the great Kenny McKormic. I notice the looks they give each other; their 'accidental' touches. If you look closely it's very obvious.

But Stan and Kyle aren't the main paring here so let's focus on me.

More people fill my mind. Craig?, he's probably making Tweek twitch more than usual about now.(God! Why is everybody pairing up now? It's high school for Christ's sake! High school is for waking up with a hangover next to complete strangers! Not for being all sweet and lovey-dovey...Makes me sick...) I need to think of someone who's not banging someone's brains out right now...

Two names come to mind: Clyde and Butters. Clyde? I don't think so. Why? okay? Butters...I highly doubt he'll let me in, but it is worth a try.

I head off to Butters' house, hoping he'll let me in. When I get to his house I jump the fence and look at the back of the house. Butters' window is open and he's looking out at the sky.

"Butters!" I yell loudly. "Hey! Butters!"

He jumps and falls back; I chuckle at this. He climbs back up and his eyes widen when he looks down. "Kenny?"

"Yeah", I answer him with a gin on my face, "Let me up."

"Oh I dunno Kenny, I'm not supposta let people in without permission"

I bite my tongue to resist yelling at poor Butters. "Butters please, I don't have anywhere else to go."

He starts rubbing his knuckles together. "But Kenny I-"

"Please?" I really do hate begging people for things, but I know it's the only way he'll let me in. (Butters is too soft, he breaks easily.) I want to tell him I'll make it worth his while, but I won't dare. It'll scare him. I hide the smile I get from this thought behind my parka.

Butters looks at me like he's making a life or death decision, and knowing his parents...he probably is...Finally he tells me, "Hold on."

I stand outside for a very short time waiting for Butters but while I do I look to the sky to see what Butters was so mesmerized with. And no sooner did I look in the sky I was mesmerized myself. A big blue orb hung in the sky like a sapphire. I mean I've heard about being able to see planets in the sky but damn this thing was huge! I'm pretty sure it was Venus because I think it's the only planet close enough to earth to be seen that's blue.

Unfortunately, -for the description anyway- all my staring is interrupted by Butters' singsong voice. "Ta-da!" He motions me to come inside. "Hurry Kenny!"

I rush in and no sooner did I enter Butters shushes me before I can speak a word. "Don't speak, okay?"

I open my mouth to say okay, then realize I had just been told not to speak, so I shut my mouth and give him a quick nod.

He leads me to a room that looks like it belongs to a child and is only lighted by a small night light. The walls are a bright shade of blue; there's an about medium sized toy chest in the far corner of the room. The bed is actually the only thing that remotely looks like it could belong to a teenager. His bed is large, probably queen sized, and the blanket, as well as the pillows, are black and red checkered.

"Nice bed." It's the only compliment I can think of. I couldn't tell him "nice toy chest" or something because I'm scared he'll think I'm making fun of him and kick me out.

Butters' face brightens at my compliment. "Y-ya really think so?" I nod and he flops onto the bed and pats the spot next to him. "Come, sit! I-it's real comfortable." Normally I would object, (I wouldn't want to scar poor Butters with all the nasty things I would do to him if we were in a bed together) but I'm really tired.

I walk over and as soon as my ass hits the mattress I'm ready to knock out. His bed is so comfortable! I kick off my shoes and lay on the bed and Butters laughs and tells me he told me so.

Next thing I know he crawls over to me -hot- and lays next to me. He smiles and says softly, "I'm glad you came, Kenny. I was getting real ah...lonely."

"But don't you usually sleep alone?"

He blushes. "We-well yeah but...I ah...get lonely s-sometimes and tonight I guess was just one of those nights!"

I nod. "How do you cope?"

"Well usually I just force myself to sleep c-cause I really don't like sleeping by myself ", he explains and I get a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach, "But tonight you showed up, so I guess I'm lucky!"

"Hey." I say, beginning to change the subject. "How come you don't go out with anybody?"

He looks at me with his eyebrow raised and asks me what I mean. "I mean how come your not seeing anybody. Ya know, like how come you don't have a boyfriend?"

I remember the day when Butters came out of the closest; nobody cared. And that was because everybody already knew Butters was gay, he took a little longer to catch on.

He stays silent so I continue, "I could set you up with someone if you want."

"No!" He cuts me off. "I'm sorry, it's just...Th-there's someone I got my eyes on and w-want ta try and get c-closer to him."

This sparks my interest. "Really? Butters the innocent has a, who would have guessed, huh?"

He looks at me, I can tell he's a little ticked. "W-well what's so bad about that? Is it so wrong that I like someone?"

"No", I tell him, "I think it's cute. Little Butters, all riled up by someone. Too cute"

"I'm not little!" He says a little loud then covers his mouth. His hand falls and he continues in a low whisper, "I'm more grown up than you think!"

I smirk. "You say it as if I'm the one you like."

His eyes widen and then he smiles. "A'course not Kenny! I know you would never be with someone like me! Even if I did like you, I would have no chance with you so why try, right?"

His words pierce my heart like a spear and it hurts. I start to angry, but I play his cruel words off as a joke, "Maybe I would consider it, but we come from two different world right? It would never work."

I turn away from Butters and tell him that I'm going to sleep; he hugs me. "You're the greatest. Ya know that Kenny?"

I'm still a little mad but I bite my tongue and say "Well...maybe not the greatest." in a fun tone.

I feel his lips curl into a smile on my back and it makes me feel warm inside. Butters is just one of those people you can't stay mad at. He's too affectionate, too nice, to innocent to be mad or upset with.

I turn and wrap my free arm over his body. He smiles and scoots closer and it feels...right.

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