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"For a small is a great and a great is a small"

-Alfred Edward Housman, The Road

I run as fast as I can to Hell's Pass Hospital, despite how much I hate this place almost more than I hate Cartman. When I arrive I bust through the doors and quickly ask the young woman at the front desk where Butters' room is. After she tells me I run off, not bothering to listen to all the nurses and doctors telling me I can't run in the hospital.

I bust through the doors, revealing Butters and his parents. His mom is balling her eyes out; his dad is trying to comfort her. They really do make me sick. They don't give a damn about Butters and they know it. If they did this would have never happened. He would have been safe and well. He's almost seventeen! Why the hell doesn't he have a cell phone? I mean, sure I don't have one, but I'm shit broke. Ugh, I wish they would die so he could live with me, and we would be happy forever and I could always keep him safe.

Butters' eyes light up when he sees me. He smiles brightly and says to me, "Kenny! I'm so glad you came!" He looks over at his parents and whispers something I can't quite hear to his dad. His dad in return nods takes his sobbing wife and they exit the room. Thank god.

I rush over to Butters and give hug him tightly. He seems surprised at first, but his arms slowly wrap over my body as well. I pet his face with my thumb and ask him, "Butters…what the hell happened?"

He's quiet for a long time. He keeps looking at the ceiling and then the floor and then around the room. I open my mouth to tell him he doesn't have to tell me if he doesn't want to, but before I can he speaks. "C-Clyde did this…While I was w-walkin' home. He as me ah…walking w-with your jacket on and he ah…got real angry. He started sc-screamin' at me real loud and he said…awful mean things to me Kenny. He ripped your jacket off m-me and started punchin' me and callin' me a no good two timin' cheater. It was terrible Kenny. I was so lucky Eric came for me…I don't know what would have happened had he not walked by once Clyde finished. He called an ambulance and stayed with me the whole entire time."

'I'll have to thank that son of whore later then…ugh I'm gonna hate that…' I smile and say to him softly, "I'm so glad you're not seriously injured." I hug him again and kiss his forehead lightly. "Don't worry Butters. Clyde's not getting away with this. Just wait. He'll get what's coming to him."

"It's okay Kenny, r-really. Like you said I'm not seriously injured. The doctor said I can leave tonight as long as I don't push myself." He smiles and says brightly, "I know I may look like one, but I'm not girl."

I narrow my eyes. "I'm sorry Butters, but I'm not taking this lightly. That fuck can mess with anyone he wants, even me, but when he thinks he can mess with you. He thought pretty fuckin' wrong."

Butters bites his lip and smiles. "K-kick his ass Kenny"

I lean over and place a light kiss on Butters' soft, perfect lips and whisper, "I intend to."

The walk to Clyde's house is probably one of the greatest walks I've taken in my whole entire life. I know for a fact that Clyde can't fight for shit. I'm actually surprised he had the balls to fuck with Butters knowing I would come after him, but hey, maybe the dumb fuck thought I wouldn't. Oh well! More fun for me, I have been waiting for a chance to beat the fuck out Clyde for while now, so I will enjoy this…a lot.

I walk to the front door of Clyde's house and knock lightly. He answers after a short while and I say in a calm voice. "Hello Clyde, can you step outside for a moment? I'd like to have a word with you."

He stares at me with his hand rested on the doorway. He's scared, I can tell because he's trying so hard to act like he's not by pulling a 'cool guy' move and staring at me while bent in his doorway. His voice shakes in the beginning as he says, "Sure. I don't see why not."

I smirk and move out of the way so he can walk out. He walks to the end of his driveway and I follow. My eyebrows meet and I look at Clyde, pissed as hell. I clench my fists and yell at him, "You knew I would come for you. You fucking knew it. Butters is in the hospital because of you!" I grab his shirt and lift him up off the ground. "So tell me, Clyde, why'd you do it? What makes you think you can touch Butters like that? What the fuck did he do?"

His eyes clench shut and it pisses me off even more. "Look at me while I'm fucking talking to you bastard!"

His eyes open slowly and he opens his mouth to speak. I was gonna let him, but then I realize I came here to kick his pussy wit ass, not here and explanation. I drop him and he almost loses his balance. I take this opportunity and punch him in the face with all my strength. "Fucking piece of shit!" I scream as I throw another punch into his face. His nose then slowly begins to ooze bloody goo, and it makes me smile. He leans over and winces in pain, grabbing his nose and I knee him in the stomach. I can feel his organs squished against my knee and he coughs up a little blood. The liquid flies on to the pavement and I stare at it. I want more to come out of that fucking bastard, so much more.

He quickly falls to the ground after the knee to the stomach and curls into the fetal position.
He's pathetic. I almost feel bad I beat him to a bloody pulp…almost. I lean down and whisper into his ear, "The next time you mess with Butters…I won't be so nice…I haven't seen enough of your blood to satisfy me yet."

Now that I'm back at the hospital, I smile as the automatic doors slide open and I walk through them, whistling a tune that's oddly familiar even though I have no clue what it is. That lady working at the front desk looks at me as though I've gone mad. Probably because the last time I entered here I was in frenzy, but not now. I'm happier than a person jacked up on happy pills.

I take my time walking to Butters' room. I'm sure he wants to see me, but this walk feels like a success walk; like a person must feel after getting accepted to really nice college. Yeah something like that. I think beating the shit out of Clyde was almost better than sex…almost.

I reach Butters' room about fifteen minutes after my arrival. I look around the room and see that his parents have yet to return. This would have pissed me off if I hadn't been in such a great mood and I hadn't had the urge to make-out with Butters, but since I did…things were great!

Butters looks up happily, obviously relieved that I'm okay. "So…how'd it go?"

I smirk. "It went…well"

Butters looks down and bites his lip nervously before saying, "He's not gonna…come after me…right?"

"No." I reply quickly. I taught him a damn good lesson about messing with Butters and I'm sure he won't forget it…ever. I slowly walk towards Butters' hospital bed where Butters is propped up, looking relieved. I smile. "I'm glad to see your looking so much better."

His eyes open wide and he blushes a dark, deep red. "Uh…yeah! I haven't been in a better mood since this morning!"

His chipper smile brightens my day once more. I smirk remembering our moment outside McDonald's. I lean over and kiss his forehead. Smiling I say, "That's good to hear."

"…Kenny?" Butters says while looking down and blushing in a way that I've seen before…I'm gonna get something good. "Can we…start where you uh, stopped th-this morning."

I'm taken back a little, Butters wants to make-out? Fucking sweet! He stares as his sheets rubbing his knuckles together. I smile. I love that nervous habit he has. I grab his chin maintaining my smile-slash-smirk now with my thumb holding his bottom lip open. "Sure."

I press my lips against his eager ones. He immediately responds after a small jump. We kiss over and over until he opens his mouth, wanting more. I happily oblige by sliding my tongue into his beautiful mouth the next time we connect for a kiss. He jumps and lets out a soft moan like sigh. His tongue animates and flicks out at mine, occasionally meeting for a long, pressured lick. Butters shutters a little bit and lets out another soft moan. I can tell it's been a while for him.

I remember the day Butters came to me crying after he lost his virginity. (You thought he was seventeen with a V-card? You'd be wrong.) He was only sad because he couldn't remember who it was. He went to a cousin's birthday party in West Park, innocently drank punch without realizing it was spiked, and woke up the next morning in a empty bed and a sore ass. He spent almost the whole day in my lap. All I could do was rub his back and tell him it everything was going to be okay. He got grounded for hanging out with me.

Butters breaks our kiss and stares at me biting his lip in a flirty manor; it makes my pants a bit tighter than the awkward, uncomfortable state they're already in, but then his eyes start shuffling around the room. It makes me extremely nervous. He takes a deep breath and says quickly, "youshouldgooutwithme!"

A wave of emotions flies through me. I'm so fucking happy, I'm so fucking shocked, I'm so fucking relieved…but more than anything I feel…loved.

I smile and hug him tightly kissing his face all over then finally landing on his lip whispering into them, "I'd love that."

The rest of the day is surprisingly calm. I'm extremely surprised Clyde's parents have yet pay me a visit. They probably think him getting his ass beat is 'good' for him and it'll make him 'tougher'. He'll show up at school next week holding hands with some sleazy ass chick. He'll forget he and Butters ever happened. I have to make note to kick his ass again…and again and again.

I end up back in my apartment after leaving the hospital; Butters' parents showed up and, as much as I hate them, I didn't want them to feel awkward about visiting their son in the hospital, so I left. I wanted to hold him tight and kiss his beautiful face before leaving, but that would've probably cause a lot of problems for Butters and that's the last thing I want to do, so I didn't.

I'm happy to know that Butters will be released from the hospital tonight; I wish he was coming home with me, but that won't happen. His parents, being grateful for visiting their son in the hospital, have invited me for dinner and boy does that sound good. I haven't eaten yesterday and the smell of home cooking is stained into my mind.

I sit in my apartment, the windows are open and a nice, early-summer night breeze begins rolling in. The swamp cooler isn't on since I can't use too much energy so I'm not completely without it. For night time it's pretty damn hot outside. It feels like high eighties. That's what sucks about living in the mountains; it's freezing in the winter and boiling hot in the summer.

The phone rings and I slowly walk to pick it up hoping it's not Stan or Kyle ready to bitch at me this late at night. I pick up the phone and answer with an uninterested, "Hello?"

A sobbing, concerned voice answers back, "Ken-Kenny? It's m-me Bu-Butters. M-my p-p-parents are f-fighting and um…ca-can I come o-over?"

I immediately answer, "Of course you can. Do you want me to meet you somewhere?" Fuck I hate when this happens. I feel like strangling his parents. If they don't love each other why don't they get a fucking divorce?

"C-can you meet me at the c-c-convenient store b-by my house? I-I c-can't w-w-walk by m-myself for much l-longer th-than that…"

I smile. I know he can't see it, but I'm comforted by the thought I'll get to see him. "Yeah. Just hold on, okay?"

"Okay. Th-thank you Kenny. I'll see you s-soon"

"Please don't thank me, and I'll see you."

I hang up and look around my small mess of boxes for the bike I won in this contest during eighth grade. Doesn't have many memories since we always cruise around in Cartman's or Stan's car, but when they're not around…It gets the job done.

I pull the bike from my mess of boxes and quickly head down the hall. Its five flights of stairs down to the bottom floor since the elevator is broken. I almost loose the bike twice because I'm rushing so much. As soon as I get to the bottom floor I hop on my bike and bust through the double doors; pedaling as fast as I can to Butters.

I reach the corner store and Butters is walking through the small parking lot. I ride up to him, panting and sweaty. I smile as I tell him, "Hop on."

He nods and quickly climbs onto the pegs of my bike, and with that, we head off home.

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