A Jasper&Bella story.

She's watching you again.

You can feel her through your senses. She's wearing that sweet, old-smelling perfume you gave her for her birthday two years ago. But you ignore that.

She's supposed to be watching him.

He's the one she's in love with. He's the one who can give her what she wants. He can.

You, on the other hand, are wrong. You're messed up. You can break her. You can ruin her. She's so perfect, so small. You love Alice, and yet you keep going back to her.

He doesn't know. You're careful with your thoughts, you never stray.

You're afraid Alice knows. You're afraid of a lot of things. But mostly you're afraid of her.

She makes you feel so … so …


But you'll never tell her that. You'll never tell her that she's beautiful when you kiss her. You'll never tell her how much you love her when she tells you.

You won't break.

She's bending you, slowly, yet carefully. Bit by bit. Reaching into your core.

She's intertwined herself into you. Integrated herself.

You're not sure if you like it or not.

When you kiss, it's like nothing else. Not like with Alice, whom of course you love dearly. It's the danger. It's the excitement. It's the feeling of her lips against your skin, her cry of exultation when you succumb to her wishes. It's the night-time when everything is forbidden and yet you do it anyway.

It's her.

Alice is beautiful. Alice is sweet. Alice isn't Bella.

Bella is new. You aren't familiar with her. You can do what you want with Bella.


You look up, stare into her beautiful, brown eyes.

"Would you mind looking after Nessie? Edward and I are going to hunt."

You nod and she looks at you for a second longer before turning swiftly and taking Edward's hand. She turns back, once more. Another stolen glance.

I love you too.

But you'll never say it aloud.

You won't break.