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C.C could hear someone running on the dirt road behind her. The sort of scrape-crunch sound each foot made as it connected with the ground was light and rhythmic, but also really hurried. It could not be anyone Cornelia sent. The newly reinstated Commander-in-Chief of Britannia's Imperial Army knew better than to have a single unarmed soldier attempt to capture her.

She did not pause, did not turn even as the person closed the gap between them.


Ah, Kallen. Of course.

A hand closed around her elbow in a vice-like grip and she was jerked around to face the other woman. Kallen was radiating heat the same way her fury was immediately palpable and C.C noted that her sleeve was quickly being dampened with sweat.

"Where do you think you are going?" Kallen hissed, still panting from the exertion of racing down two kilometers to catch up with her. "Running away, witch?"

"Running away? I suppose you could say that." C.C dragged her arm out of Kallen's grip calmly, and with surprising strength, then stood staring at the younger woman; expressionless and inscrutable as ever. She pivoted on the spot suddenly, starting to walk away. Just get to the point, Kallen.

The redhead lunged forward, aiming to grab C.C's arm again before hesitating. (They weren't allies anymore, and that woman really was a witch! Or, uh, not entirely human anyway. She'd prefer her brains un-fried, thanks.) In the end, Kallen just overtook her in two quick strides and stood blocking the road, feet planted firmly on the ground. "You don't get to do that," She said with perhaps less heat than before, but definitely the same level of intensity. "You told me that you were his accomplice- even more so than all of us. And after he usurped the throne, you were always there too! Why are you abandoning him now? It's not over yet!"

"Lelouch is dead." C.C said flatly, ignoring Kallen's flinch. "There is no magic trick this time. No miracle. He didn't use a body double and the sword was real. Exactly what is 'not over yet'?" She brushed aside the strands of long green hair blown into her face by the wind and walked past the younger woman.

Kallen made no move to stop C.C again although she was moving more slowly than she had before; her head was lowered and her gaze was fixed on the ground.

"But… don't you want to see it through?"

"See it?" C.C repeated sounding bored. There was a break in the trees further up on the trail, a tiny speck of light that was barely visible. Hmmm…Still a long way to go.

"That plan of his." Kallen replied immediately, "Not completely finished yet, is it."

Huh. So she has it figured out. Trying to have her theory confirmed too. Smart girl. Ah well… "No, Kallen Kozuki."

A pause.

"So, no it isn't finished and no, you don't want to see it complete?" Kallen called out after her (with slightly less confidence in her voice).

This time C.C looked over her shoulder and smirked. "What do you think?" But then she faltered on her next step and stopped walking. Turning around fully to face Kallen, the smirk softened into a tiny, fond smile.

"Oh yes, and he wanted me to tell you, 'don't forget!'"

As she watched the figure of that woman (who had really made the last two years of her life very much longer than they had to be) get smaller and smaller in the distance (she'd miss her though), the tight feeling at the back of her throat faded away. Kallen closed her eyes and rubbed them with the hand she had raised in farewell. When she opened them, the light that had disappeared on the day of her incarceration two months ago was back. Live on, right Lelouch?

In all the days after, if anyone noticed the renewed bounce in her step, the glint in her eyes and how she smiled more easily than she had in years, they did not say a word.

And smoothing down the folds of her dress as she stood by the side of the road, C.C just couldn't help herself, "You're such a liar!"

"What happened to being a demon?"

"Well, you're just a big marshmallow now."

"Never speak to a woman about her weight! However did you manage get so many girls all hopelessly in love with you? Right, now shut up while I stop this cart. Unlike someone, I still have a body."

"…That was entirely your own fault."

Sayaoran Yagami was having an odd day.

A young Britannian lady with the green hair and strange eyes, now lying atop his stack of hay, had been standing on the side of the road. He had stopped to check ifhe could be of any assistance. It just wasn't right to ignore a woman in trouble after all. She was quite polite, and asked in fluent Japanese if he would mind letting her hitch a lift on his cart. He could continue towards wherever he was going (a town nearby) and she'd get off when she needed to.

That was all fine, he was happy to help. But then, she started talking to, well, herself? It wasn't like there was anyone else around. He only had a rudimentary grasp of English and she didn't know that.

"The power of the kings, known as Geass, brings one solitude. Not quite accurate, is it Lelouch?"

Lelouch, Lu-louch, Lu-lu-sh…Lu-lu-shu. What a strange name!

Oh. Wait. He's heard it before. All the time, actually: Lelouch Vi Britannia! But that tyrant was dead! This woman…who was she? He felt a thrill of fear. Pulling hard on the reins of his horses, he stopped the cart, went round to the back and climbed up.


Where the woman had been only a few moments before, there was only a pink folded paper crane.

"So Lelouch, how's life in the World of C?"