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It felt weird to be in jail. His whole life he was used to being able to do what he wanted when he wanted, and no one could stop him because they weren't physically able to since he was a ninja. All this came to an end on that fateful night that he kidnapped the Douglas boys, and was shot in the shoulder by their father.

Snyder signed as he thought back to that night. He had passed out instantly when the bullet had hit him. When he had woken up, he found himself in the jail's nursery where he was recovering from being shot. The bullet was removed immediately, and he was left in one of the highest security prisons in the United States to await trial. He knew he was able to escape, but he wanted to make sure he was completely healed beforehand because he didn't want to make any mistakes with his escape, and besides, in prison, the medical help was free.

He had been in jail a month now however, and had decided that it was time to escape. His shoulder was feeling a lot better, and he had many things that he had to do in the world outside jail.

He went over his plan one more time in his mind before drifting off to sleep. It was a simple plan, some decisions about it would have to be made on the spot. Still, it would succeed, he was sure of that.

The next day started the same as all the others had for the past month with role call much earlier in the morning them anyone, including the guards would have liked, followed by breakfast, and then time in their cells to do what they would like.

Snyder spent this morning like every other morning he had spent in jail; staring into space while thinking about his past, and making plans for the future. He thought back to the events that led him to jail. He would have his revenge on the Douglass family, as well as on Mori Shintaro.

The guards make fun of him for what he did during his time in his cell. They thought he was crazy. They also thought that their boss who told them that he was a criminal mastermind, a ninja, and the most likely to escape was crazy. How could this person who just stared into space all day, and spoke to no one no matter what they said to him be such an accomplished criminal? The only thing that hinted to his past to them was during exercise, when he would do hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, chin-ups, and every other exercise under the sun without stopping. Still, he ignored them, there were much more important things to think about.

After time in their cells, the inmates once again gathered for lunch, and then went out for exercise. It was a nice day, and everyone wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. The exercise area was a square that was one hundred feet by fifty feet lengthwise against the side of the jail building. The side of the jail building that faced the lot was about three stories high, with barred windows all over. The lot had one tree which was situated basically in the middle of the lot, just a little closer to the building then the wall. The rest of the lot was covered by grass and rocks. Surrounding the lot was a brick wall that stood fifteen to twenty feet off the ground, with three feet of barbed wire on top of that. Outside, there were four guards, two against the length of the wall that wasn't against the building, and one on either side's width. On the inside there was usually five or six guards in random places.

Snyder, not to draw too much attention to himself started doing his usual workout by doing a hundred push-ups. There was one guard that usually watched him exercise more then the others. He was a very fat guard named Bill who sat on his folding chair in the shade, and watched Snyder hungrily as if watching would make him lose weight. He was the one that Snyder knew he had to watch out for more then anything else, but he wasn't afraid, this guard had a knack for falling asleep if he was in one place for too long. Sure enough, on Snyder's ninety first push-up, he saw Bill's head droop. After his push-ups, Snyder went over to the side where there were a nice amount of rocks, and started juggling. He had integrated juggling into his workout as soon as he had thought up his plan. The guard raised their eyebrows when he started juggling for the first time, but attributed it to the fact that they believed he was off his rocker.

During his juggling today, he chose his rocks carefully, trying to specifically get smooth thin rocks that would be most similar to his ninja stars. When he had two such rocks, he started his juggling act. When he was finished, he dropped one rock, but kept the other two in the palm of his hands. He then proceeded to do his chin-ups with the rocks in his hands. His chin-ups were done on the branch of the tree that stood in middle of the lot. As he did his chin-up, Snyder surveyed the lot. He wanted to make sure that all five guards inside the lot, as well as all the prisoners around the lot were ignoring him. Bill was fast asleep, to guards were talking with their back to him, One guard was talking to a prisoner names Thomas probably about his bad behavior again, and another was watching a group of prisoners. Most prisoners were gathered around a prisoner named Barney who seemed to have caught another frog and was about to swallow it alive again as he had done yesterday. Other prisoners were scattered around talking or doing jumping jacks, but no one was looking at Snyder. On his next way up, Snyder quickly slipped himself on top of the branch.

Quickly, and silently, Snyder climbed as high as he could on branches that would be able to hold him. He was now able to see over the wall. The one outside guard that interested Snyder was the one on the width of the wall. He looked board as he patrolled around his territory.

'Well' thought Snyder, 'time to make his day a little more interesting.' He took out one of the rocks that he had taken with him, and fired. As usual, he was dead on target, hitting the man hard in the forehead with his rock. The man dropped unconscious. Snyder turned towards the jail building.

He got his breathing in sync, and jumped towards the building. He over jumped a little, and hit the building, slid down a drop, and when possible, grabbed the bars of one of the second floor cells. He looked around the lot again to make sure no one noticed, and then silently swung himself from window to window against the jail building towards the side that the unconscious guard had been guarding. When he reached the last window, he swung himself sideways so his hands were now on top of the exercise wall, and then, without hesitating, he back flipped over the barbed wire on top of the wall, and spun himself at the same time, to grab the top of the wall on the other side. Once he accomplished this, Snyder dropped himself to the ground, rolling as he landed not to hurt himself.

Snyder quickly went over to the unconscious guard, put on his clothes, and took his gun. He went around the jail building, to the front, where there was a parking lot. He went over to the first jeep he saw, jumped in, hot wired it, and sped down the road that he had been brought to this jail by means of.

There were a couple of checkpoints to clear, but non of them gave Snyder, with the uniform he wore, and the official car he drove any problem, except for the last.

The guard woke up from a snooze he was taking, as Snyder pulled up his jeep. "Where are you going?" asked the guard a bit groggily.

"Not feeling well, going home" said Snyder disguising his voice, and speaking the least amount possible.

"Okay, I'm going to need your ID to check you out."

Snyder pretended to rummage around in the car. "Darn, I can't find it."

"Hey, I don't recognize you, are you new?"

"Yeah, and I must have left my ID by the jail."

"Well, go back and get it." said the guard leaning back again to go to sleep. In a flash, Snyder had jumped out of the car, and was in front of the guard. Before the guard could open his eyes, he was put to sleep by his head being smashed into his metal desk.

Snyder pressed the button to open the gate himself, got into the car, and drove away, out free once again.