AN: A short, plus-minus 250 word drabble from Kyoya's POV. I don't know why I love this pairing so much, so bear with me (^^,) and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Bisco Hatori owns it.

Resting Place

I saw your face early today. I had a good day because of it. I saw you again and my day was even better. You make the sunshine, the corrosive, harsh sunshine, seem inviting. You're pulling me into the light. I only hope I won't burn to a cinder, but rather feel the warmth you give.

And so I watch you sleeping. I feel you breathing, deeply. Rhythmically. You steal my soul and bury me in a sea of lonely when you're not around.

When you pay others more attention, you crack my fragile mind, lacerate my gentle heart. But this gentle heart loves fiercely. If only you were mine.

And so I love you from afar. In deepest silence I respect your wishes and allow you to manipulate me time and time again. You cast your spell on me every day and I'm bound.

Look into my eyes and find the purest, simplest honesty. Find a heat fuelled by passion and a stillness induced by clarity. Look deeply and find a place to rest.

Please don't ever go away. You're so far under my skin; you flow in every vessel and leak out of every surface. I want this to last forever but I also wish it'd progress. I want you to take a chance with me. Let's jump into a fire today and hope we don't burn. Let's leap off the edge and hope we don't fall. Let's catch each other and fly side by side always.

I saw your face late today. I miss you already.

AN: Cute, ne? Sorry for ANOTHER TamaKyo. I'm trying to write other Ouran pairings, I really am (**,)