AN: Sorry, yet another Tama/Kyo in Kyoya's POV. This one's a bit sad. I don't know why I can't just let them live happily ever after. Enjoy!

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Warnings: Self-injury

Of All The Truths

Why did I cut myself? To bleed.

Why do I bleed? I need to.

Why do I need to? To get rid of him.

He's so deep, under my skin. . . He's in my blood. . . I need to bleed him out. . .

He's flowing in me and him out. He is the pain. . .

So, when I cut. . . the blood flows. He escapes me. The pain subsides

Let the pain flow out of me. . . Let him see I need no one

Let him see how I can hurt myself without his help

I want him to know, the hurt he has given me

Love turning to hate. . .

Joy turning to sorrow. . .

Pleasure to the worst pain. . .

This pain. He gave it to me and it is mine. He is the pain.

How could he run his fingers through my hair

How could he let me lie in his arms

How could he let me sleep. . . in his arms. . .

Sleeping in the arms of a liar. . .

his words and actions contradict each other.

I trusted the actions because words are meaningless. Well, his were.

I trusted what he did, not what he said. My mistake.

I shouldn't have trusted him at all.

The words were harsh. But the lies were harsher still.

The actions were misleading. They were lies in themselves.

He invited me into his space and I let him into mine.

I lowered my shield only to be hit by an arrow, in the heart.

And now, I bleed for him. Because of him.

In fact, this blade that pierced me and carved his name . . .is his.

And now his name etched into my skin, my flesh. . .

I will always have a part of him now

Even if it's just a bleeding word

And later, just a scar

It's his name bleeding out of me

It's his scar that he's left

Of all the truths in this godforsaken world

The least true is you

AN: Here, Tamaki has obviously hurt Kyoya pretty badly, and so Kyoya carves "Tamaki" into his skin. Hope that was apparent. Thanks for reading!