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During the intermission, Zuko looked around for Mai. He turned a corner and saw a show of Mi brandishing a knife. Zuko gasped in panic. Mai appeared brandishing more knives and looking pissed.

"Wait!" Zuko raised his hands in surrender. Mai piunned Zuko against the wall with her knives. "I can explain!"

"Fine. Explain." Mai said icily. "But it better be more than one sentence!"

Zuko took a deep breath. "Okay...remember how I asked Katara to be in the game show wghen Iroh was setting me up?"


"Well, I owed her a favor, and now I'm returning it!" Zuko smiled. "And...uh...I love you and would never delibarately hurt you."

Mai softened and sighed. "You hold no...attraction to Katara?"

"God, no." Zuko replied. "She's the farthest from my type as she could possibly get without being a guy."

Mai smiled and walked over to Zuko. She took out the knives and kissed Zuko on the lips. "I love you, too."


Toph stood around the corner out of eyesight of Mai and Zuko. She frowned and clenched her fists.

'So...Zuko pretended to be interested...he is so gonna regret messing with me...' Toph thought. She ran off.


"Welcome back to Win A Date With Katara!" Toph announced. The audience cheered. "Now...in this round, Katara will read off situations, and the bachelors have to say how they would respond to those situations. Whoever Katara's satisfied with, gets a point!"

Katara sighed. "Bachelors...what would you give me for my birthday?"

Zuko shrugged. "I don;'t know...a coupon for your favorite restaurant?"

"Flowers, cake, and maybe a nice necklace." Aang answered.

"Bachelor number two!" Katara announced. She continued. "Bachelors, what would you do if it was my birthday, and you forgot?"

"I'd...probably...have my servants make you a cake, and buy you flowers? I dunno..." Zuko replied.

"Same as above. I'd buy you cake, flowers, and a nice necklace." Aang smiled.

"But would you tell me that you forgot?" Katara raised an eyebrow.

"No, I'd be too embarrassed." Zuko shrugged,.

"Yes, and I'd apologize over and over until you froze me to a wall." Aang smirked.

Katara smiled. "I like Bachelor number two's answer best."

The audience cheered, and Zuko, Mai, Aang, and Katara all shared a sigh of relief.

"Bachelors...what would you do if you saw me being- DAMMIT, TOIPH! I AM GOINFG TO KILL YOU!" Katara jumped up and gave Toph a murderous glare.

"What? It's an important question!" Toph raised her hands in surrender.

"But what are the chances of me getting you-know-what?" Katara asked.

Toph shrugged. Katara groaned. :"I'm moving on to the next question!"

"But then there won't be ten questions!"

"Tough!" Katara glared at Toph. She cleared her throat. "Bachelors...what would you do if you saw me kissing another guy?"

"Burn the other guy to a crisp and demand an explanation." Zuko replied.

"Wait until you're finished, then ask for an explanation." Aang replied.

Katara thought for a minute. "Bachelor number two."

The audience cheered again. Toph gorraned inwardely. Aang hd three points already.

"Bachelors...uh-oh! I'm being held hostage by Azula! You must step down as the Avatar/Fire Lord as she takes over the world, or I will die a slow and painful death right in front of you. What would you do?" Katara asked. She and Sokka waited eagerly for Aang's and Zuko's answers.

Zuko sighed, closed his eyes, shook his head, and cleared his throat. "Well...as much as I love you as a sister...I can't let Azula take over the world and control me like that. Hell knows she's done it multiple times before. So...you're kind of...expendable. I'd stand firm and let you die, but I'd also kill Azula more slowly and more painfully for making me decide that."

Sokka and Aang glared at Zuko. Katara smiled to herself. Aang stood up.

"So you would let her die? No matter how much she means to you?" He asked Zuko appalled.

"What, you wouldn't do the same thing?" Zuko raised an eyebrow.

"Hell no, I wouldn't!" Aang exclaimed. "I'd surrender, because she's more important to me than anything! She's my life!"

Zuko looked shock. "You're telling me that you'd choose one person over the whole world? That's kind of shallow."

"Oh, come on! I bet Sokka would do the same damn thing!" Aang crie4d. "He fucking wasted our time during the eclipse because he found out Azula had Suki!"

"Hey, I regretted that!" Sokka yelled at Aang.

"But would you do the same thing I would do?" Aang asked Sokka. "Choose Suki over the rest of the world?"

"Pfft. No." Sokka lied.

"Liar!" Toph pointed to Sokka.

Sokka groaned and slapped his forehead. "At least I'm not that important as Zuko or Aang, though!?"

"Still, that's technically treason." Zuko pointed out.

"OKAY!" Katara threw her arms up. "I really want to get this over with, so...I like Bachelor number one's answer best."

"Okay, Zuko gets a point." Toph said.

Aang gaped at Katara. "What? Why?"

Because there is nothing more important than keeping the peace in this world." Katara replied. "Your...love for me is starting to lko0ok a bit unhealthy."

"True." Sokka called out.

"Shut up, Sokka!" Aang jumped up and firebended at Sokka. Sokka yelped and ducked out of the way.

Katara sighed and shook her head. "Okay, next question..."

"Forget it!" Aang glared at Katara. "If you think I'm way to unhealthy with our relationship, then I don't want a relationship with you at all!"

The audience gasped. Katara gaped at Aang. "You don't mean that."

Aang glared at Katara and walked off. Katara burst into tears and ran off in the opposite direction.

Toph was shocked. "Um...okay! Looks like Zuko wins by default!" The audience cheered.

Zuko stared at Toph and followed her offstage. "That was a really bitchy thing to do, Toph. You broke Katara and Aang up."

Toph sighed. "I know I did...I know. I was trying to get back at you for lying about your reason for signing up for this syhow."

"But instead, you ended up hurting your friends, who have been there for you through it all." Zuko finished.

Toph groaned. "Don't try to make me feel worse..."

"I'm just saying...this will come back to bite you in the ass someday." Zuko stated.


Toph walked into her room and yawned. The door slammed shut. Toph turned around to see Aang.

"You and me- we're gonna spend a little time together." Aang glared at Toph. He went into the Avatar State and rushed to her before she could do anything. Toph gasped aas Aang forced her on the bed. Aang placed one hand on Toph's forehead and the other on Toph's chest. "Say good-bye to your earthbending, Toph!"

Toph's eyes widened. "Wait.,..NO! PLEASE! I'M SORRY!"

"Sorry ain't gonna cut it." Aang took her earthbending away and left her laying unconscious on her bed.