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I'm losing it. I'm friggin losing it. I'm in love with the rookie. At least, I think I am.

Damnit all. Especially that blonde bitch and her goddamn 'stick-up-my-ass' attitude. Not that I can talk. I'm just as bad for finding her attractive.

But the question is, why her? I mean, what's she got that say, Scarlet hasn't? No, bad comparison. Scarlet is just...eugh. But at least she didn't 'accidentally' switch my energy drink with freaking lemonade. Damn that rookie...

Hmph. Well, she'll get what she asked for tomorrow in gym lesson, aka 'my personal revenge' lesson. That should be fun.


My alarm rings as soon as work starts-8am, naturally. I need to clear my head. I fell asleep devising cunning revenge tactics, and now my brain feels ready to explode.

I sit up in my reliable king sized bed that I've had for the past 10 years and yawn. A really long, exhausted yawn that only makes me want to go back to sleep even more. I reach over to the end of my bed and take my torn Turk uniform off the railing, glad to feel the warmth on it from the early morning sun. Tseng is always offering me new, clean uniforms, but hey, mine has the creases and stains of experience on it. I reckon it's more intimidating than the pristine crap Boss-man is always wearing.

I throw my trackies on the garbage littered carpet, at the same time wondering why I left a completely edible piece of pepperoni pizza down there. That might make a decent breakfast...

Ah. Now I see. That was the one the rats gnawed. The rats as in, my little horde that live underneath my bed. There's too many to name, but my favourite one is Benny. He finishes what I can't.

Once I'm dressed, I quickly tie my long red mane into my signature ponytail-an act no one has ever seen me do-and then head downstairs for a snack-barbecue chips and Solo, something healthy to start the day.

Then I leave my apartment with a chip stuffed mouth and a can in my hand.

Friday's rule.


The Solo can is long gone, and in its place is a tall, coffee filled mug-just for 'Lena. Hehe...I hope she likes decaf.

I make my grand entrance into our shared office, a wide grin on my face and the coffee mug held high in the air...Only Rude and 'Lena doesn't even notice me. Not a surprise with Rude, but 'Lena...She's too busy on her phone, chatting away like she got some new boyfriend...

"Next Tuesday then? Sure, love, I can't wait! Miss you heaps." Holy crap. She got some new boyfriend.

"Okay. Yep. Bye! Love you too! Bye! Mmhmm...See ya."

Chicks sure like extending goodbyes. Why can't it be damn straightforward for once!?

I slam the mug of coffee on her desk, shooting her the best damn death stare I could.

Oh, so now she looks at me!

And smiles! I hate this chick! "Hi, Reno."

I let my eyes narrow at her. "You're in a good mood, Rookie...Any particular reason why?"

Damnit. Her brown eyes are so irresistable when she makes that stupid cheerful face. She's a demon in disguise, I swear. I've known it since the day she filled in for me.

Once again, it all comes down to Cloud...Why'd he have to hit me so freaking hard!? The rookie wouldn't have ever been here if it weren't for his whacked-up stunt!

She giggles. Pretty heavenly for a demon. "Yeah. I'm visiting my little brother next Tueday. It's been at least a year now. I've really missed him!"

That'd be right. Reno of the Turks, overreacting yet again...

She's still gonna pay.

"Rookie, you do realise that it's Friday, right?" I ask, smirking deviously.

She nods. "Yep."

It just keeps getting better and better. "And what does that mean?"

"It means tonight is the annual Shinra Recognition Ceremony."

"Oh f***." She beat me at my own damn game!

F***ing hell. How could I forget!?

Elena smirks at me. That's without a doubt her demon smirk. Bitch. "You didn't forget, did you Reno? I mean, they've been announcing it over the loudspeakers for the past two weeks now. Surely you're not-"

"Shut up. I didn't forget. About the thing. I mean...I forgot to get a suit. Yeah." I interrupt. I'm not gonna let the stupid rookie get the better of me. Ever.

I feel like whacking that damn smirk off her face. Heh. Whacking...that reminds me.

"Rookie, get your unfit ass up to the gym. I bet you've had trouble waiting all week for my lesson."

She smiles and nods. Nods!

She's a freaking blonde rookie!! Why the hell does she look happy!? I'll just have to give her something to moan about.


"1000 sit ups!" I yell at the insanely hot looking Elena. You can't blame me. She's wearing a yellow singlet-tank tops are unfortunately banned-black short-shorts, and has her hair tied back into a ponytail!

Her horrified expression brings out the brown in her eyes...What the hell am I on about!?

"Now, Withers!"

"Shove it up your ass, Reno! You go do 1000 sit ups!" She's pretty cute when she's mad.

"I'm your superior, so you'll do what I say!" I yell back at the stubborn rookie. Kinda reminds me of me. The stubborn part, I mean.

"Why? Why 1000?" She asks, sounding both pissed and whiney at the same time. I like it.

"You're a Rookie! Rookie's don't ask questions!" I know I don't really need to yell as loud as if we were in a stadium, but it seems to be working. "Though you really could use some working out...Your thighs...too much yoghurt, Rookie?"

That did it.

She storms right up to me and leans into my face, unaware that if I wanted to, I could lean in and kiss her at any moment. She glares at me through little brown slits. I swear, if looks could kill...

"If you must know, it's lite yoghurt, jerk. But I guess that it's a good thing I'm not yours. I wouldn't want to disappoint."

Ah. That stung. Just a tad.

And surprisingly, seeing her actually do the 1000 sit ups didn't make me feel any better.


"Reno! What the hell are you doing to the poor girl!?"

Crap. Tseng's decided to pay a visit, and at the the 500th sit up, when Laney is sweating her tight little ass off and looking ready to collapse. I wouldn't be surprised if I lost my job of being her coach, though I'm pretty damn proud of her. Heh. Sometimes I think she's too...nah.

I think it's time I answer Boss-man's question. "It's not what I'm doing, it's what she's doing."

Tseng doesn't look too pleased with my answer, but he doesn't say anything. To me, at least. He helps 'Lena up and looks at her like he's her dad or something. He looks...concerned.

"Elena," He actually uses her proper name. Though I guess that's just my habit. It's never 'Elena'. It's always something else I can come up with to make her pissed. ''Lena', 'Laney', 'Withers', 'Rookie', sometimes even 'Strife', if I'm feeling cruel enough. But I really only do it to try and pretend I'm not in love with her.

"You have my permission to leave early and get ready for the ceremony."

F*** him.

Elena looks she's about to f***ing jump on him. Not that I'd care.

"Th-thankyou, Sir!" I can't tell if she's puffed or stuttering in shock. Probably the latter. "I'll see you tonight?"

Tseng nods, but he doesn't finish there, no. He's always got to take it one step further...

"Yes...Although I was wondering if you'd like me to take you. You look rather tired, and I wouldn't want you to have any stress about the whole thing."

Damn. I feel like punching him in the face. But I'd hate to admit that I'm jealous. I woulda asked her myself if I had the guts.

"Y-yeah sure, I'd appreciate that. Um...What time?"

Even though I'd expected her answer, it still hurt. They made me feel like I was in the way. Some useless obstacle in their 'oh-so-perfect-relationship'.

"I'll come to your apartment at 6." Says the Prince to the fair maiden. Screw it all. How could they do this in front of me? Have they ever heard of respect?

Oh wait, that's right. It's me, Reno. The guy who doesn't give a damn.

"Screw you."

Oops. Probably shouldn't have said that out loud.


I'm sick of pretending, it hurts too much. Alcohol might make the pain fade for a while, but it always comes back to hit me in the morning. I want to wake up with Elena, not with a damn hangover.

Maybe I'm overrexaggerating. Maybe these feelings are just a one off. Maybe they'll go away tomorrow.

No, I've decided. I'm going to win Elena over. Tseng won't beat me, not this time. I'll make sure of it.

In ten minutes, I'm gonna get this thing started.


Without a word to anyone, I leave the building. I saw this decent looking suit in a window a couple days ago, and now is the perfect time to buy it.

As I step outside, I feel the icy wind circle me. It's gonna be one cold winter night, that's for sure. Hehe, suckers. The orphans will all be sleeping out in the cold while I'll be sitting in a fancy building eating hot turkey and chips. Wait, no, that kinda makes me feel bad...Nngh, I'm going soft. What's the Planet coming to? Mushy Turks, broken, oversized Meteor's, late night shopping on Mondays...

Finally I reach the store with the fancy looking suit. Well, it's nothing too fancy, because I can't stand crap like that, but it's decent enough.

Only problem is that it's 3000 gil. They can shove it up their ass, as Elena says. Unless...

"This is a full scaled robbery! Put your hands in the air!" I yell at the old guy in the shop. "This aint the only gun being aimed at you, fat ass! There's a sniper out there, and I've got backup, so don't try any of your dirty tricks on me!"

I think it was a bit much for the poor sucker. He passed out, of course, and I got to take my suit home proud and honest. But only after shoving a memory loss pill down his throat, of course. Hope he aint allergic.

Damn. I can't do it...I can't steal stuff off an old, half dead guy. I'll be feeling guilty the rest of the night.

I'll just slip him a 2000 gil note for compensation, and if anyone asks-I got a discount.


F***ing Tseng and his late ass. Or should I say, hunk of crap he calls a vehicle. If I were him, I'd be ashamed in front of Elena. And if I were Elena, I'd never agree to get in the thing.

Thanks to them, I'm stuck out in the cold and the rain with Rude, right next to the huge, really new and modern building in Edge. Not that it's a problem. It's walls are completely glass, but the superstar-limo kind where you can see out but they can't see in. And it's got high-tech everything. The pokies are built in to the walls, and the insanely huge million dollar bar is right next to it. That's where I'll be tonight. Wait, no. I've given up on that. For tonight, at least.

Upstairs (on the 10th to the 50th floor, to be precise) are the thousand or so hotel rooms where we'll be getting free accommodation to. I haven't seen them yet, 'cause it only opened up two weeks ago, but I've heard they're dream rooms. 'You can see the whole of Edge' kinda dream room.

But we'll be dining on the second floor, where the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in Edge is. It's the place Tifa can only dream of working at.

Ah, there they are. Tseng and Elena, getting out of his...Woah. That sure aint a hunk of crap! A one million gil, black stretch limo. Heh. He must have rented it so he didn't look cheap in front of his crush.

Oh Shiva. I've never seen such a beautiful sight. Yes, beautiful. And I never say beautiful.

Elena...She looks so perfect, standing there in the rain, holding an umbrella over her head. She's wearing this ankle-length blue dress that sparkles. Damnit. She's wearing Tseng's freaking jacket, and she still looks incredible. Her hair is just as good. She's curled it, and now she looks like a princess...I'll admit, I've never felt so jealous in my life. Especially when I realise that it's Tseng holding the umbrella over her head, not her. And he's even linking arms with her! You can't say that's just a work relationship.

As she gets closer, I notice the blush on her face she's getting from Tseng crap-talking her. He's probably bad mouthing me. Or saying how gorgeous she looks tonight. Her eyes...She looks so damn happy.

I have to do something about this. Now.

"Elena!" Oh I've lost it now. I actually said her name, for once.

And now I feel like an idiot. The 'happy couple' are staring at me like I'm some little kid.

"Reno...You actually said my name for once! What's up?" She says to me, and strangely enough, I get this feeling like I'm love-struck or something. That can't be good.

"I...You look..." I must be coming down with a serious illness. A really serious illness. "You don't need that jacket anymore. It's heated inside."

That was the best I could come up with!? Friggin hell! I feel like I'm about to trip over my feet! I must be turning into a 13 year old kid with a crush again.

Elena just smiles at me, like nothing had ever happened earlier today. Maybe Tseng does that to her.

"Okay...Would you mind taking it for me?" Before I can reply the black jacket is in my arms, and Elena's are bare. Except for the glittering bracelets she's wearing...

"No...problem. Want me to deliver it to yours and Tseng's room?" I say sarcastically, but then I realise to them it might not sound so sarcastic.

Tseng frowns at me. "Reno, what gives you the impression that we're sharing a room?"


"Uh..." No. I can't let him win. "Well, you're giving off this 'we're a happy couple' sorta vibe..."

Elena rolls those big, gorgeous brown eyes of hers at me. "Reno...This is a professional act. I wasn't fit enough to drive myself here," I think even she thought that sounded bizarre. "so Tseng drove me instead."

I smirk at her. "Well then, if that's what it is, would you mind if I professionally escorted you to the ceremony, dinner and your room?"

Elena looks speechless, but the smart-ass Tseng answers 'oh-so-professionally' for her. "She would be delighted."

He shoots daggers at me, but I don't let it get to me. I've got Elena for the night.

"Then let's go, 'Lena. Tseng, you're with Rude." I link arms with the blonde, and even through my suit, I can feel her shiver. It makes me want to hug her.

Thank Shiva she doesn't complain for once. In fact, she kinda looks...relieved.

As we walk into the building, I mutter to her under my breath. "'Lena, something wrong? Did Tseng pressure you into anything?"

She nudges me hard, but at the same time inconspicuosly. "No he didn't, Reno. What's with you anyway?"

Heh. If only she knew. "I dunno. Maybe this rich-bitch place is too much for me."

I made her smirk. I actually did something right for once. Man, I'd pay to see that lipgloss-covered smirk again...


I sit down next to Elena and the others in a row of built-in chrome seats that face a huge stage, where no doubt, Rufus is getting ready for a one hour long speech in which he tries to sound like a enviro-loving tree hugger/power hungry maniac. Wait no, the latter is his dad.

The glass walls lead high into the air, separating the tile floor from the hundred metre roof where the next level sits, and I can't help but feel sorry for the poor bastards who got forced to build the place. It'd sure suck to be a robot...

"Good evening, fellow Shinrians." Oh yippee, here comes 'Mr Imastuckuprichbitch' and his goddamn boring speech. I wonder if Tseng would mind me having a little nap...? "We are gathered here today to witness the..." F***, he makes it sound like we're at a wedding! No, more like a funeral. "...recognition of the most successful employees among us. The people that have done something momentus for our company. On behalf of Shinra, I would like to thank each and every..."

I feel something thud against my arm. "Reno!" Then another thud. No, more like a thump..."Reno, he's about to call your name!"

That woke me up. Right up. I wonder if anyone heard me snore?

I hear Rufus clear his throat. "And finally, I would like to congratulate Reno of the Turks for his success in recovering my now deceased mother's long-lost brooch."

Oh that. Ha. That was just luck. I was building a sandcastle at Costa Del Sol when whaddya know, this shiny thing pops up in the sand!

Well, I'm expecting a big gil reward for my hard-working efforts.

After a friggin 5 minute walk to the stage, I'm privilaged enough to shake Mr Pres' hand. And then I get a medal. A medal! I swear, if this aint a 100 million gil sale on Ebay, I'm suing.

Then I hear the applause. Honestly, anyone would think I saved Rufus' ass being whooped from Strife from all the cheering they were doing! Not finding some hunk of metal at a beach! Shiva, I think I even hear some people crying!

When I get back to my seat, Elena beams at me. Heh. Maybe I should go treasure hunting more often.

"Once again, thankyou everyone for coming here tonight. Now, may the feasting begin!" Rufus-the-suck-up says.

Well, at least he mentioned food.


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