Evil Dead:
the gore the merrier!

" Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!" Henrietta shouted into the horrific atmosphere.

All of them including Ash were clueless as to what to do in that moment. It was as if Time froze its self. Screaming fell into the air.

Ash ran into the next room with the intent of killing the deadite formally known as Gambin.

" Come back here you fucking coward!" Annie was still at thew hall way door, witnessing the horror before her.

Running at full force Ash came back into the present horror and swung the axe in his hand and decapitated Gambin.

" Die! You lousy prick!" Ash said as he hacked the body into grisly pieces.

Green blood squirted out of every hacked body piece and had also flown off his axe onto the walls of the doomed cabin,

Things quieted down after the brutal slaying of the deadite.

"What the hell..." Jake gaspped. Annie eased off the door she had been leaning on.

The silence grew as thick as the cloud that surrounded the cabin. Bobbi Joe could not seem to catch her breath.

She now could see what Ash had meant by the evil that had emerged...they all did.

"I can't do this...I can't do this..." Bobbi Joe said breathlessly.

" You can Bobbi Joe..." Jake went to comfort her, but was easliy pushed away.

" No I can't!" screamed Bobbi Joe.

She ran as fast as she could out of the room. Jake and Ash went after her. Leaving Annie with fear and uncertainty.

" What can I do?" Annie asked herself. Her ghaze fell upon the mess that Ash had caused killing Gambin.

" Oh..." was all she could muster.

Annie could bare being alone in this room alone no longer, She ran out of the room to the others. She could hear Jake screaming for help.

When she arrived shortly out onto the front lawn of the cabin; she saw Ash trying to wrestle Bobbi Joe , whom now was a deadite, off of Jake.

"Shit..." Ash said as Bobbi Joe pushed him off her corpse like self.

All Annie could do in that moment was stare. But as she stood there she suddenly realized what she had to do. Running back into the cabin she thought to her self,

'This is nothing I expected of this night...'

When she got into the bloody room of Gambin's final resting place, she grabbed that soiled axe and ran back out.

She got to the lawn and saw that Ash was at it again and jake's face was bleeding.

" Ahhh!" she screamed into the night as she swung the axe.

It planted its self right in the back of Bobbi Joe's head. The blood sprayed onto her face. Ash had by then backed off completely.

Three minutes later she backed off the corpse of Bobbi joe.

" My god Annie...." Jake began to cry.