AN: The first 10 are from "10 ways to annoy..." So you can skip those...

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1. Repeatedly ask who he is even if he tells you, then meet up with him later after he changes his clothes and repeat the process.

2. Refer to his 'Squid' costume as 'Octopus'.

3. Repeatedly ask him why he stole Sparda's clothes. Do this in front of Dante, Vergil and if you can, Sparda.

4. Steal his sword and sell if for a penny, then tell him you lost said penny.

5. Ask him if he likes/loves Dante. Do so in front of Dante.

6. Show all his costume pics to Dante in front of him. ( 'Squid' costume, Sparda's clothes, Pink frilly apron, and anything else you can find.)

7. Scream every time you see him.

8. Repeat everything he says.

9. Narrate everything he is doing. "Alastor is glaring at Joe, now he's glaring at me, he's telling me to stop saying what he's doing and--- WHY DID YOU THROW YOUR SWORD AT ME!?"

10. Read out loud any Yaoi fic you find of him while he's trying to fight Joe.

11. Constantly ask him why he left Dante for 'Movieland', even if he tells you. Imply something else no matter what his answer is.

12. Confuse him for Alistair from Supernatural and yell at him for hurting Dean.

13. Throw holy-water at him every time you see him.

14. Ask him if he can charge your cell-phone when the batteries are dead. ( He is an electric devil. )

15. Ask him why he was sealed in a sword. No matter what the answer is insist on the theory that he cheated on Mundus.

16. Make him watch VJ: "To have and hold Captive" And exclaim in a sing-song tone "HAHA YOU GOT RE-JECT-ED!" When Silvia runs from the altar for Joe.

17. Ask why he wears purple while implying something.

18. Touch his wings until he tells you to stop. Repeat process.

19. Ask him if he got his clothes for his 'Stylish' form from Sprocket in the episode "To have and Hold Captive. (Had same clothes as Alastor, just that the stole was black and shirt(?) longer though...)

20. Poke him for 7 hours straight.

21. Put super-glue on the handle of his sword.

22. Randomly burst into tears when you see him.

23. Refer to him as 'Bob'.

24. Read Alastor's diary over the intercom at the Jadow HQ.

25. Tell him Ifrit was a better weapon than him at Mallet Isle.

26. Dance behind him when he's explaining something to Joe and stop when he turns to see what Joe is laughing at. Repeat process.

27. Tell him pink is really his color. ( Reference to episode 46. )

28. Put super glue on the inside of his helmet.

29. Make him search his name on deviantart, fanfiction, and any other website you can find.

30. Constantly remind him that Dante forgot to take him to Dumary Island.

31. Refer to him as 'Elf-boy'.

32. Publish his diary.

33. Lock him and Fire Leo in a closet with their weapons for 27 hours.

34. Dye the stole he wears hot-pink.

35. Yank on his tail and run.

36. Spread rumors around Jadow HQ that he and Fire Leo are dating.

37. Pants him while he's in his 'Stylish' form.

38. Call him 'Allie'.

39. Ask him why he likes to cosplay constantly.

40. Chatter inconsistently about cheeseburgers for seven hours straight while he's tying to sleep. If you can, get Joe to join you.

41. Tell him repeatedly that he reminds you of Joe's cousin.

42. Get Rachael to swing him around again. ( Episode 46)

43. Draw on his face in permanent marker.

44. Confuse him for Charles the third.

45. Ask him why his eyes are pink when his helmet is on.

46. Run around him in circles for several hours.

47. Trip him any time he walks by.

48. Ask him why he throws swords at people to make them serve him. ( Dante and Joe)

49. Get Goldie to follow him around for two weeks.

50. Constantly ask why he's weaker that Joe.