Disclaimer: I don't own anything but this fan fiction. If you Twitards think that I can't harm Twilight because I made a parody fic, then screw you!

In a land far far away, a place that is called Real Life, lived a girl who is a big fan of Invader Zim. Her name is Chelsea. She has friends on the internet that don't like Twilight. They always have ideas on how to make fun of them. For example, Bella is a Mary Sue and Edward's a sparkly fairy vampire. She always liked to make fun of the series. So far, Chelsea saw a few Twilight fantards on the internet. They are so stupid, don't you agree?

One day, she was reading the book of Twilight just to help her sleep. Chelsea then imagined Zim, sparkles in the sun, because everyone just loves Zim! SO EFFING MUCH!!! HE IS JUST SO AWESOME!!! Gaz was also there with him. The green boy is walking to her, with lust in his eyes.

Chelsea then woke up and smirked. An idea popped into her head from a dream, just like Stephenie Meyer had a dream that helped her book. "I may get hate from those Twilight fan girls, but who cares; at least I get reviews," she said to herself.

She went to her computer and turned it on. Chelsea had told all of her friends about the idea. They all laughed and said that the girl should do it. The Invader Zim fan girl went to Microsoft Word and began typing away. The title of her series will be "Twylite".

Author's Note: Sorry if it's a very short chapter, but hey, I want to sum up Twilight as much as I can since I don't want to bored the whole readers here. Anyway, give me some feedback, whether you love it or hate it. Thanks for the reviews.