Hello everyone! Stanleylouis here. Second Moulin Rouge story! I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1: The Decision


I sit on my bed, staring at the red carpet, not taking it in. My wild elephant home, so festive and uplifting usually, is now somehow dismal and sad. It's as if its décor is just a cover up, a mask, to hide my true feelings. Just like how elderly women wore bright red lipstick and overly powdered cheeks to hide their old age, it seemed as if I had my beautifully vibrant room because I lived in such sad circumstances, having to pay with my body for everything I needed.

You're dying, Satine…

I can't take it in. Me? Dying? Impossible. I had been so focused on getting through with the Duke and Christian that I couldn't even think about me being sick. I mean, I had been feeling terrible for the past few weeks, but I hadn't been able to work it out as far as… me dying.

I had just been talking to Harold in my dressing room. I had entered it with such high hopes, dreams of leaving with Christian, running away from the world, taking everyone by surprise. We would have finally won, even if the Duke did chase after us, even if our lives were in constant danger. It didn't matter, because we were together.

But now… What was the point in escaping now? I was dying. The time I would have gotten to spent with Christian free would never be worth the pain it would cause Christian when I died and left him alone. He would have the Duke after him for no reason, and without me.

My thoughts drifted to Christian again. Christian… His face gleaming with determination. His dark hair tousled and in his face as his bright eyes peered through to me. I couldn't bear being without him. Putting my face in my hands, I began to sob, rocking back and forth on the edge of my bed. Why now? I'm too young to die. I know it's a cliché, but it was true. I had finally gotten to live with Christian, and now I had to leave?

Tears are running through my fingers as I think about how much I'll hurt Christian. He didn't deserve this. He saved me from my miserable life, and all I could do was die and leave him alone?

No. I had to do as Harold said, and tell Christian that I didn't love him anymore. It would hurt him, yes, and it would kill me, but I didn't have much to live for anyway. I would tell him.

But… An image popped into my head of Christian getting the news. I winced even though it hadn't happened yet, for I could tell what would happen. Christian, so ready and willing for love, would be damaged forever from my betrayal. He would come to me anyway, for he loved me more than life itself.

He loved me, and needed my love. If it was the one thing I could give Christian before I died, than I would. I had received so much happiness in the past weeks, so much joy, just because of him. I owed him everything. With these simple thoughts, I made up my mind.

I'm sorry, Harold, I thought to myself as I finished packing the bag that I had brought up with me, slamming it shut with a resounding thunk, and looking at my room one last time before closing the door. I have to do this.

End of Chapter One

I know, short chapter, and there's not much to go on from here. But the next chapter will have more action in it. Tell me what you think!