Yep! Shadowphantomness finally caved and wrote a Sailor moon version of pokemon, like I did for CCS. AAAHHH! Oh well, at least I tried to resist…


Disclaimer: Pokemon is not mine. Sailor moon is not mine. Destiny, new pokemon (Blossomeon) and attacks, etc. are mine.

Notes: This will deviate quite a bit from the actual sailor moon timeline. Pairings will probably be different. After all, it's a whole different universe! Ash is a girl! Lance is a guy. Yes, this is championshippy, what did you expect?

Warnings: OOCness, possible fluff and darkness…


Ashline (Ash Ketchum) –15

Garina Oakley (Gary Oak) – 16

Rachel (Richie) –15

Misty (Misty) – 17

Lance Dragyn (Lance) – 19

Episode 1: A new star is born

            "I'm late!" A girl with black spiky hair shrieked as she ran through the halls of the pokemon league HQ.

            A hand reached over and grabbed her by the back of her white cape. "Ash, your match is in two minutes. I'll teleport you there."

            "Oh, thank you, Lance-chan!" Ashline said as she glomped the Dragon Master. Lance sweatdropped. The blue light of teleportation surrounded both of them and they reappeared on the grass field.

            "Just try to get up on time tomorrow." Lance said.

            "Hai!" Ashline said, as she nodded frantically and smoothed her dark blue outfit. She looked around, and saw that her challenger was already waiting.

            "Hey, Ashline, are you going to battle me or not?" Her friend, Rachel asked from across the arena.

            Ashline nodded frantically and the announcer began. "This will be a 3x3 pokemon battle, no items. Let the match begin!"

            "Espeon, go!"

            "I choose Happy!" Rachel called, sending out her Butterfree.

            "Let's make this quick! Espeon, use Shadow Ball and then Psychic!" The ghost-type move slammed into Butterfree, followed by the blast of psychic energy. Rachel sighed as her pokemon fainted.

            "Happy, come back. Zippo, I choose you! Flamethrower!"

            "Reflect!" Ashline called, as the clear protective shield sprang up in front of Espeon. "Great, now use Disable!"

            Rachel's Charmander fell over, surrounded by pure blue energy.

            Rachel sighed and recalled Zippo as well. "Please, Sparky?" Her pikachu nodded and took its position on the battlefield, looking determined.

            "Espeon, use Hyper Beam!" The jewel on Espeon's forehead began to glow as it charged up for Hyper Beam.

            "Sparky, Agility so it can't hit you!" Rachel called. Her pikachu immediately began dashing around the arena in zigzag patterns, confusing the Espeon so that its Hyper Beam missed.

            "Great, now that it has to recharge, give that Espeon a Thunderbolt!" Rachel said in triumph. The lightning crashed through Espeon and Ashline winced.

            "Espeon, come back. Okay, in that case, I'll use Blossomeon!" The grass-type evolution of Eevee appeared in front of Ash, smiling confidently. It had beautiful dark green fur, broken by areas of grass-colored fur on its paws, ear tips, and tail. Around its ankles were flowers, as well as at the base of its ears and a collar of flowers around its neck. 

            Lance watched impassively from the sideline. He knew that Ashline would win, because this scenario had been played out more than thirty times already and Ashline always won.

            "Blossomeon, use Sweet Scent, and then follow up with Petal Dance!" Ashline called brightly. Her grass-type eevelution nodded and sprayed the pikachu in the face with Sweet Scent, stunning it, before following up with Petal Dance and blasting the electric type with a barrage of flowers.

            "Sparky is unable to battle! This match goes to Ashline and Blossomeon!" The announcer cried, before babbling about some other unimportant stuff.

            Ashline smiled, dashed down into the arena, and hugged her pokemon tightly. "Great job, Blossomeon!"

            From the shadows, an Umbreon with a bandage on its forehead watched.

            "Yo estoy, tú estás, el/ella/usted está, nosotros estamos, vosotros… um, estis?"

            Lance shook his head. "No, Ash. The vosotros form of estar is conjugated as estáis."

            Ashline sighed. "Spanish is so hard…"

            "Don't worry too much about it. We don't use the vosotros form very much anyways." Lance said.


            "Now remember, you have a quiz today. I'll test you later in the afternoon after your battle." Lance said as he packed up his textbooks.

            "I know." Ashline said. She really liked Lance, but when he was tutoring her, he was pretty strict. She sighed and began putting her homework, textbook, etc. in her backpack and walked two rooms down the hall to her room.

            The Umbreon decided that now would be a good time to sneak in. When Ashline walked in, she saw an Umbreon sitting on her bed. A bandage adorned its forehead.

            "Where did you come from?" Ashline asked. "Don't worry, I'll help you." She reached over and pulled off the bandage and gasped. On the Umbreon's forehead a golden crescent moon shone brightly.


            Lance heard the scream from two doors down and teleported into the room. "What's wrong, Ash?" He asked. Ashline buried her face in his chest and continued to whimper incoherently.

            The Umbreon blinked. "I'm sorry about this intrusion."

            "Start explaining." Lance said as he stroked Ashline's hair to calm her down.

            "I have searched a long time to find you, Ashline." The Umbreon said.


"Here. This is for you." The Umbreon turned a flip and a locket landed on Ashline's bed. It was a gold circle with 5 jewels on it at the five congruent angles. They were red, blue, black, white and yellow.

"You're a senshi who has been called out to battle the forces of darkness, and also to locate the elusive princess of the earth."

Ashline blinked. Slowly. "Okay…"

"Yes, well. Maybe a practical demonstration would be better. Hold up that locket and shout 'Moon Prism Power!'

"I feel really stupid." Ashline muttered, but she did the chant. Instantly, the locket glowed. Clear ribbons surrounded Ashline's body and solidified into a white leotard with a light blue skirt and sailor collar. The bows on her fuku were shiny yellow, and so were her knee-length boots. Her glove cuffs, choker, and tiara jewel were red. Her black hair had smoothed itself out and been pulled into two buns with a dark blue jewel in each. And she was in a very odd pose.

Lance blinked. Slowly.

"What is this?" Ashline asked as she sat down on the bed.

"Don't you understand? You've become Sailor Eevee!" The Umbreon was fairly bubbling over with excitement.

"No way." Ashline said.

            She would have said more, but than they both heard a scream.

            "That was Misty!" Ashline said.

            Lance nodded. "Let's go." He grabbed his poke belt, and teleported them there. Ashline jumped when they landed. Umbreon tsked.

            "You're not a sailor senshi. You shouldn't be here! You shouldn't even know about her identity! Ack, my plan is going all wrong!"

            Lance shrugged. "So? I'm a Dragon Master." When they turned around, a horrifying sight met their eyes…

Cliffie! Hahaha! End episode 1!