This is the second South Park thingy by me ever. Ever ever ever. The first that's not a oneshot. Woohoo! *takes picture*

I'm dedicating this to my friend Caro, because she inspired me and gave me the idea.

Three friends, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski (damn, did I even spell that right?), and Kenny McCormick were hanging out after school. Eric Cartman was with them, but he wasn't really their friend. They were only hanging out with him because… hell, they didn't know. But they couldn't get rid of him.

They were all at Stan's house. Stan had just gotten Guitar Hero, and they all wanted to play.

"You gehs!" said Cartman in his usual Cartman-ish voice. "Kenny can't play!"

"Why not?" asked Kyle.

"Because Kenny's family is POOR," he explained. "He probably doesn't even know what a guitar IS."

Kenny narrowed his eyes, his orange parka concealing a frown. "Fuck you."

"Oh, shut the hell up, fatass!" said Stan.

"Yeah, Kenny knows what one is! …Right?" Kyle looked at Kenny.

"Oh, what the hell do YOU think?" asked Kenny angrily. "Of course I do!!"

"Oh. Okay."

"I'm just sayin', you gehs…"

Kenny frowned.

It was now Kyle's turn to play.

"I mean, he could just be makin' it up. I really don't think he does."

Kyle missed a note. "Damn it, Cartman! You made me mess up!!"

"Shut it, you stupid Jew!!" Cartman pointed at the controller. "Kenny, this is what a guitar LOOKS LIKE. Can you say that? GIH-TARRR."

"Shut your fucking mouth!!" Kenny said, muffled as usual.

"Gah! I missed one again!!"

"Shut up, fatboy!" yelled Stan.

"I am not fat!" argued Cartman. "I'm just more to love!"

"Or fucking kill," said Kenny angrily.

By now, Kyle had missed so many notes that he had failed the song. "GRRAAHH!!" He tackled Cartman, hitting him, in a state of rage.

"Yeah! Go Kyle!"

Cartman eventually got up, bruised, and brushed himself off. "Fine! I'm leaving, and I'm takin' mah bitch with meh! Come on, Kenny!"

"I'm not your bitch, fat fool."

They left, Kenny a bit more grudgingly.

Stan and Kyle stood outside waving at Kenny.

"Seeya, dude."

Kenny turned to wave at them. "Bye, guys."

As he did so, a huge eighteen wheeler came and ran him over.

"Oh my God!" cried Stan. "You killed Kenny!"


Then the two lost interest and went back inside.

Sorry for the delay. Summer homework sucks ass. It sees an ass, it sucks it, it likes it, it does it again. It sucks ass.

This is going to end up being all about Kenny. (Who, for the record, DOES in fact know what a guitar looks like)