Continuing from Disobedience

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this story takes place after Voldemort's death =]

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Harry was lying on his bed. This was how he'd spend most days at Malfoy Manor. Lucius would go out and leave Harry either in his room or in the basement depending on, not how he had behaved, but what mood the man was in.

Harry tried to turn over but winced – his cracked ribs did not appreciate the movement. It was this reason why Harry was looking forward to Lucius' return as he promised he'd fix them when he got home. Plus the boredom was driving him mad.

Harry decided he'd try to get some sleep before the blonde wizard returned; he knew he wouldn't get any sleep tonight unless Lucius wished it and, seeing as the man had been away for three days, he would surely return very needy for Harry's body. Especially when he came home and saw Harry in just his underwear, just as he'd left him.

Harry had ignored this fact as he just wanted his ribs mended because it meant he would be able to walk again. He'd been allowed to wander the house at his will during Lucius' absence but he hadn't been able to due to his injury, therefore not being able to feed himself.

He had just closed his eyes when he heard the door to his room creak open and a pair of boots clip-clopping across the wooden floor, along with the tap of the cane.

Not sure on what to do, he kept his eyes closed.

The footsteps were getting closer and he heard them stop right next to his bed.

Pretending that he'd been in a deep sleep, he slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times as if he'd just woken up.

Before he'd even had a chance to get a good look at the Dark Wizard, he felt hungry, demanding lips claiming his own.

Not sure on whether Malfoy wanted him to respond, he did nothing. He let Lucius explore his mouth at the man's own leisure, parting his lips when necessary.

Finally, Lucius took a break for air. He then said, very quietly, "Missed me?"

Harry said nothing but continued to look up from the bed into the grey eyes looming over him.

Lucius chuckled and straddled Harry's legs.

"I missed you," he said sweetly.

Harry knew he was supposed to sit up and give Malfoy his 'welcome home present' but his ribs were still throbbing from his last attempt at movement.

"You're being lazy today," Lucius noted, not able to keep the anger out of his voice. He leant over and put his hands either side of Harry's head, the cane clattering to the floor. "Why is that?"

"Ribs..." muttered Harry; he felt slightly claustrophobic with Lucius over him.

Malfoy laughed. "Oh yes! I'd forgotten I'd left you in such a sorry state."

Harry didn't like the glint in the silver eyes; it usually meant the man was imagining Harry in extreme pain, or that's what usually followed after that crazed look.

Sure enough, Lucius' hand trailed down to Harry's prominent ribcage that was slightly disfigured. Malfoy gave a slow and gentle poke to one of the lopsided ribs and Harry whimpered pitifully.

"Oh, yes, I've missed you dearly," Malfoy whispered. "Now, do I really want to mend those beautiful bones of yours?"

Harry nodded eagerly.

"Hmm..." Lucius seemed to be thinking. Then a smirk appeared on his patrician features. "I suppose we will be able to have much more fun if I don't have to be gentle with you."

Harry held back his tears.

In a simple wand movement, Harry felt his ribs snap back together with a grotesque cracking noise.

"Now you can welcome me home, Harry."

Gingerly he sat up, his arms shaking with the strain of hoisting his torso into a sitting position.

"Follow me," ordered Lucius, getting up off the bed and walking out into the hallway.

Not wanting to give Malfoy a reason to be in a bad mood, Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. However, after one step his knees buckled; he hadn't walked in over forty-eight hours. He pushed himself up and stumbled his way into the painful room where Lucius was waiting for him.

"You know what to do, my Harry," he said softly.

Harry – who was in the doorway – shuffled towards Lucius, his head bowed.

He reached the man and stopped, trying to act innocent as though he didn't know what was expected of him.

He felt two sharp points under his chin as his head was lifted up by the snake's fangs on the cane.

"You know what to do," Lucius said, his voice barely audible.

The cane was removed from under Harry's chin and he dropped to his knees.

With his hands shaking, Harry unbuttoned and unzipped the older wizard's satin trousers, which then fell to the floor. Then his hands came to the seams of the tight, silk boxers which did nothing to hide the huge erection the man had. In one swift movement, Harry had yanked down the underwear, knowing that if he did it slowly he would get slightly hysterical.

The huge, pulsing cock was always daunting but after three days of no sexual activity, Harry had forgotten how colossal it was.

He closed his eyes and opened his quivering mouth, moving slowly towards the intimidating member which he could not see.

However, just before he was about to take it into his mouth, the man had slammed into him, causing Harry to choke and gag. His mouth was barely big enough to fit such a monster; he felt the sides of his mouth stretching.

"Too slow," hissed Lucius.

Lucius thrust deep into the boy's throat, waiting for him finish his choking and to start his sucking.

Eventually, the raven haired boy had started to perform and all Lucius could think was how well he'd taught Potter.

Lucius' tense hands found the black tresses and entwined his fingers in them. Whenever Harry would slow down, Lucius would guide the boy's head back and forth, indicating he needed more friction.

Finally, Lucius came and he felt Harry pull back spluttering with his mouth full. Lucius bent down to Harry's level and grasped the boy's face.

"Swallow," he commanded.

The green eyes swam with unshed tears and the boy tried to shake his head.

Harry thought to himself; he hadn't eaten in over four days – Lucius had chosen to starve him on the day before he left – and he knew this would not be good for his empty stomach.

Lucius crushed the jaw even more.

"Swallow," he growled again.

He saw the Adam's apple bob as the fluid made its way down the boy's throat.

As soon as Harry felt the last drops ooze down his throat, he felt his stomach protest. Please don't be sick... he'll kill me...

But no matter how much he willed the man's seed to digest, he couldn't stop it from rising.

He knelt forward and hurled over the white carpet. He began to cry and shake in fear of what Lucius would do.

Then followed one of the longest yet loudest silence there had ever been between the two males.

Finally, Lucius spoke up.

"You are forgiven this one time, firstly because you have obviously not eaten and secondly that was one of the best performances you've ever done."

Harry looked up nervously.

"S-sorry," he croaked, his eyes still flowing.

Lucius bent down to the quivering boy and held his face - gently this time - and wiped the tears away with his thumbs.

"Shh, now," he cooed. "That's quite alright, but we're not quite finished yet..."