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"Severus, go. Give us the signal when the old man is gone."

Harry's eyes widened, realising what that meant.

"What?" he whispered, more to Snape than Lucius. "No!"

"Yes, Potter," Snape said, his lip curling. "I'll see you soon. Don't worry, I'll make sure Weasley and Granger get front row seats to see you."

Harry tried to lash out at Snape but felt a familiar grip seize his arm.

"Stay; be a good boy, Harry," purred Lucius. "Snape is still thought of as a loyal spy. We'll have no trouble in getting in."

Harry struggled and tried to object.

"No-!" but Lucius had already pushed his hands onto Harry's shoulders and shoved him down onto the ground.

Lucius then moved so he was in front of Harry, his fingers never leaving Harry's hair.

"That old fool will be dead within minutes. Severus has Dumbledore's utmost trust," Lucius said complacently. "We'll give them ten minutes to get down to the hall." His tone suggested Lucius thought he was being kind. "Then they can meet the new you."

Harry tried to muster up a glare but failed and ended up breaking down completely. Never had he done that in front of Lucius before. Often while he was alone he would bite his fist to stop himself from screaming out in frustration or misery but in front of the man the most he would do was let one or two tears fall.

But now he was sobbing on the ground, loud enough for the other Death Eaters to hear, throwing feeble hits at Lucius' legs.

Everything had built up to a point that Harry thought he would burst and finally go insane. However, most of all it was the image of himself that made him lose it, of what his friends and peers would think of him when he entered the Great Hall, tethered and leashed like some disobedient puppy.

No, he thought to himself. I won't be Lucius' docile show dog. I'll fight and resist no matter where it gets me... whatever punishment is thrown at me will be less humiliating than following Lucius' damn orders.

"What lovely noises you make when distressed, Harry," Lucius said with his signature smirk. "They're like the whimpers of a little puppy which I think your friends would like to hear..."

Harry shook his head vigorously which only made Lucius smile more.

For what felt like years, Harry sat on the stony path, Lucius' hand combing through his hair, occasionally tugging so as to lift Harry's head up to look into the broken, green eyes.

Suddenly there was a green skull and snake being fired into the air. The Death Eaters outside cheered, Lucius chuckled and Harry kept quiet. Whatever noises he was going to make wouldn't portray the amount of grief in his heart for his long lost mentor.

Lucius turned to address his men, one hand still stroking Harry's hair as the boy was still on the ground.

"We shall enter now; they have had enough time!" Lucius exclaimed. He then bent down to talk to Harry who merely glared up at him, a feeble fire burning in his eyes. "It's time, Harry."

* * *

Hermione was running.

When that chilling announcement had finished she left the library and made her way towards the common room. Halfway between the library and the common room she saw a head of red hair.

"Ron!" Hermione breathed as she ran into Ron's arms. "Did you hear it? 'An old friend'...? Could it be?"

Ron's face had paled dramatically as he slowly nodded.

"I think it is, 'Mione," he croaked. "Harry's back."

Hermione didn't know what to think – she was going to see her best friend again, but did she want to see what he'd been reduced to? What would Harry be like now?

Ron seemed to be thinking the same thing, too, as he said, "He'll be alright; he always is..."

Hermione clutched Ron's arm.

"What do we do when we see him?" she whispered.

"Just –"

"Weasley! Granger!" It was Professor McGonagall. "We're evacuating the students. Come with me."

"What?" they both exclaimed. "But Harry-!"

"Dumbledore is dead," she said bluntly, her eyes watering. "There is no hope. Now come with me."

The shock of hearing that their beloved headmaster was dead stunned the two into silence.

Finally, Ron said, "No. I'm staying to fight, and so should the others! We can't leave Harry!"

Hermione held Ron's hand and nodded firmly.

"I'm staying too. Please, Professor; this is Harry! He was there to save us from Voldemort, now who's there to save him?"

Their professor bit her bottom lip and, very stiffly, nodded.

"Very well. I shall go to inform the students that –"

"Minerva! There you are!" Professor Sprout was running towards them. "The students can't get out. The Floo network is blocked and the wards aren't letting anyone out, only in."

There was a long silence as Ron and Hermione watched Professor McGonagall deliberate on what to do.

Finally she spoke.

"Send them to the Great Hall."

* * *

Snape was walking briskly from the office he had learnt so much in. Even though it had been Dumbledore's wish that Snape kill him, it didn't make the grief any easier. Wiping a stray tear from his eye, Snape moved with more determination. He had to find Weasley and Granger before they did something rash.

He headed towards the Gryffindor common room where, outside, he found Minerva and Sprout talking to the two students. He then hid in the shadows of a large statue and waited until the two teachers left them.

When the coast was clear Snape ran up to Potter's friends.

"You!" Ron snarled, putting himself in front of Hermione. "Get away from us!"

"Listen to me, Weasley!" Snape said taking his wand out. "I'm on your side!"

"What a load of bull –"

"It isn't!" Snape growled. "If you want to save Potter then you need to listen to me!"

Hermione peeked out from over Ron's shoulder.

"Maybe we should hear him out, Ron," she whispered. She would do anything she could do to save Harry.

"Good, now listen..."

* * *

With no trouble Lucius had burst down the doors to the Entrance Hall. He wrapped his fingers round Harry's arm as the boy had moved backwards slightly.

"Please," Harry begged. "This is... you don't have to... no one deserves this..."

"Oho, Harry; I think you're becoming more Slytherin day by day," Lucius said as he placed his hand on the small of Harry's back, fiddling with the seams of Harry's tattered shorts. "You don't care what's going to happen to these people – you just care about yourself and your pride."

Harry knew that wasn't true, but the amount of brutality in Lucius' voice practically forced Harry to believe it.

The castle was deadly quiet. The only sounds that could be heard were soft scuffling sounds from the door in front of Harry, Lucius, and his men – the Great Hall.

"Now how do you want to do this, Harry?" Lucius asked, with his hand on the back of Harry's neck. "We can enter first and get the shock of what you've become over and done with... or we can make an entrance and come in last?"

Feeling angrier and, funnily enough, braver than he had in a while, he turned to Lucius and said, "Neither."

Lucius raised one blonde eyebrow and smirked. "The latter it is, then. Macnair, Nott, Rodolphus and Avery, you may enter first. Severus will join us soon."

The four men pulled their hoods up and put their masks on.

Harry felt so much anger at Lucius for forcing him to go through this so he couldn't control what he said next.

"Aren't the hoods, masks and Dark Mark Voldemort's signature?"

Lucius' eyes flashed and he slapped Harry round the face not once, nor twice but three times.

"How dare you?" he growled. Lucius then pulled Harry round a corner and there he grabbed Harry's face in a clamp-like grip.

"No funny stuff, Harry," he hissed. "Remember, Severus has your friends so, either you disobey me and I give the order for them to be killed or," he squeezed Harry's face even tighter, "you behave and they live."

After his warning Lucius smothered Harry's lips with his own greedy ones. Harry winced as he felt Lucius bite extremely hardly on his lower lip.

The man retreated leaving Harry trembling and breathing shakily.

"In we go, then."

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