Angel and Age

"You can't back out,you know."What is with him it's just a boy?The room seams different it's darker like he's more evil grown stronger,and whats with all these slaves ,he's so full of himself."I understand that I can't back out but...."How do i say 's this he is going to get mad."But what Angel."Ugh he's pissed."It's just that he's oh i don't know...a boy,a teenage boy,a boy with a long life ahead of him."I don't kill kids,or teens."Pah,it fingers you stand up for the enemy."That's not what I said he's twisting me words."That's n""STOP,Bell-cross is stronger than we thought.""We?Wait,wait 'we' when did we become 'we'?I must have missed the memo."I can't believe we want from handcuffs to 'we' ha.I can't Believe this."You are the one how told us he was strong arent you?"Must...Not...Kill Him!!!"Yes sir"I have to escape.


"Age open up the door"What dose she want I'm hungry."Yes?"I hope its time to eat."The princess wants you."Oh."I'm coming.""RED ALERT RED ALERT I REPEAT RED ALERT" Whats going on?The silver tribe they want use dead or just me"What are we going to do?"Age wheres Age?"Wheres Age?""Is that him?"sigh,whats he doing?"Yes that's him""Should we help him?""Yes"Be careful


"Hello Bell-cross."Emotion crossed his face shock,confusion,and for a second relief.

"Father always thought you where special"She is alive hows that passable.

" Long time no see."They want me to kill Age.

"So,you are working for the silver tribe?" I didn't thank she would.

"Yes,Age i need one favor,if possible?"I hope he agrees

"Sigh,what?"What dose she want?She's smiling.

"I need you to...kill me,please."Agree Age please,please Age.

"No i can't kill you are you crazy?!?!?"What is she thanking?I can't kill sister.

"Can i ask why?"Why,why Age you can't kill me these one favor?

"You are my only family i have left.I can't kill you."Why would she ask that?

"You are going to regret that."