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You're Not Allowed To Leave Me

"Harry, get back inside this house right now, darling!" yelled a very thin woman with short brown hair that never looked anything less than perfect. "It's beginning to rain. You'll catch your death out here!"

The woman smiled as her nephew waved and came running up. "I'm sorry, Aunt Petunia," Harry said as he walked past his aunt and went inside. Harry lived with his aunt, uncle, and cousin in Number 4 Privet Drive; it was a mansion just like every other house in the neighborhood, but it was, in Harry's mind, the best.

"It's alright, dear," Petunia said as she closed the door behind her. "I just don't want you sick like Dudley. One sick teenager is enough for me!" she laughed.

Harry smiled as he went to the sink to wash his hands. "Is Dudley not feeling any better?"

"No, I'm afraid not," Petunia sighed. "And I think your uncle Vernon may be coming down with the same thing."

"Well, I can't say I'd feel sorry for him," Harry mumbled darkly as he turned off the water and used a rag to dry his hands. Petunia walked over to him and gave him a small hug.

"You know your uncle isn't meaning to hurt you," she said in an attempt to ease her nephew's pain. "It will simply take him more time to come to terms with everything you told us." She smiled at him then. "Not to worry, he will come around!"

"I told you guys three weeks ago and he still hasn't come around," Harry said as he stared down at his hands. "I didn't ask to be like this," he whispered sadly.

"No one can chose who to love," Petunia said in a hurry as she grabbed Harry's hands in hers. "Love is a beautiful gift no matter what it looks like. Your uncle ought to know that." She let his hands go and hugged him once more. "You listen to me, Harry James Potter, you need not worry about what anyone thinks. Dudley and I are here for you, and your parents would be proud of you no matter what."

"Thanks, Aunt Petunia," Harry said as he wrapped his arms around his aunt. They stood like that for a few more seconds before Harry pulled away. "Is there anything I can do to help prepare dinner?"

"Not until you've showered," Petunia laughed. "And do try to tame that nest on top of your head."

"My hair is hopeless," Harry laughed as he turned to leave the kitchen, "but I guess I'll try to tame it again."

"Please do," Petunia called after him. She watched him walk away and then began to prepare the chicken they would be eating that night.


"Draco!" called a tall, blonde man named Lucius as he briskly walked into his son's room.

"Yes, Father?" Draco immediately asked as he knelt down in front of his father. The two looked exactly alike, both with silver-blonde hair, pale skin, and mercury silver eyes. They were each tall and muscular. There were only two differences in their appearance, Lucius had to use a cane to walk and around Draco's neck was a magical collar that kept his true self under control. Draco had a darker side that was lethal if released.

"There is a new job we need you to take care of," Lucius said as lifted his cane and pulled the silver snake head on the top off. The snake head was attached to a slender black piece of polished wood, a wand. "Stand," he ordered.

Draco stood up and held out his left arm to his father, the usual routine whenever he was sent on a job. Lucius rolled up the sleeve of his son's shirt to reveal a skull and snake tattoo on his forearm. He placed the tip of his wand to the tattoo and the collar around Draco's neck disappeared as his silver eyes melted into a deep charcoal color and took on a dangerous gleam. "Draconis?" Lucius said slowly. This name was reserved for Draco's other self. His son looked into his eyes and Lucius knew that Draco was gone. "Number 3 Privet Drive, this man," he said as he handed Draco a picture of an elderly man with twinkling blue eyes hidden behind half-moon spectacles.

"Yes, Father," Draconis said in his low baritone voice. Then in a flash he was gone.

Lucius smiled and went to his study. Seated at his desk was his employer. "Draconis has been sent, my lord," he said with a bow.

"Good," said the man in a high, evil voice. "This job will surely prove to be a challenge for him. I hope he returns. Your wife may not like it if he doesn't."

"Do not worry about Narcissa, my lord," Lucius said with a sneer.


"Harry, can you set the table for me?" Petunia asked her nephew when he came back down to the kitchen after his shower.

"Of course," Harry smiled. He gathered the appropriate materials and went into the dining room to set the table. The table was rather large for the family of four but came in handy whenever the Dursleys, Harry's aunt and uncle, threw their yearly social parties. Living in such a magnificent house made the Dursleys very popular in the community. But having to clean such a large house was always a chore, especially since his Aunt Petunia didn't trust any butlers or maids to clean the house right. Harry and Petunia were the ones who cleaned and on rare occasions Dudley, Harry's cousin, would help out.

Harry finished setting the table and went back into the kitchen. Petunia had already finished cooking and told Harry to ask Dudley if he felt up to coming down to join them. So Harry made his way back upstairs to the second floor and knocked on Dudley's door. "Come in," he heard his cousin say weakly.

"Hey, Dudley," Harry said softly as he pushed the door open and walked inside. His cousin was lying in bed and looked paler than he normally looked. "Are you up to coming down for supper?"

"No," Dudley said as he placed a pillow over his brown culry head. "The mere thought of food makes me want to hurl."

Harry laughed. "That's a first," he teased. Dudley used to be really overweight and went on a diet to be on the wrestling team at school. Even though he had thinned down, eating was still one of his favorite hobbies.

"Shut up, cousin," Dudley growled, but Harry could hear the smile in his voice.

"Well, I'll tell Aunt Petunia," Harry said as he turned to leave.

"Wait," Dudley said. Harry tunred around and saw that he had removed the pillow from his face. Dudley slowly sat up and motioned for Harry to come closer. Harry did. "How's father?" Dudley asked.

Harry sighed, "The same as ever. He won't even look at me and he's been eating every meal he's home for in his study."

"I'm sorry," Dudley said sincerely.

"It's not your fault," Harry told him.

"It's not yours either," Dudley retorted. Then he chuckled and changed the subject. "So have you met any good-looking blokes since I've been sick?"

Harry groaned and blushed. "No, you whale," he said as he turned to leave.

"I was only asking, four-eyes!" Dudley called after him with a laugh.

"Go back to sleep already!" Harry said with a poorly restrained smile as he closed the door so Dudley couldn't embarass him further. Then he went back downstairs, mumbling about his stupid, idiot cousin the whole way.

"What did Dudley say?" Petunia asked as Harry came into view.

"He said he wasn't up to it," Harry told her. She studied his face and noticed the red tint.

"Are you feeling ill as well?" she asked as she went over and put a hand on Harry's forehead.

"No, Dudley was being an idiot," Harry said as he pulled away from Petunia's hand. She laughed and left him alone. "So are we going to wait for Uncle Vernon?"

"No, I think not. He called while you were in the shower and said he was working late and might sleep at the office," Petunia said with a slightly dark tone to her usually bright voice. "It appears as if it will just be you and me."

"Good," Harry said with a smile. "Let's eat." Then he helped his aunt fix their plates and they went to eat in the dining room.

Later that night... 1:00 a.m.


At the loud clap of thunder Harry was woken out of his peaceful sleep. He threw on his glasses and looked over at his window. He could hear the rain beating against it and was surprised that the harsh sound hadn't woken him before the thunder. The sky was incredibly black with bright flashes of lightning. Harry took his glasses back off and lay back to try and fall asleep. He listened to the sounds of the storm: the rain hitting his window, the thunder booming, and the wind rattling the shingles on the roof and blowing small debree on the house.

Then suddenly his window was blown open with a loud smack as the frame hit the wall. Harry grabbed his glasses again and jumped up to close the window. As he approached the window rain poured in and got his silky forest green pajamas wet. He closed his eyes against the rain and wind and hastily closed the window, only looking when it was fully shut. And that's when he saw it... There was something moving in the back yard.

Harry wiped his glasses on his shirt and looked out to see what the thing was. Since it was so dark he could only make out a small shadow as it crawled across the lawn. He watched even closer and noticed that the figure had stopped and was lying down. Then a bright flash of lightning lit up the whole sky and Harry saw that the figure was a man who looked badly hurt.

Harry locked the window and threw on some shoes before running out of his room and down to the second flight of stairs. He was careful not to make too much noise as he ran past Dudley's room. His cousin was sick and wouldn't be much help. He ran to the first floor and burst into his aunt and uncle's room. They each jumped up.

"Aunt Petunia! Uncle Vernon!" Harry yelled as he threw on the light switch and bathed the room in light. His aunt squinted her eyes and pulled the blanket up higher on herself.

"What is it, boy?" Vernon asked as he glared at his nephew. Harry flinched at the harsh tone.

"There's someone passed out in the back yard," Harry said after a second's delay.

"What?" Petunia asked as she became fully awake.

"I saw him from my window," Harry said in a rush. "From what I saw he looked really hurt. We need to go help him!"

"Get up, Vernon!" Petunia exclaimed as she got up and quickly grabbed a robe and some shoes. Her husband didn't seem to be in such a rush and instead yawned and stretched before getting up.

"Alright, Harry, let's go," Petunia said as she rushed past Harry and into the hall. "Move your ass!" she yelled back at Vernon. Harry smiled and followed his aunt into the kitchen. They turned on the lights outside and unlocked the door. Vernon joined them and led the way outside.

"Where is he?" Petunia asked loudly so her voice would carry over the rain, thunder, and wind.

"He was under my window," Harry said as he ran along the side of the house and searched the yard. "There!" he called as he made his way over to the man on the ground. When he got there he noticed it wasn't a man, it was a boy around Harry's age. He was a really attractive boy around Harry's age.

"Harry, get back," Petunia warned as she knelt beside him. "He could be dangerous."

"He doesn't look dangerous," Harry pointed out.

Vernon bent down next to them. "What's that on his neck?" he asked.

Harry looked. Around the boy's neck was some sort of collar. It was a deep green color and had intricate silver markings all over it. "Let's get him inside," Petunia said. "We need to get out of this weather. Pick him up, Vernon."

"Me?" Vernon asked as if he had just been asked to eat trash.

"Yes, you. You're the strongest out here," Petunia snapped. "Now get to it!"

"Alright, dear," Vernon said quickly as he bent down to pick up the boy. He carried him bridal style and led the way back into the house.

"Take him upstairs to the third floor," Petunia ordered as she locked the door behind them. Vernon grunted but trudged through the kitchen and headed upstairs. "That'll teach him to stop complaining," she winked at Harry. Harry just laughed and hurried after his uncle.

They put the boy in the room next to Harry's. "What do we do now?" Vernon growled.

"You, can go," Petunia said as she turned to glare at her husband. Honestly, why did she love that man? "Harry and I can handle things from here."

"Alright, dear," Vernon said as he headed for the door. "I'll head back to bed."

"Goodnight, dear," Petunia smiled as she bent over the boy on the bed.

"Goodnight, Uncle Vernon," Harry tried. His uncle mearly grunted. Harry sighed and focused back on the boy.

"At least he didn't ignore you," Petunia said softly.

"I guess," Harry said off-handedly. "We to need to find out what's wrong and get him dry. Can you go get some towels and the first aid kit?" he asked his aunt.

"Yes," she said. She jumped up and ran out of the room.

Once his aunt was gone Harry studied the stranger closer. He had silvery-blonde hair and unblemished, pale skin. Every feature looked noble and strong from his perfect hair, to his firm jaw-line, and down to his muscular chest. It was then Harry noticed that the front of the boy's black shirt had a darker stain on it. He touched it gently and when he pulled his hand away it had red liquid on it... "Blood," Harry whispered. He pulled up the boy's shirt and saw long cuts all over his chest. How did he get cut without ripping his shirt? he thought as Petunia came back in.

"Oh, goodness," she gasped as she handed Harry the towel and first-aid kit. "Is that blood?" she asked weakly. Harry nodded. "Oh, dear, I feel faint."

"It's okay, Aunt Petunia, I can handle it," Harry said as he used the towel to wipe excess water from the blonde.

"Are you sure, dear? What if he wakes up?" Petunia asked as she turned away from the bloody sight.

"I don't think that will be a problem," Harry said as he opened the first-aid kit and pulled out the scissors. "If you want to help you can fetch me some more towels, a pair of Dudley's pajamas, and a blanket for the bed."

"Alright," Petunia said in relief. She hurried off to get what Harry requested.

Harry used the scissors to cut away the boy's shirt and began to wipe away the blood with the towel he had. There were at least ten cuts on the boy's chest and they were each deep enough to scar. Once the cuts had stopped bleeding he used cotton balls to dab peroxide on them. He froze when the boy stirred and moaned. His eyes fluttered for a moment and Harry saw a small flash of silver beneath the heavy lids before they closed once again.

Harry released the breath he didn't know he had been holding and searched for more wounds. There were a few smaller cuts on the boy's arms. Harry put peroxide on them and as he leaned over to reach the boy's other side he saw a puddle of blood on the mattress that was coming from a long gash that started under the boy's armpit and disappeared into his black pants.

Petunia ran in at that moment with fresh towels. She handed everything to Harry and went to wait in the hall. Harry quickly grabbed a new towel and pressed it to the long dash on the boy's side. With one hand he held the towel and with the other he unbuttoned the boy's pants. He blushed when he discovered the boy was not wearing anything beneath his pants. 'Wow,' he thought, 'he's big.' He shook his head to clear it of the awkward thought.

"I'm sorry," Harry said with a red face as he used both hands to gently pull off the pants. He threw them on the floor and returned to trying to stop the blood from pouring from the cut.

This cut took longer to stop than the others. Harry had gone through three towels. "Finally," he sighed in relief. "I was beginning to worry it would never stop bleeding," he said softly as he began putting peroxide on the boy's side.


"Why?" Harry laughed. "I'd rather not have you die of blood lo-" His head snapped up to look into stunning silver eyes. "Y-you shouldn't b-be awake," he stammered.

"I'm awake?" the blonde asked. "I figured I was dreaming."

"Why would you think that?" Harry smiled as he finished cleaning the blonde's wound.

"Well, I'm naked and then there's you," the blonde said with a hungry gaze all over Harry's body.

Harry blushed. "Well, you're not dreaming," he said softly.

"Then am I dead?" the blonde asked.

"What kind of question is that?" Harry asked as he paused in his work.

The blonde sat up and leaned forward to get closer to Harry. He gently grabbed Harry's chin in his hand and tilted the beautiful raven head up. 'What beautiful emerald eyes,' he thought as he looked through Harry's glasses. "If I'm dead it would explain why you're here."

"H-how?" Harry blushed as he tried to look away from the captivating silver eyes boring into his own.

"Because angels are supposed to be in heaven," the blonde whispered as he leaned closer to Harry until their lips were barely touching. "Such beauty could only belong to an angel." Then he placed a chaste kiss upon Harry's lips before pulling away and lying back down. "But why would an angel help a demon like me?" he sighed.

Harry was stunned. The naked blonde with cuts and briuses all over his chest just kissed him! And called him beautiful! He shook his head to clear it. First he needed to bandage up the blonde. "Alright," he cleared his throat. "I'm Harry Potter and I saw you from my window. I got my aunt and uncle to help me get you up here so we could figure out what was wrong. My uncle went back to bed, my aunt got sick at the sight of blood, and my cousin is sick, so I'm the only one here to take care of you." He said all of this really fast. "What's your name?"

"Call me Draco," the blonde smiled. "And thank you for taking care of me."

"Your welcome," Harry mumbled as he picked up the roll of bandage wrap from the first aid kit. "Can you sit up for me?" Harry asked and when he turned back to Draco he froze.

Draco was right in his face. "I can do anything you want me to," he said huskily.

"J-just still s-sit while I you wrap b-bandage in," Harry blushed. He felt like an idiot. Draco smiled at him and moved back some. Harry avoided eye contact and wrapped the bandage around Draco's chest and back, making sure to cover every injury He stopped just above Draco's waist and got a band-aid for the rest of the gash on his side so that his pants wouldn't get in the way of the wrapped bandage. "Um, I had my aunt bring you some pajamas from my cousin. He may be a bit wider than you, and shorter, but they should work," Harry said as he put away the bandage and picked up the pajamas. "If you feel up to standing I'll pull off that sheet and give you this fresh one... Or we can get another room for you," he offered.

"Where is your room?" Draco asked.

Harry blushed but answered anyway. "Next door," he said pointing at the left wall.

"Then I shall stay here," Draco said as he carefully stood and grabbed the pajama bottoms from Harry's hand. They were silky and a deep crimson color. He had to tie the string at the waist so they wouldn't fall down.

"I didn't even think about boxers," Harry said as he pulled the bloody sheet from the bed and threw it onto the pile of bloody towles.

"I don't wear them," Draco said as he grabbed the post at the end of the bed to steady himself as he began to sway on his feet.

Harry saw and rushed over after he finished fixing the new sheet. "You lost a lot of blood," he said in concern. He wrapped his arm around Draco's waist and blushed as the blonde leaned most of his weight on him. Draco was at least six inches taller than Harry. "Here, lie down," Harry said as he helped Draco sit back down on the bed.

"Why are you doing this?" Draco asked suddenly as Harry readjusted the pillows behind his head.

"I want you to be comfortable," Harry smiled as he pulled away to look down at Draco. Their eyes met.

"Yes, but why are you helping me?" Draco asked.

"Would you have rather I left you outside to die?" Harry laughed.

"No, because then a different angel would be tending to me," Draco said as he grabbed Harry's hand and brought it to his lips.

"What-" Harry began but stopped when Draco kissed his hand.

"Goodnight, angel," he said softly.

"Goodnight," Harry whispered as he pulled his hand away and grabbed the dirty towels and sheet from the floor before leaving in a daze. He stopped at the door to turn the light off and could feel Draco's eyes watching his every move.

He didn't turn around and instead poked his aunt as he walked past her. She had fallen asleep waiting. "I'm done now, Aunt Petunia," Harry smiled. "I'll just take these to the laundry shoot and wash them tomorrow."

"Alright, dear," Petunia yawned. Then she seemed to snap to attention. "I completely forgot!" she exclaimed. "Tomorrow is Dudley's doctor appointment with Dr. Spelding. We'll be gone all day. Will you be alright? Maybe Vernon can take him."

"I'll be fine," Harry said sincerely. "I've stayed here alone before."

"Yes, but you won't be alone," Petunia pointed out.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Aunt Petunia, what could he possibly do to me? He looks about my age, he's weak, and I'm perfectly capable of defending myself."

Petunia laughed. "You're right, I'm just being the paranoid aunt. Just call if you need anything."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," Harry smiled as he went to drop off the towels in the laundry shoot. Petunia called goodnight as she passed by him on her way to bed.

Harry went to his room and changed into new pajamas before crawling into bed thinking about the blonde in the room next door. He touched his lips and felt an odd tingle.

Little did he know that the blonde next door was thinking about him as well...


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