A/N: I don't know why, but for some reason the idea of Rukia and Ichigo getting married, while cute, is sort of out there for me. I mean, it'd obviously have to be later in life, but Rukia doesn't exactly strike me as the type to settle down and raise a family.

Anyway, here's a proposal scene for those who think it could happen. XD


Marry Me, Damn It

Rukia had never given much thought to marriage. It wasn't an underlying desire that she hid away because she thought it could never happen. She honestly never cared about the idea; it was more of a human ceremony anyway.

Besides, she was busy with her soul reaper duties and didn't exactly have the time for a formal dinner and a diamond ring. On top of that, marriage would do nothing but imply to her superiors that she'd been involved in inter-office dating, and she was pretty sure that wasn't allowed in the Gotei 13.

In addition to the work issue, Rukia hadn't ever found anyone she'd want to marry. She wasn't exactly the most desirable girl at the Shinigami Academy, what with her new surname and the family she now represented. She'd been close to Kaien, sure, but she'd loved him as a mentor and friend, nothing else. And even in the 13th division, she'd never gotten more serious than a third date.

So, when Ichigo knelt down in front of her one night, pulled out a small black box, and uttered those four innocent words, she couldn't help it.

She laughed.

His face screwed up in horror and embarrassment, and she actually felt bad for a moment. She hastened to reassure him that it was the idea of it all, not that she didn't love him enough to tie the knot. After all, who ever heard of a shinigami and a living human getting married?

Ichigo countered that easily. No one had ever heard of a shinigami and a living human dating, either. That hadn't stopped them for the last two years.

Rukia conceded to that point, admitting silently that they'd always been a strange anomaly as far as couples went. Ichigo proceeded to expand on her objection, insisting that if it was such an issue for anyone, he could always kill himself and proceed to Soul Society, where he'd become an actual shinigami and therefore render this point moot.

She grabbed his shirt and forced him up, growling that if he even thought about that idea again, she'd take him to the brink of death, heal him, and repeat.

He broke her hold and showed her the ring again, repeating a less formal variation of his question, anger filtering in his voice now. She took the box from him, examining the ring. It was very pretty, she supposed, with white gold and three diamonds centered on it. He'd had it inscribed, and she removed it from the box to read what it said.

Through life and death, my love.

She bit her lip and looked back up at him, her heart melting just a little. He refused to meet her gaze, instead staring through the trees of the park while his cheeks flared. She smiled wryly and took a breath, giving him back the ring.

He looked down at her in wounded shock, but took it with shaking fingers. He was about to pocket it and crawl into a ditch somewhere to die when Rukia thrust out her left hand. Ichigo paused, taking hold of her fingers, and stared down into her violet eyes.

He asked if she was sure.

She responded that she'd never been more certain of anything in her life.

With a quirk of his lips, he gently slid the ring onto her fourth finger, placing a kiss on her knuckles as he dropped her hand. She held it near her face, admiring the new adornment. Then she met Ichigo's gaze again, giving him a slow smile.

Rukia had never cared about marriage. But she loved Ichigo, and that was all that mattered.

A/N: Again, I just can't see Rukia as the type to squeal and give Ichigo a hug after he proposes. She'd be much more reserved, I think. But that's just my opinion.

Hope you liked this. :) Not sure if I'm going to do a sequel of their wedding or not. I guess it depends on how many people ask me to continue.

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